Most Effective Automotive Title by Op8sxmt


									Most Effective Automotive Title

Today Tomorrow, Toyota, Sunday
V-Magazine, General Motors, Brooklands
Liv, Volvo, Redwood
FeelFord, Ford, Forward
Jaguar Magazine, Jaguar, Haymarket Network
Lexus Magazine, Lexus, Story Worldwide
Audi Magazine, Audi, Northstar

Most Effective Finance Title

Corporate Financier, Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales
(I.C.A.E.W), Bladonmore
Standard Life Magazine, Standard Life, Forward
Sense, Royal Bank of Scotland, John Brown
Let’s Talk, Alliance and Leicester Commercial Bank, Wardour
Influx, Adrian Flux, Future Plus

Most Effective Travel and Leisure

Weekender, Butlins, August Media
Real Holidays, Thomson UK, Cedar
Business Life, British Airways, Cedar
Go to…, First Great Weston, Seven Squared
Rock and Roam, Virgin Holidays, River Publishing

Most Effective Membership Title (consumer)

Eight Magazine,, Cedar
RAC World Magazine, RAC, Seven Squared
Your Ancestry,, Future Plus
Most Effective Membership Title (non-for-profit, association, charities)

Flipside, The Institution of Engineering and Technology, BCB & Associates
Shine On, Marie Curie Cancer Care, Northstar
Securities and Investment Review, Securities & Investment, Wardour
Supply Management, Chartered Institute of Purchasing & Supply, Redactive Media
RSA Journal, Royal Society of the Arts, Wardour
Heritage Today, English Heritage, Seven Squared
People Management, , Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development, Redactive
Media Group

Most Effective Public Sector Title

London Loop, Transport for London, Forward
Camouflage, Army Recruiting Group, Haymarket Network
Teachers (Primary/Secondary), DCSF, John Brown
Ethos, Serco, Sunday

Most Effective Internal Communication

Landscape, DEFRA, Seven Squared
The Job, The Metropolitan Police, Seven Squared
Magma, Co-op, Specialist
Roger, Virgin, John Brown
Courier, Redwood, Royal Mail

Most Effective Business-to-Business Title

Upload, BT, Redwood,
Contact, Royal Mail, Redwood
Smart, Royal Mail, Redwood
Via Inmarsat, Inmarsat, Publicis Blueprint
Business Sense, Royal Bank of Scotland, John Brown
Most Effective Consumer Publication (Retail)

Close Up, Ladbrokes, Aspect Media
IKEA Family Live, IKEA, August Media
Waitrose Food Illustrated, Waitrose, John Brown,
ASDA Magazine, ASDA, Publicis Blueprint
Healthy Magazine, Holland & Barrett, River Publishing,
Sainsbury’s Magazine, Sainsbury’s, Seven Squared (women), ASOS, Seven Squared
Waterstone’s Books Quarterly, Waterstone’s, Seven Squared (for men), ASOS, Seven Squared
Fortnum & Mason Magazine, Fortnum & Mason, Seven Squared
View Magazine, Specsavers, Specialist

Most Effective Consumer Publication (Non-Retail)

Sony Magazine, Sony UK, Haymarket Network
Weight Watchers Magazine, Weight Watchers, River Publishing,
Your Family, NSPCC, Redwood
Electric!, Virgin Media, Redwood
Sky Kids, BSkyB, John Brown
Vitality, Flora Pro Active (Unilever), TMW

International Publication of the Year

Lexus Magazines, Story Worldwide, Lexus, Story Worldwide
IKEA Family Live, IKEA, August Media
Zoom Zoom Magazines, Mazda, Redwood
Nikon Pro, Nikon Europe BV, Cedar

Specialist Communication of the Year

A Journal of Interest, Coutts, Seven Squared,
Icons of England, Campaign to Protect Rural England, Think Publishing, British Olympic Association, Haymarket Network, British Heart Foundation, John Brown,
Sotheby’s London/Miami 2008, Sotheby’s, Redwood,
Salon Magazines, Various, Communikator,
Traveller, Orient-Express, Illustrated London News, Castrol, Haymarket Network
Digital Publishing Solution of the Year, British Heart Foundation, John Brown, British Olympic Association, Haymarket Network, ASOS, Seven Squared, Castrol, Haymarket Network,, ITV, Haymarket Network,, Channel 4, Zone & Seven, Publicis Blueprint, ASDA
HTTP://BLOG.OASIS-STORES.COM/, Oasis, Story Worldwide, Honda UK, River Publishing

Launch of the Year

On Magazine, Pick of the Month, etc, BT Vision, Future Plus
Spikes/, IAAF, Haymarket Network
Sony Magazine, Sony UK, Haymarket Network
Electric!, Virgin Media, Redwood,
Your Family, NSPCC, Redwood,
Fresh Ideas for Young Families, Sainsbury’s, Seven Squared (for men), ASOS, Seven Squared

Integrated Marketing Solution of the Year

Asos,com (for women),, Seven Squared
Zappas, Zappas, Communikator
High Life Shop/, High Life Shop/, Cedar,
Manchester United (various solutions), Manchester United, Haymarket Network,
Your Family/, NSPCC, Redwood,
Spikes/, IAAF, Haymarket Network,
On Magazine etc, BT Vision, Future Plus
Oli, OTTO UK, Redwood,
Tesco Baby & Toddler Club, Tesco, Forward,, British Heart Foundation, John Brown,
Journalist of the Year

James Steen, Waitrose Food Illustrated, John Brown
Emine Saner, High Life, Cedar Communications
Katy Salter, Waitrose Food Illustrated, John Brown
Zac Assemakis, One Life, Redwood
Jo Wheatley, Healthy, River
Steve McCormack, Teachers, John Brown

Designer of the Year

Zac Assemakis, Onelife, Redwood
Tan Parmar, Contact, Redwood
Chris Parker, Crystalized, John Brown
Geraldine Lynch, Zoom Zoom, Redwood
Jon Butterworth, Camouflage, Haymarket
Will Scott, Patek Philippe, Forward
Kate Monument, A Journal of Interest, Seven Squared
Mark Hooper, Electric!, Redwood
Tim Scott, Spikes Magazine, Haymarket
Alison Masters, Ford-ezine, Forward

Editor of the Year

Alec Marsh, Private Banking, John Brown
Stuart Knott, Contact (Royal Mail), Redwood
Julia Martin, Courier (Royal Mail), Redwood
Lisa Lynch, Inspired Living, Forward
Susannah Pearce, Your Family, Redwood
David Burton, Camouflage, Haymarket
Sean King, (for men), Seven Squared
Zac Assemakis, Onelife, Redwood
Rebecca Holman, (women), Seven Squared
David Hall, Spikes, Haymarket

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