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									                                      David R. Summers
                       13593 Fletcher Regency Drive, Tampa Florida 33613
                         Cell :(863)393-8909 ~ sketosama@hotmail.com

April 26, 2009

To Whom It May Concern,

Throughout my years of training in technology, including production in HTML, ASP .NET 3.0,
CSS, ActionScript 3 and linking server based programming languages to clients such as PHP,
CGI, and PERL; I have excelled in progress greater then my degree of Media Communications
and Technology. I have even accomplished the possibilities of how Lightwav, 3D Studio Max,
Bryce, Softimage, Maya, and Poser can transport 3D designs into sleek multimedia business
presentations for today’s fast paced future. If your company or organization is searching for an
experienced individual, then I am that individual.

My name is David Summers. As you will notice from my resume attached. I have escalated well
over experience with many graphic and design software of today. I am a web designer that has
completed many challenges and mastered many techniques, and willing to learn new techniques.
In my career, I have accomplished unique and remarkable designs and have done so in a fashion
of keeping in the expected time of completion. In addition to design, I am experienced in other
business attributes as follows:

       Classic ASP– Creating, maintaining, and linking ASP with MSACESS
       Business Consulting – Utilizing today’s technology by linking fast user friendly
        interactive business analysis to clients, through web based mainstreams. Worked with
        deep analysis for over forty fortune 500 companies.
       Web Servers – Maintained MS SharePoint 2003, MS Server 2003
       ECommerce – setting up shopping carts and pay pal functions.
       Flash Action Script Php Forms – creating email submission forms within a Flash
        Animated Display
       DVD/Video Distribution – creating high definition animated business presentations.

Your company will benefit from an experienced professional. The motivation to go the extra mile
is evident in everything I do. If there is a deadline it will be met with exceptional results. Since I
realize that a resume can neither detail all my skills, nor predict my potential to you, I would
appreciate a personal interview to further explore employment possibilities. I can also provide a
demo reel upon request.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


David R. Summers
                                    David R. Summers
                     13593 Fletcher Regency Drive, Tampa Florida 33613
                       Cell :(863)393-8909 ~ sketosama@hotmail.com


My objective is to accomplish everything that is needed to excel in the company and complete
deadlines on time.

Professional Freelance Works (Requested Projects)         Northeastern PA/ Central FL
        Consulting Information Technology
    Web Development, Display/Design, Animation, Interactive Media
    Custom Sounds and Music Recording/Production
    Image Edits/Logo Design
    Digital Video Production/Editing
    IP/Market Analysis and Executive Recommendations
Magnetic Corporation (Web Designer/ Flash Developer)               New Tampa, FL
        Associate Web Designer                              May, 2009 – August 2009
    Web Design in HTML, DHTML, CSS
    Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver CS4
    Web Development in Classic ASP
    Flash Development Graphics & Animation (CS4)
    Flash Action Script (2.0 & 3.0), XML
    Classic ASP in Visual Studio8 (and some .NET C#)

Utek Corporation (Intellectual Capital Consulting)                            Tampa, FL
      Associate IP Analyst/ IT Media                          April, 2007 – January 2009
    Media Graphics, Charts, Graphs, Documents, Large Scale Reports
    Business Consulting, Business Analysis of over 40 Fortune 500 companies
    Full Reports on Valuation Snapshot and Depth Analysis on IP Universe
    Efficiency in Thomson Innovation, Delphion, Patent Café, USPTO, and WIPO
    HTML, FLASH, Interactive Action Script 2 & 3 Applications
Utek Corporation (Information Services)                                        Tampa, FL
      Web Developer/Full-Time Contract(contracted till April)) January, 2007 – January 2009
    ASP .NET 3.0, HTML, CSS, ActionScript 2 & 3
    Graphic Design, Data Analysis, Charts, Print Design
    Flash Animation displays/ Interactive Action Script Animation

Multi-Media Interactive Technology (Co-Founder / Web Developer)      Stroudsburg, PA
       Web Developer/ Freelance Designer                    August, 2006 – October, 2006
   Technology Advertising/ Sales
     Web Development/Design(HTML, Java, FLASH, ActionScript 2)
     Consultant For Interactive Displays (Hard Rock Café)
Digital Fusion (freelance work)                                               Passaic, NJ
        Web Designer                                                       September, 2006
     HTML coding
     Layout and design
Digital Zone (internship)                                                       Gilbert, PA
       Web Producer/ Programmer                                   May 2006-November 2006
     PHP, CGI,PERL server based programming
     Complete Interactive Flash/Action script Web Site
     Web Development in Flash, Dreamweaver, HTML
     Ecommerce and Pay Pal Developing
     Hosting web sites and content loading.
 Little Scholars Day Care                                               Mount Pocono, PA
      Networking/Information Services                           May, 2006-November, 2006
     Setting a peer to peer network for company
     Applying touch screen settings to kiosk
     Designed Presentation and Web Design
 WAWA Food Market                                                     East Stroudsburg PA
        Shift Manager                                      September, 2001-November, 2006
     Safe and Shift Functions
     Food Service
     Shift Manager
 East Stroudsburg University                                         East Stroudsburg, PA
      Desk Receptionist                                          September, 2001-May 2006
     Data Entry


Programming: PC
    C++ Programming Language – creating linear and non-linear data structures using data
      calling and producing low level operations utilizing the visual studio C++ programming
    Assembler Programming – using the complete control of PC processor clock operations
      utilizing the Microsoft Assembly programming language.

   Communication Law Practices - Inquiring on the most famous and effecting
     communication processes and communication theories learn over the years.
   Law and Ethics – This was training in the knowledge of all copyright law that is linked
     with the FCC regulations. I have studies many famous cases and laws that are included in
     working with the media
   Interactive Media and Technology – Creating Interactive Software in Adobe Director and
     Flash. Using the full capabilities of Lingo and Actionscript combined with fast flowing
     sleek animation styles.
Software Experience (more examples provided upon request)
     Adobe Acrobat9 Professional: PC/Mac (2004-current) - I created fast loading business
       presentations, containing FLASH, images, power points, video, and almost every kind of
       document. Dynamic and Static.

      Adobe Premiere Pro: PC (2001-current) – I am an independent Filmmaker. I have
       created a total of 7 independent films, and 2 non-profit psa commercials using this as my
       main capture/editing program.
      Final Cut Pro: Mac (2005-2007) – Utilizing the Macintosh editing power. Several of my
       Videos needed the professional accuracy of dual OS editing.

      Adobe Illustrator 10/CS4: PC/Mac – (2000-current) - I have created large volumes of
       logo designs for clients. Every logo, cartoon, or vector artwork I constructed was done in
       Illustrator. It still remains one of my most reliable graphics program. (sample: all graphics on
       http://www.utekcorp.com/ )

      Adobe Flash 4/CS4: PC/Mac – (2001-current) –My experience in Flash begins at an
       early age in cartooning, as my experience reached its peak of being able to do anything in
       and with flash. I created interactive displays, incorporate flash in several of my web
       designs, and enable flash not only as desktop applications, and customizable applications
       accessible to people in India, UK, NY, PA, and FL. I have aided the team at Multi-Media
       Interactive Technology in creating a large scaled marquee done strictly with FLASH, that
       was displayed in Manhattan, NY for the David Wright Foundation. (sample: video on
       http://www.tekscout.com/# and several and more actionscript based upon request)

      Newtek Lightwav: PC – (2005-2007) – I created custom animations for objects to be
       placed in Flash animations, and videos.

      Macromedia Director/ MX: PC – (2005-2006) – I used director to program in lingo
       script many shockwave online video games, and using it Anark technology for 3d
       interactive software.

      DVD Studio Pro: Mac – (2003 – current) – I created fast universal DVD playback and
       interactive menu displays, with unyielding innovative mass production to clients and at
       expos, and development shows.

      Adobe Photoshop 4.0/CS4: PC/Mac – (1997 – current) – As far as I remember being in
       the imaging field and outside of the imaging field Photoshop has always been my tool for
       every image edit and resolution on every platform base of every project. I have produced
       a very large mass amount of image edits. A few of my graphics were shown on
       MarketWatch. (sample: all graphics and site designs on http://www.utekcorp.com/ and

      Quark Express/Professional: Mac – (2005-2006) – I have created a series of newspaper
       / magazine articles, Bulletin posts, and letter heads using Quark on PC and MAC.

      Bryce 5/6.1: PC – (1998 – current) – I created many animated clips of environments, and
       3D backgrounds as part of my movies, FLASH animations, and interactive software
       Visual Studio 8 VB/C++/C#: PC - (1998 – current) – Starting at in middle school and
        excelling to professional web development. I have used C++ and C# to aid in many web
        developed asp.net and vb functions of today’s web 2.0 universal data based linear
        programming methods. I also have created few stand alone executable applications for
        Windows systems.

       Action Script 1.0/3.0 (Flash): PC/Mac – (2001- current) – I have pushed the limits of
        flash in many ways of becoming most efficient in action scripting. I have created fully
        interactive flash applications without a single click on the stage, using every aspect of the
        in-depth action script library. After my accomplishments of complete knowledge of
        Action script, I created links between other programming languages such as Java, C#,
        cgi, PHP, asp, HTML, lingo, and vb, to adhere and structure more optimal ways for
        scripting. Including using action script without the aid of design by embedding its stand
        alone functions inside asp.net web applications.

       Lingo Script (Director): PC – (2005-2007) – I used lingo script mostly in director and
        briefly in FLASH.

       Microsoft SharePoint Server 2003: PC – (2006-current) – I have administered and
        maintained web hosting and https functions from sharpoint portals and shared mapped
        network drives with Europe by administrative intranet settings. I have posted intranet
        bulletins and upload/download information across countries directly to company HDD.
        Maintained //companyweb and other company intranets.

       ASP .Net 3.0 /CSS/HTML (Dream weaver CS4/FrontPage/Visual Studio 8): PC/Mac
        – (1995 – current) – I have created, maintained, and edited several web sites over the
        internet for client across the United States, Canada, and India. As well as offering
        technical support for other web developers and non-profit tutoring. My works are mostly
        in HTML and CSS. Currently the demand for ASP and ASPX has kept me up to speed
        with today’s web standards.

Featured Examples:
         http://drugstoreshopper.magnetic.com/                     (2009) in entirety
         http://worldcoins.gainesvillecoins.com/default.aspx       (2009) XML, Flash, Graphics
         http://www.wilsonhr.com/                                  (2009) Flash Navigation
         http://www.youpills.com/                                  (2009) in entirety
         http://www.bankoftampa.com/                               (2009)Flash Banner
         http://www.magnetic.com/flash/                            (2009) Maintenance
         http://www.yaleflorida.com/NewEquipment.aspx              (2009) XML Flash
         http://www.metricsgroup.com/                              maintenance
         http://drs8922.angelfire.com/ip4results/index.html        (2009) Early version HTML +
                                                                   CSS. Soon to be
                                                                   iam4results.com in classic asp.
         http://www.tekscout.com/#                                 (current) Early versions and site
         http://www.utekcorp.com/                                  (current)Few pages and site
         http://backtraxdj.com/                                    (2006)First version in full
         http://www.pocono-lawyers.com/                            (2006)First version in full
        http://wikisummers.angelfire.com/                        personal/recreational
East Stroudsburg University                                         East Stroudsburg, PA
    Major in Media Communication and Technology                     Bachelor of Science
    Concentration in Computer Science
Wallenpaupack Area High School                                               Hawley, PA
    Junior and Senior electives in HTML                                        Diploma
    Borland C++, Microsoft Visual Basic, Networking, A+ Systems and Operating Systems.

       Reference Name:           John Galarneau
       Reference Company:        Magnetic Corp
       Reference Title:          Chief Operating Officer
       Phone:                    813.932.9675
       Email:                    info@magnetic.com
       Type:                     Business/Professional

       Reference Name:           Dr. Jan Jaferian
       Reference Company:        UTEK Corporation
       Reference Title:          Senior Vice President of UTEK Corporation
       Phone:                    (813) 754-4330 (x357) cell: 585-750-0672
       Email:                    jjaferian@utekcorp.com
       Type:                     Business/Professional

       Reference Name:           Michael Kayat Ph.D
       Reference Company:        Ocean Optics
       Reference Title:          Former President of UTEKICC, now Vice President of Sales
                                 and Marketing of Ocean Optics
       Phone:                    727-733-2447
       Email:                    info@oceanoptics.com
       Type:                     Business/ Professional

       Reference Name:           Carlo Majia
       Reference Company:        UTEK Corporation
       Reference Title:          President of Utek Information Services
       Phone:                    813-754-4330 (x247)
       Email:                    carlo@utekcorp.com
       Type:                     Business/ Professional

       Reference Name:           Dr. Elzar Camper
       Reference Company:        East Stroudsburg University
       Reference Title:          Chairman of Media Communications and Tech at ESU
       Phone:                    570-422-3646
       Email:                    ecamper@po-box.esu.edu
       Type:                     Professional

       Reference Name:           Przemyslaw Moskal
       Reference Company:        Former Professor; Co-Owner of 3D Image Studio LLC
       Reference Title:          Interactive Innovative Developer
       Phone:                    (570)-431-0156
       Email:                    moskal@laksom.com.
       Type:                     Professional

       Reference Name:           Casey Cuono
       Reference Company:        Deluxe Digital Studios
       Reference Title:          BD-J Developer
       Phone:                    (570)-228-4874
       Email:                    casey@cuono.net
Type:   Professional/Personal

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