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									A2. Health, Fitness, Exercise and
          Worksheet 1 – Health-Related Exercise.

What to do:

Can a person or athlete be Fit but NOT Healthy? In the table
below, list words that describe someone who is fit (looking for
definition) and reasons that affect how healthy they are. To
help you, think about how you define health and what makes a
person unhealthy.                                       (9 marks)

           Fitness                    Un-Healthy Factors

  Performance is how well a task is completed.
  Performance can be anything from excellent to poor and is
  simply a way of describing the quality of an action or
  physical activity. How is performance measured or judged?

  What to do:

  Name four sports (2 individual and 2 team games) and
  describe how they are judged or marked.        (4 marks)




  Does an individual performance (either for themselves or
  within a team) affect how well that task is completed?
  Discuss.                                         (2 marks)



Exercise is a form of physical activity done to improve
one’s health and fitness. In the table below, describe how
exercise can benefit one’s overall health:           (9 marks)

       Physical            Social               Mental

Give 3 positive and 3 negative effects of having or not
having well developed HRE components in sport.
                                                  (6 marks)






        Worksheet 2 – Health-Related Components.

Give Sporting examples for each Health-Related
Component, and briefly explain why it’s important to
that sport: Practice using short and clear answers. (10 marks)

   Cardio-vascular fitness –

   Muscular Strength –

   Muscular Endurance –

   Flexibility –

   Body Composition –


Freddie plays badminton for his local club. Although Freddie is
quite good, he finds that he gets tired quickly. To last a whole
game of badminton, Freddie needs to increase what components
of Health-Related Fitness? Explain.                      (4 marks)


        Worksheet 3 – Health, Fitness, Exercise and

Create your own Word Search using words from this section in
the table below. Below the table, create your own questions that
GIVE the answer in the form of the words in the Search table.

E.g. something that when turned releases water....Answer TAP.
             You look for tap in the word search.

Words to find:


      Test – Health, Fitness, Exercise and Performance.

  1. ........................ is the correct term for ‘how well a task is
  2. Give two reasons why Lucy would be considered to be
     unhealthy, even though Lucy plays Netball for the local
  3. James plays 5-a-side football on a Thursday. He doesn’t
     really enjoy the sport, but loves his Thursday matches.
     Why would this be?
  4. Why is it important to have an active lifestyle?
          a. To be healthy?
          b. To stop street crime.
          c. To reduce the number of days people have off work.
  5. Fitness is the amount of training a person does during a
     week of month. True or False?
  6. ......................... is important in swimmers shoulders.
  7. Muscular ........................... allows a runner or rower to
     continue exercising for a long period of time.
  8. A weight lifter needs more .................. ................... than a
     table-tennis player.
  9. Boxers skip to improve what?
  10. A footballer needs which component in their hamstrings?
  11. Give two contrasting sports in terms of body
  12. Emma is tall for her age. Due to her body composition,
     where does the coach automatically put her?

  13. Rupert is 15 and has some difficulties at home. He is
    continuously getting into fights at school. His P.E teacher
    has suggested he starts playing Rugby. Rupert now plays
    regularly. What has Rugby done for Rupert apart from
    improved his Cardiovascular Fitness?             (2 marks)

  14. Jeff is 50 years old. He does not smoke or drink. Jeff
    sleeps well and has a balanced diet. However, he is not
    coping with his job and finds the climb up the stairs to his
    flat really tiring. Is Jeff:                     (2 marks)
       a. Healthy? Y/N
       b. Fit? Y/N

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