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					Expectations for Yr 5

During the last 2 years of Primary school we aim to develop the children’s
organisational skills, we also aim to encourage them to take more responsibility for
their learning through extended tasks and more extensive home learning activities.
Children also like to use their own stationery in yr 5. If you do buy your children a

writing pen could you please ensure it is black ink, not blue. If they wish to use their
own they should be named and kept in one pencil case. (In the past some children
have had several, which is like teaching over sand bags!) Any property that is brought
into school is the responsibility of the children.

Home Learning
Home learning allows the children to practise and consolidate work completed in class
and if the children have any problems with it they should ask one of the teachers
straight away. We don’t want children or parents to become frustrated if there is a
problem with home learning so please speak to either of us if you have any concerns
in this area.

                              Handed out on
                                                            Collected in on
                                                                                               Curriculum for Autumn Term
 Spellings rules              Monday                        Monday
 Maths                        Friday                        Wednesday

 Topic                        Tuesday                       Monday
                                                                                                               YEAR 5
This year to hopefully simplify the process the children will have one book to record all
home learning and reading in. The homework diary will contain details of tasks set
and when they should be handed in. If a child is absent they are expected to check
with their teacher and catch up on the missed home learning task.
                                                                                                  To Infinity and Beyond!
It is the responsibility of each child to write any homework in their diary as time is
given for this during the lesson. These books will be checked on a weekly basis and
should be in school every day as they will be used to communicate information to you.

Other Important Dates
Parents Evening : Tuesday 18th October 3.30-5.00 pm
Thursday 20 October 3.30-6.00 pm
Class Assembly – Thursday 29 September

Class teacher: Mr Hills
Support Teacher: Mrs Whitfield
Teaching assistant: :          Mrs Jolliffe                                                 We thought it would be helpful to provide you with a
                                                                                            brief outline of the work your child will cover during
                                                                                                              this Autumn Term.
Maths will be taught following the guidelines of the National Numeracy Project. This         History/Geography
means an introduction of 5-10 minutes Mental Maths, followed by 30-40 minutes of a          Our main topic for this term is ‘To Infinity and Beyond’ so we shall be
main teaching activity and finally, a 5-10 minute plenary or summing-up. This term we       researching famous astronomers, astronauts and scientists. We shall also be
will be focusing on:-                                                                       making good use of Google Earth to research how satellites can map the earth
Knowledge of all times tables                                                               and the main physical features of the planet.
Place Value including decimals and negative numbers
Understanding numbers, number sequences and patterns
Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division
                                                                                            Day Trips/Visits
Measurement – focusing especially on time, area and perimeter, angles                       20 October – With Y6 we will be visiting the Intech science centre near
Shape and space- 2D and 3D shapes                                                           Winchester to reinforce our learning about light and space. More information
Fractions and percentages of a number                                                       about this trip soon!
Data Handling – Line graphs and probability
Ratio and proportion                                                                         French
                                                                                            Children will be learning about their favourite hobbies and clothing.
In English we will be following the National Literacy Framework which involves a            R.E
minimum of one hour of taught literacy skills. This term we will be focusing on:-           This term we will be investigating how God is present and active today, What
Fiction : The War of the Worlds                                                             we can learn about the birth of Jesus? And what we can learn from the Hindu
Poetry : imagery                                                                            use of image?
Biography and autobiography
Newspaper articles and non-chronological reports
Spellings: suffixes and prefixes, using a variety of spelling strategies, meanings and      PSHCE
spellings of connectives at each child’s level.                                             This term we will be studying New Beginnings and All about Me themes.
On a Monday we will split the class and Mrs Whitfield and myself will teach grammar         These look at how the children can start to take responsibility for their own
sessions which focus on sentence construction and punctuation.                              learning and how expectations change as they move up the school.

Information Technology                                                                      PE/Games
The following will be taught during weekly one-hour sessions in the Computer Suite          Our topics for this term are netball and Football. Our day for PE will usually
and linked to classroom learning. Throughout the term we use a range of skills which        be Monday and Wednesday. Please ensure that the children have their kit
include:- Word processing/desktop publishing, Computer Art, Graphs and databases            (including plimsolls or trainers that fit) in school every day, in case there is a
and using the internet to research topics and find out information. Pupils will also make   change in the routine. Long hair should be tied back at all times (not just for
use of a range of ICT in the classroom to support their learning within other curriculum    P.E. please) and earrings removed.
subjects. Our main focus for this term is creating a Database using either excel or
database software.
                                                                                            Music, Dance, Drama
Science                                                                                     As the children are in Y5, the class will all have the opportunity to learn to play
This term will be investigating Earth and space. (The solar system, the moon, eclipses,     the clarinet. A specialist teacher will come in every Thursday to teach the
light, forces). We will also be designing Mars rovers in DT and trying to make self         children and they must remember to bring the clarinets into school on that day.
propelled vehicles.                                                                         They will also be expected to practise at home. During our War of the Worlds
                                                                                            study we will explore aspects of the story through drama.

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