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									                                                                                                                                                  First United Methodist Church , Tupelo MS
                                                                                                                               Mission: Love God, Love Neighbor, Celebrate and Serve Christ Together
                                                                                                                                                           2012 Leadership
     MINISTRY TEAM      PRAYER MINISTRY            EVANGELISM          HOSPITALITY/GREETERS      CHRISTIAN FORMATION                  LIBRARY                             CONGREGATIONAL CARE                                                                   WORSHIP                                                 MISSIONS
      TEAM LEADER                                                                                                               Elna Barber '11 ch
       LEADERSHIP      11                       Richard Crenshaw '12            8:45                  Dana Foster '11              Sara Hinds '11        Bereavement - Lynn Beadles; Katherine Mize, co-ch                       USHERS                Past Ch - Nancy Collins         Altar Guild-            Jameson Rogers, PastCh
       VOLUNTEER       11                        Tommy Green '12                                      Tom Wicker '11            Elna Barber '11 ch       Card Care -                                                   8:45 - Philip Williams           Design-Renee Baldwin        Janic Reed,Pst Ch        11
CHAIR,                 11                         Joe Mallard '12                                    Mona Beasley '11                                    Communion - Andy/Nancy Anderson                               8:45 - Eddie Warren             Tangibles-Nancy Collins        Co-Chair-TBA           12
11                                                                       8:45-Bill Spencer                                        Ann Rice '12           Casserole - Francis Williams;                                 11:00 - Paul Mize, Jr.          Music - Harris Magruder   CoChair-Melissa Pounders            Delta Mission-
11                     12                         Peggy Carter '13         Posey McGraw              Susan Collins '12          Katherine Ray '12        Flowers - Marha Tate Dodge; Nancy Diffee co-chair             Acolyte/Crucifer-RAParker        Visuals- Camille Sloan         FlowerGuild
11                     12                          Emily Hill '13         Christine Rayburn          Ron Stephens '12                                    Homebound - Shawn Brevard                                                                                                Linda Caldwell,Pst Ch                 Habitat-
12                     12                                                      11:00                Jennifer Hedges '12         Jan McGreger '13         NursingHome - B.F. Lee                                           At-Large Members:             Alice Virginia Daniels         CoChair-TBA                   Helping Hands-
12                                                                                                                          Frances (James) Williams                                                                             Bill Rice                     Mimi McGraw        Susan Wright Roberts         Mike/Leslie VanBuskirk
12                     13                                                                                                                                                                                                      Lynne Mize                      Martha Bland           Johnna Garner                    Hill T.O.P.
13                     13                                                  Special Events                                                                                                                                   Jameson Rogers                      Lisa Reed
13                     13                                                    Chuck Roat                                                                                                                                      Wayne Williams                    Flo Aldridge          Danny McKenzie                 Mexico Mission-
13                                                                        Janet McGruder          Lynne White, ex-officio                                                                                                      Jane Riley                   Polly Bailey              Suzy Williams
          STAFF             Raigan Miskelly        Jimmy Criddle           Clete Brekke               Jimmy Criddle                 Lynn White                 Jimmy Criddle                                                                              Beverly Clement                                              Jim Curtis

     MINISTRY TEAM             NURSERY              PRESCHOOL           YOUNGER CHILDREN            OLDER CHILDREN                                    YOUTH                                      COLLEGE                                       SENIOR ADULTS                                   UNITED METH. WOMEN
      TEAM LEADER           Shelly Miller, Ch   Marty Brown, Chair     Christine Rayburn Chair                                             Matthew Wilkins, President                      Catherine Bell, Chair                     B.F. & Ruth Lee, Co-Chairs                                     Jo Mark, President
       LEADERSHIP      Angela Atkinson '12                                                       Kathryn Barrow '12 2nd vc Youth Coord.- R. Dillard                                                                            Hospitality               Roadrunners Trips-              V.Pres-                  Education/Interpret.
                        Katie Pannell '13                               Mary Stewart Rhea '12         Tracy Leake '12      Sun. AM Grtrs-T. Imbler,T. Denton                                                           Eldridge & Martha Fleming           Kathryn Barrow                 Sec'y-                     June Harrison
                              Kim Hodges                                   Jamie Baker '14           Susan Collins '12      Sun.Suppers-S. Brevard                                                                              Program                        Dinners Out         Treas-Bessie Conner        Membership-Sally Agnew
                             Salley Agnew                                                                                   Small Group Ldrs K. Geddie                                                                  Adrian & Clara Thompson           Ann & Cobb Gibbs       Nomimating Committee-        Program-Laverne Prince
                                                                            Lauren Babb                                     Wen Night Help                                                                                      Publicity                                               Ann Gibbs
                                                                          Suzanne Bingham                                   Prayer- Renee Baldwin                                                                            Jean Chandler                      Ex-officio            Joyce Johnson                   Celebration
                                                                          Jodie Thompson                                    Food                                                             YOUNG ADULTS                     JanMcGregor               Jim & Jean Chandler            Jean Strange                      Jo Mark
                                                                                                                            Transportation-Y. Wilson                                                         , Chair            Ann Gibbs                                           Spiritual Growth-                  Discovery
                                                                                                                            Chaperones-S. Oliver                                                                              Diecorations                                               Sue Tate                      Doris Ryan
                                                                                                                            D-Now '11-R. Macklin, L.A. Buskirk, M. Hunt                                                   Jean & Jim Chandler           Green House Ministry     Education/Interpreta.-               Mary Richey
                                                                                                                            Coffee House                                                                                         Set-Up                   Mary Beth Baker             June Harrrison                 Laverne Prince
                                                                                                                            Spec. Events-C. Cole,S. Rish                                                                      Dot Harrelson                    Jan McGregor           Social Action                    Traceway
                                                                                                                            Progr.Dinner-J. Sanders, S. Williams,D. craig,                                                                                       Liz Rice                Sue Tate                 Elizabeth Stormo
          STAFF               Lori Clayton        Leigh McGregor            Toni Denton               Kristen Wilkins              Corey Truett                 Corey Truett                                                                   Jimmy Criddle                                          Raigan Miskelly

 ADMINISTRATIVE COUNCIL AT LARGE MEMBERS, James Threadgill, Chair          STEWARDSHIP                                                   FINANCE Calvin White, Chair                                                        LAY LEADERSHIP                 STAFF PARISH                 TRUSTEES                      ENDOWMENT
          2012                   2013                  2014            James Threadgill, Chair            2012                          2013                    2014                        Finance Ex-officio:             Jim Curtis, Chair              Bill Beasley '12         Sandra Wright '13             Charles Johnston, Ch.
      Jack Reed, Jr.         Linda Beasley          Libba Akers           Thomas Mize '12              David Atkins                   Joe Babb                  Frank Hodges              Trustee Representative            Tommy Green '12                Polly Bailey '12            Ted Moll '12                Charles Johnson '13
       Jack Foster           Abbie Condit         Nancy Anderson         Shawn Brevard '12            Merideth Black           Belinda Mothershed              Harold Hudson               SPRC Representative              Shane Aguirre '12              Bill Beasley '12           Harold Kay '12                 Scott Reed '13
       Chan Brown             Bo Calhoun            Marty Brown         Phyllis Livingston '12     Caroline Underwood              Scott Ramsey               Amaline Rutledge                 Stewardship                   Ellen Short '12                   Jim Stone '12         Joan Sanders '12                Ellen Short '13
      Coy Livngston          Howard Hinds         Marianne Burrus       James Threadgill '12       Calvin White, v.chair              Josh Wise                Sean Thompson                                                 Beth Eckard '13
       Thomas Mize              Jo Mark              Jim Diffee           Sonja Jenkins '13                                                                                               Lay Leader-Tom Wicker                Bill Rice '13               Mac Curlee '13           Jimmy Bingham '13                 Trustees Ch.
                             Susan Roberts          Mitch Ellett        Steve Southworth '13                                                                                             Treasurer - David Dillard       Frances J. Williams '13           Frances Foy '13         Dawn Southworth '13                Finance Ch.
                               Bob Sims          Kenneth Griswold                                                                                                                         Fin. Sec.-Lee McKenzie           Lou Ann Buskirk '14            Dale Warriner '13         Sandra Wright '13                Ad. Council Ch.
                                                     Rob Leake                                                                                                                                                               Jim Karrant '14
                                                   Nat Leathers                                                                                                                          Ad. Council- J. Threadgill          Dona Porter '14               Brian Condit '14         Trentice Imbler '14                Lay Leader
                                                   Wesley Partin                                                                                                                           Bus. Admin.-D.Dillard                                                Jo Mark '14           Jeff Short '14              Church Administrator
                                                    Jason Scott                                                                                                                              Pastor-Jim Curtis            Tom Wicker, Lay Ldr.                 Otis Tims '14          Dick White '14                     Pastor
                                                                             Jim Curtis                                            David Dillard                                                                                Jim Curtis                      Jim Curtis             David Dillard                  David Dillard

     MS CONFERENCE                                   MEMBERS TO ANNUAL CONFERENCE                                                                                           CHURCH STAFF                                                                                               PARSONAGE
         Bishop                                  Lay Members (5)            Clergy                               PASTOR, Jim Curtis                                MUSIC DIRECTOR, Beverly Clements                               KITCHEN ASSISTANT, Pam Brekke                   Catherine Mize, Chair           Parsonage Alternates
 Hope Morgan Ward                                  Paul Mize, Jr.            Jim Curtis                  ASSOCIATE PASTOR, Raigan Miskelly                             MUSIC ASSOCIATE, Carean Dendy                           PRESCHOOL DIRECTOR, Leigh McGregor                 Catherine Mize '11, Ch               Jane Riley
                       Annual Conference            Polly Bailey           Raigan Miskelly               ASSOCIATE PASTOR, Jimmy Criddle                               OFFICE MANAGER, Bonnie Sisco                             PRESCHOOL DIETICIAN, Jane Rather                     Dona Porter '12                Susan W. Roberts
     TUPELO DISTRICT          Alternates                                   Jimmy Criddle                    YOUTH PASTOR, Corey Truett                              RESOURCE DIRECTOR, Lynn White                              NURSERY COORDINATOR, Lori Clayton                     Martha Bland '13                 Harriett Ellet
      Superintendent   Beverly Williams 1st          Blake Hill             Corey Truett                 ASSOCIATE PASTOR, Sapada Thomas                               OFFICE ASSISTANT, Helen Collins                      YOUNGER CHILDREN DIRECTOR, Toni Denton
      Jimmy Barnes      Scott Collins 2nd           Tom Wicker             Sapada Thomas               CHURCH ADMINISTRATOR, David Dillard                       OFFICE ASSISTANT, Mary Stewart Rhea                         OLDER CHILDREN DIRECTOR, Kristen Partin
                            Chan Brown 3rd                                                              FINANCIAL SECRETARY, Lee McKenzie                                CHURCH CHEF, Clete Brekke                            MAINTENANCE SUPERVISOR, Kevin Hervey                      Jim Curtis

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