Lec 20 Hemispheric Functioning by lRtL3jJ9


									                   Hemispheric Functioning

                    General Brain Functions
Analyzer - Logical step by step
           Breaks skills down into critical parts
           Speech and communication

Integrator – How parts of skill fit together or are coordinated
          Imagery center
          Creativity skills

                Sport Specific Brain Functions

Analyzer - Important in learning new skills
           It helps you make decisions when problems occur
           It helps you determine if it is a mistake or a flaw

Integrator –The most important determinant of performance
is a good mental picture
           Integrator is programmed through imagery to carry
out images flawlessly

    High levels of emotions area usually counterproductive
     because they make you switch to Analyzer control
    The Analyzer is guided by verbal self-instruction
    The integrator relies on imagery to guide performance
    Problem: the analyzer and integrator struggle for
     performance control. The analyzer usually wins
    It is critical to sport performance to know how and when
     each hemisphere is used
    Teamwork is necessary for effective analyzer-integrator
     control. (The analyzer sets up the integrator to score)
    The athlete must learn when to analyze and when to
    The flow state is when the integrator totally controls
     performance (“react don’t think”)

           Analyzer – Integrator Control Problems

Overdeveloped Analyzer (most common)
       Negative self-talk – does not let the integrator take over
(It is most difficult to move from the analyzer to the integrator)
Performance deteriorates because you are thinking about the
sequence of the movement which distorts timing and fluidity
       Over analysis tends to constantly analyze past mistakes
       Negative coaching is an over analysis problem. It takes
you out of the flow
       When indecision occurs there is no mental blueprint (i.e.
bank or swish, option play in football)
       Over reliance on the integrator (club selection in golf,
performing within one self)
       There are times when you need to analyze like when
breaking a skill down or breaking a bad habit. Try to do this
during the off season and never during a competition.
       Some skills require a great deal of reliance on the
integrator for complete control over physiological processes
(Swami, Jock Mayo)
       Worry washes out the bridge between the analyzer and
       Self-confidence protects analyzer and integrator
functioning. It makes it easier to switch back and for the
between the two without second thoughts.

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