August Webinar Transcript by lRtL3jJ9


									                                    Questions From the Jamboree Webinar
                                                August 15, 2012

When do we expect the medical exam forms?
      The new BSA medical form will be available on September 3. Those that need to proceed with medicals now due to
     school or sports, etc., can use that form. Information on how to submit it will be available by the end of August.

We're planning a jambo troop campout in the "model" format. Do we have the dimensions of our campsite footprint yet?
      Yes, the dimensions are 36 feet by 180 feet. Please refer to under the “Council Resources”
      section in the next few weeks for a pictorial graph of the site.

When will we have our unit numbers?
     We will be done with them by August 31. They will start going out to councils then.

When do we expect the troop/patrol menu planning guide?
     This will be out in the first of quarter 2013.

Will the Venturing crew contingent do the service day with the troop or the other crews?
        Each Venturing group of 10 will do the service day with the other three Venturing groups of 10 that they have been
       joined up with to form a crew of 40.

Is it required to register on the Summit website to participate in the jamboree? What will this registration be used for, e.g.,
program, medical, etc.?
         Absolutely! That is the only way to register for the jamboree. This registration will be used for everything jamboree,
         e.g., medicals, program, communications, credentials, etc.
Could you give us an update on national campership financial aid availability?
         Check with your region coordinator.

How many staff guests can we expect for meals per troop?
     Two guests per meal.

Could we up the number of results from 200 to 500 in the Jamboree Administration database?
      Working on it.

I am in a crew traveling with a troop to the jamboree; will we check in at the same time or at different times?
        You need to register with TMS for arrival times. That will govern who checks in when.

When will the Venturing crews find out who we we will be sharing camp with?
     Early September.

Are there going to be bear-proof trash and food containers? Understand there is a very healthy poplulation of black bears
already on camp.
       Accommodations are currently being reviewed to deter the local wildlife from inhabiting a campsite. Please
       remember that food should not be stored in the campsites following each evening meal.

Just a possible check-in delay, but since we'll have a crew of Venturers on the same bus as one of our troops, the OA guide
will have to direct the bus to two different drop-off locations. This could create a timing glitch and become a headache if
dozens of councils have buses needing to make multiple stops.
        That situation will happen in several instances, actually. We are planning for that, and TMS (our transportation
        company) is prepared for that.

Will the Venturing crews have the same number as the troop from our council? Or will we have our own jambo number? Or
will we share a number with the crews that we share a neihborhood with at the jambo?
        Crews will not have the same number as the troops. They will be specific to each unit. The four Venturing groups
       sharing a site will have the same number.

What are the uniform requirments for Venturers at the jamboree? I have several Venturers from a crew that do not wear the
       Official Venturing uniform is the green shirt and gray pants/shorts.
  What is the latest on contingents’ ability to arrive by Amtrak? I thought I heard on a previous webinar there were limitations
  on stations and roads.
         The highway from the Amtrak station to the Summit Is not passable. Using Amtrak for 2013 is not going to be a good

  We have other Venturers that would like to come; are there any empty spots from other groups that we can use? Our
  "contingency" is full.
         Absolutely! Work with your region coordinator on placing them with neighboring councils.

  When will the visitor pass price be announced?
       Early September.

  If we have unit numbers at the end of August, and we have just three Venturing crew patrols today, if we add an additional
  Venturing crew patrol, will it receive a sequential number or ...?
         If a Venturing group of 10 is added on after the assignments are complete, that group will be placed somewhere else.

  I received an email yesterday that there would be a new medical form to use for the jamboree. Is that true and do you know
  if we will be scanning medical forms yet?
          That is true. The new BSA medical form will be available on September 3. Some version of that form will be used for
          the jamboree. Medicals will be submitted electronically in some fashion. However that process has not been finalized
          yet. We will send out info as soon as we have it.

  Will the Venturing crew prepare their food as a patrol (10) or as a larger 40-person contingent?
         As a full 40-person crew.

  How will the physical forms be sent out?

  When will we receive the 2013 National Scout Jamboree patch for our uniforms?
       They have been ordered from Supply and should be shipping any day now.

  If part of our crew works on staff for part of the time, do they count in our numbers or not? Need more info about the half-
  price, etc. Might be able to have a few older crew come and work if we can take them out of the count.
          Staff and crew members are totally separate. A person can’t attend as both.

  The Northeast Region has exhausted our campership allocation.
        Thanks, Woody. Good to know.

  Western Region has used all of our scholarship funds. We provided 224 scholarships!
        Thanks, Toby.

  How early can we depart on the last day from the jamboree?
        Register with TMS. Departures are governed by the time you register with them.

  Can we please have a paper staff application? That has hampered our attempt to recruit staff.
        Sorry! The staff application is too detailed to do in a paper version. With the approvals that have to happen and then
        the job selection process, it would take months to get an application processed. If anyone is having any trouble, send
        them to us. We can help.

  There are no Venturing shorts. Is Scoutstuff developing a Venturing short?
         The pants are zip-offs.

  Any idea when national Supply will be able to provide unit number patches, national jamboree troop flags, and national
  jamboree name plates?
         Early 2013.

  When will you expect the medical forms to be due?

  How will visitors register to attend? Online payment? Is there a maximum number of visitors that will be allowed onto the
  property, especially on the day of an arena show?
        There will be an online registration/payment process. As with any site, we will have a maximum capacity.

Are there any activities just for Venturing, say, like pistol shooting?
          There will be pistol shooting. We are currently working on a pilot program that would allow others besides Venturers
         to participate. There will be a certain area of the whitewater rafting that will be a longer rafting trip with more rapids
         that will designated for Venturing. That is all that would be Venturing-specific at this time, though.

Will my crew have to elect postions with the crews in our neihborhood?
          It is highly recommended that your 10-person Venturing group work together with the other three groups that will
          form your 40-person jamboree Venturing crew. Your group will receive contact information for the other groups for
          your jamboree crew in September 2012.

  How do we upload the medical forms for registration purposes?
        Communication will go out by the end of this month with information. Due date has not been set yet for returning the
        completed medical form.

  Do we have a better estimate on when the participants will select their two curriculum events later this year and how the
  $50 surcharge for the whitewater rafting will be paid?
         Activity selection will be in early 2013, and the whitewater fee will be paid online through that system.

  What about text messages for alerts?
        We are currently looking into various technological components to utilize as alerts and texting capability is being

  How warm was the shakedown and what is the anticipated heat index?
       There was one day that was just over 90. The rest of the days were in the mid- to high 80s with mild humidity.

  When may we expect the equipment video to be available for distribution to jamboree troops to understand how the
  campsites are to be configured?
        The video will be available in the first quarter of 2013, just in time for your local council shakedowns. The campsite
        dimensions are 36 feet by 180 feet. Please refer to under the “Council Resources” section in
        the next few weeks for a pictorial graph of the site.

  Please describe the structure that will hold the gateway banner—size, materials, etc. Troop and American flags part of
         The current plan is to have all of these items displayed on your unit dining fly. However, we are currently reviewing
         this process for possible alternatives. Please refer to in the coming weeks for further updates.

  My troop and crew are planning on traveling together. The crew is coed; however, we have two male leaders for our single
  crew patrol. How do we make sure they are matched with a coed leadership?
        We will make that assignment from the information in the system for your council. So be sure your records are
        current in the system. Your leaders need to be council-approved with the appropriate leadership position assigned.

  How big are the tents?
        Roughly 9.5 feet by 10 feet.

  As far as crew members go, any crew member under the age of 21 will be considered youth and be paired up in tents as
  such. And the same goes for the restrooms and shower houses? They use the youth facilities?
          Shower houses and restrooms will be divided by youth up to 17 years of age and adults 18 years of age and older.

  Are there any further updates on the extent of electronics connectivity for smartphones, jambo apps, and ability to recharge
  the same?
         We are currently still in the process of developing electronic jamboree applications for smartphones. Each subcamp
         will have recharging stations available.

  We were at the shakedown. The tents are very large and very durable. They are four-man tents for two boys or one leader.
  More than adequate.
        Great to hear! Thanks for the feedback.

  How are the showers and restroom facilities?

  What about scuba? Will participants need the PADI form? We never have needed it at past jamborees, but at NOAC this year
  it was required instead of a NOAC-specific form as at prior NOACs.
          There will be scuba, but PADI is not required.

  When will check-in (date) start at the jamboree site?
       Register with TMS to get this information.
We have two troops. Will they be in the same subcamp?

Is there a place to charge cellphones in subcamps?
        Each subcamp will have recharging stations available.

We are still hearing concerns over no way to lock up/store valuables beyond the duffel bags. Suggestions we are hearing are
lockers like in train stations/bus terminals.
       A lockable box will be distributed to one unit leader per unit, primarily for the purposes of secure storage of
       medication and small electrical items, such as cellphones. It would be at your discretion if your unit would like to
       bring an additional lockable container, but please ensure it is not the size of a locker you would find in a train station.

Can a council add an additional troop?
       Absolutely! Contact your region coordinator.

When can visitors start registering to visit the Summit?
      Early 2013.

Will there be any electricity in subcamps for adult leaders with a CPAP machine?

If a person is not old enough now to be in the Venturing program, they cannot register with national until they are old
enough. Is there anything you can do so we can get them registered?
        The council needs to maintain a list outside of the system until the person is old enough to register with the BSA. At
        that point, they will get registered with the BSA and register for the jamboree online.

Will you be doing Munzees?

Will there be a jamboree app for phones?

I have heard there is no hot water for showers. Any truth to this?
       No. There is ambient temperature water.

Will there be better security at charging stations than at the shakedown?
       We are currently finalizing the charging location plan with AT&T, and ensuring security at these charging locations is a
       very high priority within the contents of this plan.

When will Supply have items for sale, including troop numbers and troop flags?
     Contact Supply Customer Service at 800-323-0732.

Can a cost list be provided for extra activities (merit badges)?
       The only activity at the jamboree where an additional fee will be required is if a youth is selected to participate in the
       off-site whitewater rafting activity.

Understand there are 36 merit badges that will be given. What are they?
      The final list of merit badges has not been determined yet, so we don’t know that there are 36 merit badges.

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