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									New Title: Consider Whether or Not Detox Diet is Right for Your Condition
Old Title: Is a Detox Diet Right for You?

Detoxification which is formerly believed to be for alcohol and drug
dependent individuals only, has been know to help in keeping a healthy
body. This is now proven to have many essential health benefits for all
types of individuals. However, detox diet is not advisable to individuals
with certain medical conditions as this may compromise their health at
some point. Consult your doctors if you have any concerns with your
health so that he or she will determine the best detox diet for your
condition. People with diabetes and thyroid problems for example should
consult a health professional before going on detoxification as this may
cause more harm than do good things for you.

A detox diet is also a good option for people who are overweight. This
has proven to very effective making it a popular means of losing weight
practiced by many celebrities. Your endurance and the ability to sustain
the diet is also very important. Not all people can endure a detox diet
especially water and juice fasting so a lot of adjustment must be made.
This is because during in these detoxification ways you will be allowed
to consume just water or juice and must not take solid foods at all. If
you are lack of energy a detox diet can help you gain back the energy
level you need. You must always maintain your desire to become clean and
healthy to achieve a successful detoxification. If you are a drug and
alcohol dependent individual certain side effects of detox diet might be
experienced. This may include nausea, vomiting and severe headache. If
you opt to clean you your body from all the harmful chemicals you have
taken from alcohol and drugs try doing a detoxification under a
professional care to avoid further complications on your health. For
anyone who noticed warning signs on their body during the cleansing that
they cannot bear must stop the diet and ask professional help.

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