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					                 OTTAWA POLICE SERVICE
          Weekly Activity Update: Mar. 4/12 to Mar. 10/12

Patrol Officers in the Rideau/Goulbourn area responded to 64 general calls for
service from the public for the reporting period of Mar. 4th to Mar. 10th. From these
calls for service the following is a partial breakdown of incidents by Community:

      Manotick: 1 Assault, 1 Com-B&E, 4 Suspicious
      Richmond: 1 Fire, 1 Impair, 1 Suspicious
      Ashton Village: 1 Suspicious
      Stonebridge: 1 Drugs

In addition to the calls for service, patrol officers are also proactively enforcing the
Highway Traffic laws, responding to false 9-1-1 and alarm calls, and assisting the
Ottawa Fire, Paramedics and By-law services.

ATTENTION MANOTICK COMMUNITY. Please keep a watchful eye out for any
suspicious or unusual activity in your area and DO NOT hesitate on calling police
right away for assistance.
Last Wednesday the Rideau-Goulbourn Community Police Centre was made aware
of an unusual and disturbing incident that took place during the late evening hours
on Tue., Mar. 13.
While walking home alone from work along Manotick Main St., at around 10:30
p.m., a victim took notice of a suspicious white male who happened to be walking
in the same direction but on the opposite side of the street. What grabbed her
attention was the way he would match her walking pace and occasionally glance at
her from across the street. Wary of his suspicious behavior the complainant
maintained a watchful eye on the thirty something year old stranger, who she
described as a white male with facial hair and wearing baggy jeans, red sweater,
jacket and a baseball cap.
As she continued south along Manotick Main St., past Beaverwood Rd., a black
Ford Windstar van with a loud sounding muffler pulled up alongside of her and
stops in front of her.
Before she has a chance to catch her breath a young hooded male hops out of the
van from the passenger side sliding door and says to her in a Spanish type of
accent, “come party with us, come party with us!”
As he reached out to grab her arm she instinctively stepped backwards and screams
out, “No leave me alone!” Upon hearing her screams her boyfriend rushes down
from their nearby apartment and yells out in a challenging voice, “What the
Realizing he had just drawn some serious attention to himself and his mates, the
hooded male jumps back into the van as the driver accelerates away and
disappeared over the hill.
The Ford van was described as having tinted windows, a loud exhaust and winter
The hooded male is described as being in his late 20’s to early 30’s with a tanned
skin tone and a smoky voice. He was wearing a plain black hoodie, black suede or
wool like jacket and dark jeans.
The driver and the front seat passenger were possibly white males.
           As for the stranger from across the street, he apparently disappeared from sight
           and left the victim wondering what if any was his role in this whole incident.

           completely different perspective of rural west Ottawa head on over to the Manotick
           neighbourhood watch website: —
           and take a look at the deer-vehicle collision info.
           Week ten in rural west Ottawa ended with six deer collisions being reported in
           West Carleton area and one in Rideau-Goulbourn. This time last year the total
           count stood at 28 to 9 for Rideau-Goulbourn. Now the score stands at 25 to 4 in
           favor of Rideau-Goulbourn.


Mar. 8     1160 Beaverwood Road, Manotick: A woman punched her male friend in the face
           outside of the beer store after he refused to purchase a two four case beer for her.
           His original offer was to only buy her a twelve pack of beer.
           Police spoke to both parties and no charges were laid.

Break and Enter:

Mar. 7     Dickinson Street, Manotick: An unidentified culprit cut off the padlock that
           secured the doors to Watson’s Mill sometime between 4:30 p.m. on Tue., Mar. 6
           and 1 p.m. on Wed., Mar. 7.
           The cut padlock was deposited in the snow and no entry into the building was
           made as the security alarm system was not activated.
           A pair of bolt cutters was used to break the padlock.


Mar. 10    Stonebridge: Police executed a search warrant on a residence in the Stonebridge
           community early Saturday morning that resulted in several charges being laid
           under the Control Drugs and Substances Act for offences of possession of drugs for
           the purpose of trafficking.


Mar. 7     Cockburn Street, Richmond: Emergency services were dispatched to a residence
           shortly before 4 p.m. on Wednesday for a report of a fire. Witnesses stated that
           they did not see anything suspicious and that only smoke was observed in the living
           room area.
           According to the investigation the house was under construction when the fire
           broke out as a result of an overheated floor polisher.
           Damage to the house was minimal.


 Mar. 4    4400 section of McCordick Road, Richmond: A homeowner awoke to the sound of
           a revving engine at around 10:30 p.m. on Sunday and found a vehicle stuck in the
           ditch right in front of his house.
         When the homeowner went outside to investigate he noticed that the driver
         appeared confused and unsure of himself.
         Suspecting that the driver was impaired the homeowner called for police
         Thanks to his quick action police were able to stop the driver before he was able to
         get his vehicle out of the ditch and place him under arrest for impaired driving.
         After failing the roadside test the driver mumbled to the officer, “My life is over.”


Mar. 4   Beaverwood Road, Manotick: A complainant reported observing two strange
         vehicles parked at the rear of a commercial building on Beaverwood Rd. at around
         7 p.m. on Sunday. Both vehicles were described as having tinted windows and the
         engines were left running.
         Police located the questionable vehicles and issued trespass warnings to the

Mar. 5   Worley Street, Ashton Village: At around 8:35 a.m. on Monday a strange vehicle
         was observed driving slowly up and down a dead end street in Ashton Village.
         Out of concern for her child’s safety, which was raised by a noticed that was
         distributed by her son’s school advising parents about recent attempts of child
         abductions at bus stops, the mother took notice of the unusual activity and called
         The mother told police that the driver stopped his vehicle at the end of her
         driveway and sat there for a few seconds before edging his vehicle up to some cedar
         Police were unable to locate the vehicle and no licence plate information was
         Remember, you are the eyes and ears in the community. If you spot a vehicle that
         causes you concern try and take down the licence plate number and description of
         the vehicle. It can sure go a long way in locating and identifying the vehicle.

Mar. 6   Lockmaster Crescent, Manotick: At around 5 p.m. on Tue., Mar. 6 an unknown
         vehicle was observed driving around in circles in the roundabout section of
         Lockmaster. After completing about ten turns the driver momentarily stopped his
         vehicle in front of a residence before speeding away.
         The vehicle was described as a newer model white Ford Ranger pickup truck.

Mar. 7   North Drive, Manotick: At around 9:30 p.m. on Wed., Mar. 7, two strangers were
         observed walking up and down driveways along North Dr.
         The 911-caller was unable to get a description of the strangers but sensed that they
         were checking out cars in the area.
         Police were unable to locate the strangers.

Mar. 9   Fourth Line Road, North Gower: While relaxing at home at around 9:30 p.m. on
         Friday a homeowner overheard a strange noise coming from the roof of his house.
         On investigation he spotted what appeared to be a shadowy figure standing next to
         his satellite dish that is mounted on the rooftop.
         Unsure of what he was seeing the homeowner ran outside and scrambled onto the
         rooftop to take a closer look. By the time he got on top of the roof the unidentified
         figure had disappeared.
         Police searched the area but nothing suspicious was found.

Mar. 10 Doctor Leach Drive, Manotick: A black older model Trans Am was observed doing
        burnouts along Doctor Leach shortly before 9 p.m. on Saturday.
        The vehicle left the area before police could get on scene.

Mar. 10 Burke Street, Richmond: Sometime during the overnight hours on Fri., Mar. 9, an
        unidentified person walked up and down several driveways along Burke St.
        checking cars out.
        One homeowner reported observing fresh boot prints in the snow that went around
        her vehicles.

Make the right Call:

  To reach the Rideau/Goulbourn Community Police Centre call 613-236-1222 ext. 2314.
  The Centre is a “community problem-solving centre” and is responsible for the delivery of
  the Ottawa Police crime prevention programs.
  It is important to note that the Manotick CPC is not an emergency response centre and
  that we do not dispatch cars to complaints or crimes in progress. When these situations
  arise, it is important to know the numbers to call for an appropriate response:

        911 – for life-threatening emergencies or crimes in progress;
        613-230-6211 – other emergencies, i.e.: suspicious incident or disturbance;
        613-236-1222, ext. 7300 – the O.P.S. call centre, to report a theft, missing person
         or stolen vehicle; and
        311 – for Bylaw Dispatch Services.

  All of these numbers along with other useful information can be found in the red pages at
  the front of your residential directory.
  If you have any information regarding any criminal activity, call Crime Stoppers at 613-
  233-TIPS (8477), or toll free at 1-800-222-8477.
  Finally, if you are ever in doubt as to whether or not you should call police, or you cannot
  remember the non-emergency numbers, call 9-1-1. The caring and professional 9-1-1 Call
  Takers will steer you in the right direction.

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