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					How to make $1800/month with CPALead
An easy step by step walkthrough

 My current earnings

I am about to show you a proven method that WILL make you money. We will be using
a service called CPALead which in my opinion will be an excellent moneymaker for
your website. It converts better than ad services like Google Adsense, Yahoo, or
Microsoft. I have been doing these exact same steps for about 3 months now, and am
currently averaging $60+/day. What you earn is relative to the time you put into it. Take
this information and make it your own. Think outside the box, that is how you will be the
most profitable. Most of all have fun!

Anywho lets Get down to business. Shall We!

1. First things first, you'll need a website. Go grab a domain with something about TV,
Shows or Videos, and install wordpress on it. If you don’t want to buy a domain or
hosting, a blog or blog will work just as well. Stick up a
nice theme, preferably something dark. And you're ready.

2. Before you can start earning money you'll have to get accepted into CPALead's
                                                                           CPA Lead
network, if you do what I tell you to in the next few steps, you should be accepted into
their network within 24 hours.

                                                     CPA Lead
      A. You will first need to have an account at CPALead, if you don’t already have
      one, Go sign up HERE.

      B. CPALead is important because of the gateway they provide.You can use this
      gateway to block any sort of content you may have on your own website, game
      content, movie content, etc.. (Adult content not allowed) The reason you block the
      content is because the visitor has to complete one of the surveys that pops up on
     the gateway; once he completes the survey the visitor gains access to your
     content, and you get $1 - $5 per survey completed. Imagine having 100 visitors
     complete a survey a day. 100 visitors is no biggie either, I get way more.

     C. To get accepted by CPALead, you must have a website to submit with your
     application when you apply. Your website should have atleast a page or two worth
     of content when you apply and must not be bare. Go ahead and create 5-7 posts
     of tv shows. For each post include a title, a link or some text, and a video clip from
     the show. Doing this you should get approved pretty quickly.

3. Once accepted, Go sign up for an account at , Its free! Once you’ve
signed up for your account, go back to the homepage, and view on the right hand side
the top 10 shows for that week. Its under the header “TV Trends” and is about half way
down the page. Go to each show’s page and add them to your favourites (Should be a
link underneath the title picture). Some of these shows aren’t in season currently, so
add some others that are popular. Adult cartoons like family guy and american dad
never fail to work with this method.

4. Next go create a new gateway within CPALead. Be sure to customise it as much as
                                          CPA Lead
you can. If you want to go all out you can even whip up your own skin but it isn’t
necessary. Add your gateway to your site by adding it into the headers.php file. Do a
quick check to make sure everything is in order, then we are done with the makeup of
the site.

5. Head back to and go to your profile. Check what shows are on that
night and for the coming nights (Remember they are in US time!). On your blog create
posts with the show and episode names in the title. For the body of the post, for now
just put in a description for the episode, which you can also get from sidereel.

6. Next, you will need something like camtasia or windows movie maker to make a short
30 second still film. You can generally get camtasia from somewhere like mininova or
any torrent place. If you don’t feel comfortable with that then just get whatever movie
maker you can find. For each of your shows, create a small video with nothing but a
slide of that show. So for example I’m using Family Guy, i grab the first picture from
google images of family guy and stick it in my video. I then stretch it out for 30 seconds
or so. Add a slide at the end saying
             “Sorry, Youtube keeps taking my videos down due to copyright.
                                 I have reuploaded at :

7. For yourlink, it is generally easier to use a site like or to shorten
your link. So in all your video should be a 30 second slide of a still picture. Then at the
end a 5-10 second slide saying where they can find the real video. You can also
watermark the whole thing with a video to your video blog post.

8. Right now that we have all your slide videos done. DON’T UPLOAD THEM~! You
must wait young grasshopper. The night that it airs, head on back over to sidereel. And
wait for someone to share a link to an upload of that episodes video. Go to that site and
grab the embed code for the video and add it to your site. Sometimes this is shared
freely and other times you have to get it from the source code. Once you have the code
add it to your corresponding wordpress post.

9. Right. So we have a blog, with a video of an episode that aired only a few hours ago.
      CPA Lead
With CPALead over the top. People are going rampant for the video by this time!
Upload your slideshow of a video up to youtube. Add in the description a link to your
blog, and keyword stuff the description with anything and everything about that
particular show.

10. Wait till it gets about 10 views, login to a different youtube account and 5 star it just
once. Anymore and you generally freeze the video. Your traffic should start piling in
from the video to your blog. And its all free. You should get a really high conversion rate
with CPALEAD too!
      CPA Lead

11. The next day, obviously there is another show airing that night. This is really an
unlimited method, like I said before it all depends on how much effort you want to be
putting into it. If you make your youtube videos good, and hang out on sidereel the
night of the airing just waiting to be the first to get the real video. Then you can make
really good (and easy) money with this.

12. If you cant make money with this well… I don’t really know. When anyone asks me
for a simple method that a 10 year old can do, i always show them this one. It is so
damn easy and it really is unlimited. Get out there and start earning!

                        Click here to Sign Up into CPAlead

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