Whittington News
            Edition 1 for academic year 2009 to 2010                           September 2009

Dear Parents and Children,

                             Cherry Orchard News
Welcome back to Whittington C.E. Primary
School. It is lovely to see the children back at
                                                        Green Flag Status.
                                                        Well done to Miss Barry and everyone who has
                                                        ever served on the Eco Committee. Just before
school and we look forward to working together
over the coming year. This first newsletter is full     the end of the last academic year we were
of organisational information and will hopefully        awarded the prestigious Green Flag. This is the
prove useful.
            Edition 1 for academic year 2003 to 2004                           schools and demonstrates
                                                        top award available to September 2003
                                                        our commitment to having a sustainable school.
Please note.                                            Look out for our new flag pole with our Green
We have booked a Teacher Education Day for              Flag at the top of it.
Friday 16th October. The school will be closed to
children on this date. We chose this date because       SWEATSHIRTS AND T-SHIRTS
the training is being provided by external trainers     It is lovely to see how smart the children look in
who had limited availability.                           their Whittington uniforms. I would urge parents to
                                                        ensure that all items of clothing have name labels
New Staff                                               sewn into them so we can return any lost items.
I would like to welcome a new member of our             Unnamed clothing is put in the lost property box
teaching staff. Mrs Noonan will be working with         in the main entrance.
Year 2 on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.
She will be job sharing with Mrs Thatcher.              School colours are red or white polo shirts and
                                                        red sweatshirts/ cardigans. These can be
MILK MONEY                                              purchased from any retailer or direct from school.
The cost of milk for the Autumn Term 2009 is 95p        An order form is attached to this newsletter.
per week (19p per day). Those of you who wish
to pay in advance for this half-term should send in     All orders with monies to the office by Friday 18th
£6.46 (7th September to 23rd October – 34 days)         September 2009.
or for the whole term £13.11 (69 days to 18th
December). Children in the Reception Class do           We cannot exchange garments that have been
not pay until their 5th birthday.                       wrongly ordered.

Credits or refunds can only be given in cases
where we have at least twenty-four hours notice         School Shoes and jewellery
of absence.                                             Our policy on school shoes is that they are dark
                                                        (preferably black) with a low heel. We all want our
Hot School Meals                                        children to look smart and be safe so parents
Hot School Meals will run again on Mondays,             need to ensure that children attend school in
Wednesdays and Fridays. The cost remains at             appropriate footwear.
£1.50 per day which makes the total for this half
term £30.00. Cheques need to be made payable            The only items of jewellery, which are acceptable
to Nunnery Wood High School. Please bring               at school, are stud earrings. Please ensure that
cheques into the school office in the first week of     children are not wearing jewellery to school
term.                                                   because it is a health and safety risk and it can
                                                        get lost or damaged.

Healthy Snacks
As a ‘Healthy School’ we encourage children to          Contact Details
eat healthy snacks at break times. We would be          If any of your contact details have altered over the
grateful if parents could provide a piece of fruit or   summer break (especially mobile phone
similar healthy snack to eat during their break.        numbers) please inform the office of any
Chocolate and crisps etc can be part of a lunch         changes. It is vital that the school has this
box but fruit or fruit bars need to be eaten at         information so parents can be contacted if the
break times.                                            need arises.
                                                      Water Bottles
Sponsored Walk                                        Children are free to drink water throughout the
Allan Blakeley, who is the father of Conor in our     day and we ask parents to provide them with a
Year 6 class, is currently undertaking a long         clear or white drinks container. Please purchase
distance sponsored walk in aid of Mencap. If you      a container with a ‘sports top’ that does not need
would like to track his progress or donate to his     to be unscrewed, and label that water bottle with
chosen charity just log onto his website at the       your child’s name.
following address:
                                                      Diary Dates
EXTRA - CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES                         The trips and events included in these diary dates
The school offers a range of extra-curricular         have been confirmed, more trips are being
activities to as many pupils as possible.             planned and parents will be informed of the dates
                                                      when they are finalised.
Sometimes clubs are cancelled and staff will
always try to contact parents or to inform children   September 17th – Year 5 trip to Think Tank
prior to the event whenever a club cannot take
place. It is vital that parents give the school the   October 1st – Forest Schools starts for Reception
most up to date contact details.                      and Year 1(NB. Forest Schools will now take
                                                      place on Thursdays).
If the club is organised by an outside provider       Week beginning October 5th – Children’s Book
parents need to contact them directly and check       Week (more information to follow).
which weeks they will be running.                     October 8th – Year 6 Trip Local Study.
                                                      October 15th – School Photographer individuals
Clubs do not take place in the first and last week    and sibling groups.
of any term. This term clubs will commence            October 16th - Teacher Education Day. No
week beginning 14th September and will end            children to attend school.
on Friday 11th December.                              October 23rd – Harvest Assembly hosted by
                                                      Year 4 and Year 6.
See attached timetable.                               October 23th – Last day of the half term.

                                                      November 2nd – Children return to school.
Reading Helpers                                       November 3rd – Parent Conferences 5.30pm –
If any parents or grandparents are able to spare      8.00pm.
some time to listen to readers your help would be     November 5th – Parent Conferences 3.30pm –
gratefully received. Please offer your help at the    6.00pm.
school office.                                        November 10th – Open Afternoon. All parents
                                                      and prospective parents are welcome.
Helpers do not work with classes containing their
children, and will need to complete a child safety    December 9th – 11th – Year Six residential at
check.                                                Malvern Hills Outdoor Centre.
                                                      9th December – Infant Performance 1 at 2.00pm.
Parking                                               10th December – Infant Performance 2 at 2.00pm
Our local police officer Sean Woods has put           and Infant Performance 3 at 6.30pm.
cones out on our approach road to stop people         15th December – Musical Assembly 1 at 9.15am.
parking on there at the beginning and end of the      16th December – Musical Assembly 2 at 9.15am.
school day. He will also be monitoring the            18th December – Year 5 present the Christmas
situation to ensure that our children can get to      Service.
school safely.

Medical Information                                   Accompanying paperwork
If children have been diagnosed with any medical
conditions that the school needs to be aware of,      1.     School Uniform Order Form.
please inform the school office so we can be kept     2.     Extra Curricular Activities Sheet.
fully up to date.

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