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The Barony of Letnev by lRtL3jJ9


									Twilight Imperium 3rd Edition Racial Abilities
The Barony of Letnev                                        The Naalu Collective
a) Before any Space Battle or Invasion Combat Round,        a) The initiative number on your Strategy Card is always
you may spend 2 Trade Goods to give all your ships +1,      “0” (replacing the normal initiative number of the
or all of your Ground Forces +2 on their combat rolls for   Strategy Card). This means that you are always first in
that combat round.                                          the order of play.
b) Your Fleets may always contain one more Ship than        b) If attacked, a Naalu fleet may retreat before the
your number of Command Counters in your Fleet               beginning of the Space Battle step of the Tactical Action
Supply.                                                     sequence (following the normal retreat rules and
Leaders: 1 Diplomat, 1 Admiral, 1 General                   restrictions).
Trade Agreements: 1, 1                                      c) All Naalu Fighters receive +1 on combat rolls during
                                                            Space Battles.
The Federation of Sol                                       Leaders: 1 Diplomat, 1 Admiral, 1 Agent
a) As an action, you may spend 1 Command Counter            Trade Agreements: 2, 1
from your Strategy Allocation Box to place two free
Ground Forces on any one planet that you control.           The Emirates of Hacan
b) During the status phase, you receive one extra           a) Your trades do not require approval during Trade
Command Counter.                                            Negociations.
Leaders: 1 Admiral, 1 Diplomat, 1 Agent                     b) You do not need to spend a Command Counter to
Trade Agreements: 2, 2                                      execute the secondary ability of the Trade Strategy.
                                                            When you receive Trade Goods from one of your Trade
Universities of Jol-Nar                                     Agreements, you receive one additional Trade Good.
a) You receive -1 on your combat rolls during all Space     c) No player may ever, except for war, break a Trade
Battles and Invasion Combat.                                Contract with you.
b) When executing the Secondary Ability of the              d) During the Status Phase, you may trade Action Cards
Technology Strategy, you may execute both its Primary       with other players.
Ability and the Secondary Ability.                          Leaders: 1 General, 1 Diplomat, 1 Scientist
c) You may spend a Command Counter from your                Trade Agreements: 3, 3
Strategy Allocation to immediately re-roll any of your
die rolls.                                                  The L1Z1X Mindnet
Leaders: 2 Scientists, 1 Admiral                            a) The base cost of your Dreadnought units starts at 4.
Trade Agreements: 3, 1                                      b) Your Dreadnought units receive +1 during Space
                                                            Battles, and your Ground Force units receive +1 when
The XXCHA Kingdoms                                          attacking during Invasion Combat.
a) When executing the 2nd ability of the Diplomacy          c) You start with one extra Command Counter in your
Strategy, you execute the Primary Ability instead.          Strategic Allocation area.
b) Immediately after a Political Card has been drawn and    Leaders: 1 Diplomat, 1 Scientist, 1 Agent
read aloud, you may spend one Command Counter from          Trade Agreements: 1, 1
your Strategy Allocation to cancel the card and force
another Political Card to be drawn.                         The Mentak Coalition
c) Your opponents receive -1 on all combat rolls against    a) You start the game with one additional Command
you during the 1st combat round of Space Battles &          Counter in your Fleet Supply area.
Invasion Combat.                                            b) Before a Space Battle begins (in which you are
Leaders: 2 Diplomats, 1 Admiral                             participating), you may fire with up to two Cruisers or
Trade Agreements: 2, 2                                      Destroyers (or a mix thereof). Enemy casualties are taken
                                                            immediately, with no return fire allowed.
Yssaril Tribes                                              c) During Strategy Phase, you may take one Trade Good
a) You are allowed to skip your action turn during the      token from up to two different players. Each such target
Action Phase You may not skip two such action turns in      player must have at least 3 Trade Goods on his race
a row.                                                      sheet.
b) You draw on additional Action Card during every          Leaders: 1 Agent, 1 Admiral, 1 Diplomat
Status Phase. You are never limited to a hand-size of       Trade Agreements: 1, 1
Action Cards, regardless of the game rules and any
active political cards.                                     Sardakk N'orr
c) Once during every Strategy Phase, you may look at        You receive +1 to all your Combat Rolls during Space
one other players' hand of Action Cards.                    Battles and Invasion Combat rounds.
Leaders: 1 Admiral, 2 Agents                                Leaders: 2 Generals, 1 Admiral
Trade Agreements: 2, 1                                      Trade Agreements: 2, 1

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