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									January 4, 2006

City, State, Zip

On behalf of the Air Force Reserve, Blaine Warren Advertising is pleased to present you
with the attached Public Service Announcement billboard. The Air Force Reserve is an
integral and essential part of our country's presence in air and space. As a Federal force,
the Air Force Reserve contributes daily to the Air Force mission and is actively involved
in Air Force operations worldwide. On any given day, it is not uncommon for thousands
of Reservists to be on duty at various international locations. About half of them directly
support ongoing contingencies.

Although the Air Force Reserve provides slightly more than 10 percent of the Air Force's
available manpower, the extent of its contribution is much greater. More than 30 percent
of all Air Force Missions are accomplished through the efforts of Air Force Reservists.
Reservists average more than 360 missions away from home each month, supporting
other Commands and Department of Defense requirements for important fighter, airlift,
aerial refueling, rescue, and force-projection assets.

As support for the Air Force Reserve and their missions to defend our nation’s
freedom and safety, we ask that you attempt to post their billboards when you have
availability. We have these boards available in both 30 sheet and 8 sheet formats
and will be glad to ship any quantity to you. If you are interested in posting any of
the Air Force Reserve Public Service Announcement billboards, please contact me
directly at (702) 435-6947 or e-mail me at and I will
have the quantity you request shipped to you.

Thank you for your consideration. We appreciate your support!


Micki McKibbin
Micki McKibbin
PSA Program Manager
Blaine Warren Advertising

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