NADCAP TASK GROUP CHAIR/STAFF ENGINEER ROUNDTABLE
                                                                          JUNE 2012
                                                               UNCONFIRMED MINUTES
                                   UNCONFIRMED MINUTES
                                       JUNE 27, 2012
                             ESTREL HOTEL & CONVENTION CENTER
                                     BERLIN, GERMANY

These minutes are not final until confirmed by the Task Group in writing or by vote at a
subsequent meeting. Information herein does not constitute a communication or
recommendation from the Task Group and shall not be considered as such by any agency.


The meeting was called to order @ 1:10PM.

       The following representatives were in attendance:

       Task Group Chairs in Attendance:

       Ken            Abram                     Honeywell Aerospace
       Pascal         Blondet                   Airbus
       David          Day                       GE Aviation
       Kent           DeFranco                  Lockheed Martin
       Kevin          Dowling                   Spirit AeroSystems
       Phil           Keown                     GE Aviation
       Manuel         Koucouthakis              Honeywell Aerospace
       Ralph          Kropp                     MTU Aero Engine
       Scott          Meyer                     Goodrich Corporation
       Tim            Myers                     Honeywell
       Mitch          Nelson                    Cessna Aircraft Company
       Tim            Pruitt                    Rolls-Royce
       Jerry          Satchwell                 Rolls-Royce
       Angelie        Vincent                   Spirit AeroSystems

       Other Attendees:

       Muriel         Auzanne                   Airbus
       Karyn          Deming                    Goodrich Corporation
       Jeff           Kingsley                  USAF – AFRL
       Alex           Pohoata                   Honeywell Aerospace
       Richard        Rumas                     Honeywell Aerospace
       Bobby          Scott                     Bombardier
       Michael        Walker                    Spirit AeroSystems
       Kevin          Ward                      Goodrich Corporation
       Jan            Wigren                    Volvo Aero Corp

       PRI Staff in Attendance:

       Jerry          Aston
       Mark           Aubele
       John           Barrett
       James          Bennett
       Rebekah        Braun
       Will           Calvert
       Nigel          Cook
       Marcel         Cuperman
       Bill           Dumas
       Susan          Frailey
       Phil           Ford
       Michael        Graham
       Rob            Hoeth
       Scott          Klavon
       Jennifer       Kornrumpf

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                                                                         JUNE 2012
                                                              UNCONFIRMED MINUTES
       Jim           Lewis
       Bob           Lizewski
       Keith         Purnell
       Ian           Simpson
       Richard       Sovich
       Andy          Statham
       Kevin         Wetzel

2.0 Opening Comments

  I.   Code of Ethics & Conflict of Interest

  The Nadcap Personal Code of Ethics, Conflict of Interest and the agenda were reviewed.

  II. Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes

  Motion made to approve the June minutes as written. Motion seconded and passed
  unanimously. John Barrett reviewed the Agenda for this meeting.


  John Barrett asked if there were issues that any Task Group Chairpersons wished to

  I.   Observation Audits
        Heat Treating has a problem with Suppliers refusing Audits. Their Task Group has
          been contacting the Supplier directly and not following the protocol of contacting PRI-
          Scheduling, so an accurate number of refusals are not documented. The Task
          Group is also concerned with checklist as it mostly evaluates the auditor and only
          one question is directed towards the audit process. Plus the Supplier’s perception of
          an Observation audit is a concern.
        NMSE has few refusals because they state upfront the Observation Audit is directed
          at the auditor and not the Supplier.
        Composites would like to improve the checklist and have received a few refusals.
        It was mentioned that NOP-007 is in the process of being revised to include specific
          auditing criteria.
        Welding also has problems with Supplier refusals. They are requesting to investigate
          whether there is a difference between the number NCRs on Observation Audits
          verses Non-Observation Audits. Glenn Shultz is researching the overall NCRs within
        As an action from the SSC meeting held earlier this week, Eric Jacklin will be
          discussing the purpose of Observation Audits during the October 2012 SSC meeting.
        Chemical Processing believes more NCRs are written, but cannot back up claim.
          They feel Task Groups should target problem Suppliers, specifically ones with issues
          as in not meeting the merit criteria, etc.
        MTL would like specific commodity feedback. They feel a change to the process
          would be to allow those Task Group members who are well trained in Task Group
          Activities be the Observers for these audits.

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                                                                             JUNE 2012
                                                                  UNCONFIRMED MINUTES
  II.    Work Share Issues at Task Group
         NMSE had a meeting scheduled with another Task Group, but the meeting was
           cancelled which was disruptive to the established agenda. Heat Treating creates
           sub-teams to attend other Task Groups so the regular the Heat Treating Task Group
           meeting continues uninterrupted.
         AQS stated the more administrative meetings keep getting added, the less time the
           Task Groups have to conduct their business. It was noted that this meeting was
           shortened by 1 hour.
         Welding recently lost their Secretary and is finding that work not getting done. The
           Coatings Task Group has a Supplier as the Secretary so only the closed portion of
           the meeting minutes are prepared by PRI Staff. Another suggestion was made to try
           rotating Secretary through the Task Group membership for every Nadcap Meeting.
         NDT forms Ad-Hoc teams that hold conference calls between Nadcap Meetings to
           work on issues. They utilize Nadcap meetings to have the sub-teams report-out on
           all activities.
         CP uses their Staff Engineers to remind the Ad-Hoc teams to communicate Task
           Group activities.
         HT and COMP has the same small group of people that participate on the current
           Sub-Teams. They are asking how to get non-participants more involved. NMC has
           same issue, too and formed the Equitable Contribution Committee to research this
           across NMC and Task Groups level.

  III. Suggestions for New/Small Task Groups
        Nonconventional Machining & Surface Enhancement has essentially 2 Groups, NM
          and SE. There are a limited number of members for each group attending every
          meeting; approximately 20 companies are in and out of this Task Group. Some of
          these members also support multiple Task Groups, and would like to ask for a
          definition of “Subscriber Support”. CMSP has same issue, plus they are concerned
          with their succession plan as they are still a growing Commodity with a small number
          of Subscribers.
        Elastomer Seals is a small Task Group and has found they get more support outside
          Nadcap Meetings. Recently they started working on checklist revisions between
          meetings rather than during.
        ETG has a small core members and relies on the CSR to email reminders of open
          Action Items to the Task Group.


          Nadcap Auditor   NIP 6-01 draft

  Mike Graham gave an update regarding the Auditor Consistency Status which will also be
  reviewed at the Planning and Operations meeting.

  It was noted that CP, HT and NDT has agreed on the Standard Data set that will be
  incorporated into NTGOP-001 and balloted by October 2012. The Initial Auditor Training has
  received positive feedback from the email that was distributed prior to the June 2012

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                                                                          JUNE 2012
                                                               UNCONFIRMED MINUTES
   Nadcap. A pre-ballot of NIP 6-01 will be distributed before the August 2012 official ballot.
   The target implementation of the Initial Auditor Training is November 2012. Modifications will
   be needed for the t-frm-01 to add Task Group specific Appendices and define the process
   for utilizing the feedback data. Eric Jacklin will present the Auditor Observation program to
   the SSC for buy in during the October 2012 Nadcap meeting. A process for Auditor
   examinations for new and potentially current auditors is in place to monitor using the

   NIP 6-01 was reviewed with the revisions suggested by the Auditor Consistency Team. The
   wording within the Auditor Contract will need revised plus research will need conducted to
   review NOP-002 as it was recently balloted.

ACTION ITEM: Mike Graham will email the revised NIP 6-01 to the Staff Engineers and Task
Group Chairpersons for review prior to the official ballot of the procedure.


   I.   Feedback

        It was agreed that the current length of this meeting was adequate, and will remain for
        the October 2012 meeting.

   II. Action Item Summary

   III. The meeting was adjourned at 1:58 pm.

        Minutes prepared by:
        Jennifer Kornrumpf jenniferk@sae.org

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