Mid America Ford And Team Shelby Nationals by GeAb2hXa


									  Mid America Ford and Team Shelby Nationals
                                                 Concours Application
Concours entry is by pre-registration only. Spaces are limited to 3 cars per Class. The Classes include
65, 66, 67, 68, 69/70 Shelby GT350/GT500 and 69, 70 429 Mustangs.

Concours Divisions Include:
          HERITAGE ELITE – Stock/Original as delivered to first owner from Dealer, See judging standards.
          HERITAGE – Stock/Original as delivered to first owner from Dealer. Entry may have best quality
          reproduction parts. See judging Standards.
          VINTAGE – Un-restored/Original. See judging standards.

 Please return the bottom portion of this form along with payment (Entry payment is made out to Mid America) IMMEDIATELY to: Bob
Gaines, 2405 East Truman Road, Kansas City, MO 64127. Submit copy of application along with photos of entry vehicle including
exterior (4 corner views), interior, engine, trunk undercarriage front and rear, 67 and up cars must include a Marti Report. Send via
email to: bgaines@kc.rr.com. Once application has been received with payment, reviewed and accepted, judges will then send out an
acceptance letter informing the owner of the vehicle of their class, and time schedule for the event. If there are any questions call Bob
Gaines M-F 12-5pm 816-507-9193 or M-Th Evenings 8-10pm 816-444-4467.

                                          REGISTRATION CUT OFF IS June 1ST, 2011

                                Mid America Ford and Team Shelby Nationals
                                       Concours Application Form
Name___________________________________________________ * YEARS CLASS’S ARE FILLING FAST



Phone________________ CELL__________________E-Mail____________________________________

Vehicle Year________ Model__________________ Color____________ Serial#_____________________

Please check and include items below.
Photos___ Marti Report____ Payment___ Interesting History if Any?_____ Year Restoration Completed____

PLEASE INDICATE DIVISION                                                     CLASS:

HERITAGE ELITE                $150.00 ___                                          65SHELBY __68 SHELBY __BOSS 302 __

HERITAGE                      $150.00 ___                                          66 SHELBY__69 SHELBY __

VINTAGE                       $75.00 ___                                           67 SHELBY__70 SHELBY __ BOSS 429 __

NO REFUNDS WILL BE MADE ONCE APPLICATION IS ACCEPTED All cars must remain in place on the field
during the show hours. Violation of these rules will be grounds for disqualification. Signs, displays, posters, etc are not
allowed on cars to be judged.
*DISCLAIMER: Mid America concours awards represent the judgment and opinion of fellow enthusiasts as to originality, condition and operational
function of the cars from Shelby American and Ford Motor Co. for the hobby purpose. Mid America makes no express or implied warranties or
representations as to the authenticity of any vehicle receiving an award. And buyer or seller who uses the awards or judging sheets for the purpose of
establishing or to substantiate the value of a Shelby or Boss does so at their own risk. Copies of Judging Sheets will be given out by request only to
original applicant for 90 days after concours judging ends.

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