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									Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Why should I be a member of Buffalo Stamping Plant's Facebook Group?

A: Buffalo Stamping Plant's group is a virtual "bulletin board" that employees can join to share
information about the company, product, and plant. An employee can add content to the group as long
as it follows the Terms of Use that is posted on the group page.

Q: Who can join Buffalo Stamping Plant's Facebook Group?

A: Any current Buffalo Stamping Plant employee is eligible for membership. This is a closed group and
all members MUST request access in order to get in. The COS Coach has a list of all current employees.
Once you are accepted into the group, you are ready to join the conversation.

Q: What CAN I post?

A: The group is meant to be a two-way communication tool. Employees can share their thoughts and
feelings as long as it stays within the Terms of Use. Post questions, comments, links and photos that you
think other employees would enjoy.

Q: What am I NOT allowed to post and what will be the consequence?

A: Do not post content that is:
      Abusive, threatening, defamatory or obscene
      Fraudulent, deceptive or misleading
      Vulgar or racist
      In violation of company policy, federal or state law, regulation or intellectual property right of
      Spam or overtly promotional
      Otherwise inappropriate

   Any violations will be investigated by the Human Resources Department and may result in
   disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment.

Q: What can the other users and Administrators see on my Facebook profile?

A: The members of the group and administrator are based on how strict your privacy settings are. They
can only see what any person who is not your friend can see. You can change these setting under
"Privacy Settings". If you have any questions, contact the COS Coach, Holly Grupp, to help you out.

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