Section 5317 FY2013 Application 1 by Op8sxmt


									                                                                                           FY 2013
                                                  Application for Transit Funding
                                            Wyoming Department of Transportation

                                Section 5317 – New Freedom
Agency Name
Contact Person

New Freedom funding may be used for capital and operating expenses. Funding must support projects that are
aimed at providing additional tools to overcome existing barriers facing persons with disabilities seeking
integration into the work force and full participation in society and to also reduce barriers to transportation
mobility options available to people with disabilities beyond the requirements of the ADA. The Federal share
of eligible costs may not exceed:
       80% of the net cost for Capital and Expenses
       50% of the net cost for Operating Expenses

Additional Section 5317 – New Freedom program information is available in FTA Circular 9045.1, found at .

                              Coordinated Human Service Transportation Plan
Applicants must be part of a locally derived Coordinated Human Service Transportation Plan
   or be approved to be part of a different project by WYDOT prior to submission of this
Is the requested project part of a Coordinated Human Service
                                                                                     Yes              No
Transportation Plan?
If Yes, when did you submit the plan to WYDOT for review and how
was this item addressed in the Plan? If you are not sure when you
submitted the plan, send the current plan in with your application.
If No, why?

                                   FY2013 Project Funding Request
In the table below, fill in the proposed amounts you are requesting for your project. These amounts should be in
whole dollars with no punctuation - $100,000 should be entered as 100000. Also, you MUST include a
detailed budget sheet with your application submittal describing specifically what you want these federal funds
to pay for and how you arrived at these costs.
 FY2013 New                  CAPITAL                         OPERATING                      TOTAL
Freedom Funds          FTA     LOCAL     TOTAL         FTA     LOCAL     TOTAL      FTA      LOCAL      TOTAL

                                           Sources of Local Match
 1.                                                                                                    $
 2.                                                                                                    $
 3.                                                                                                    $
 4.                                                                                                    $
 5.                                                                                             $
Due to continuing concerns during WYDOT’s A-133 audit, LGC staff may request additional
information about your sources of matching funds. Starting in FY 2013, all recipients may be required to
provide a detailed report stating what sources of local match were actually expended during the fiscal
year. Our Staff will provide you a format and additional instructions at a later date.

                                                New Freedom Project Details
Describe your proposed project in detail.
Include an explanation of what you hope to
accomplish by implementing or continuing
this service.
Identify your anticipated start date.
What is the proposed project’s service area
(include a map of the service area if
How will your proposed project address the
goal of New Freedom to increase
transportation opportunities for persons
with disabilities and to go beyond the
requirements of the ADA?
How will you target the intended
beneficiaries of your project? Do you have
a marketing strategy or plan?
How does the proposed project enhance
access beyond services currently provided
by agencies in your proposed service area?
Describe your agencies commitment to the
proposed project. Will this project
continue beyond the availability of the
requested grant resources?
Is the proposed project a short-term or pilot     Yes       No Is this proposed project expected to need ongoing     Yes    No
program? If yes, how long?                                     funding from WYDOT beyond FY 2012?
What type of transportation service(s) do you expect to utilize
with the proposed project? (demand response, fixed route,
taxi, etc.) Will your agency operate the service or contract
for service?
Is there any additional information that you would like us to
know about this project?

                                            New Freedom Project Objectives
Identify the major objectives to be achieved for the proposed project to be successful. Be reasonably detailed
and specific. Include the estimated date for completion of each objective.
                                                 Objectives                                                   Completion Date

If you are awarded this New Freedom project, you will be required to report on a number of performance
measures, at least annually, on WYDOT supplied forms. These forms will be supplied to you at the time the
project goes to agreement. Information you will be required to report will include, but will not be limited to the
         the number of one-way trips,
         the number of revenue hours,
         route length (one-way miles),
         the number of vehicles in service,
         the number of jobs targeted.

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