Wyoming County Community Nursing Facility by lRtL3jJ9


									                           Wyoming County Community Nursing Facility
                                     Warsaw, New York

                                         Job Description
                                             Job Title:   Licensed Practical Nurse
                                              Department: Nursing Facility
                                             Wage Grade: VIII A
                                              Schedule:   WCCH


Under direction and supervision of RN Charge Nurse is responsible for professional nursing care of all
residents in the Nursing Facility Unit during tour of duty; is directly responsible ofr directing and
supervising and evaluating nursing staff under her leadership


1.      Education
        a. Graduate of an accredited school of practical nursing
        b. Current licensure or permit from the New York State Department of Nursing Education
        c. Competence in the area of Nursing Service in which the LPN will function
2.      Age
        a. Mature individual
3.      Health and Physical Demands
        a. Good mental and physical health
4.          References
        b. Minimum of three satisfactory professional references


1.      Satisfactory appearance and moral standards
2.      Maintenance of good health practices
3.      Active participation in and the promotion of in service and continuing education program, other
        educational, profession and community activities
4.      Willingness to work within facility and departmental policies


1.      Required to work weekends and holidays as assigned
2.      May be required to work rotating shifts and on various nursing units
3.      Uniforms (including lab coats and special foot wear when necessary) to be furnished by the
4.      Lifting, moving, assisting residents or helping lift residents of awkward weights
5.      Occasional prolonged walking and standing
6.      Occasional pushing and pulling movements
7.      Exposed to infection and occasional hazards resulting from use of oxygen equipment


1.      Assits .Provides for the personal grooming of residents under the direction of the licensed
        nurse. Assists in the care of the adult & elderly age groups*
     c.   Gives bed bath and/or utilizes the bather or shower
     d.   Gives oral care
     e.   Attends to hair needs
     f.   Nail care
     g.   Skin care
     h.   Perineal care
     i.   Shave residents
     j.   Dresses residents
     k.   Appropriate mode of toileting
     l.   Encourages/teaches resident in self care as indicated by the nurse

4.        Provides for the nutritional needs of the residents
          a. Sets up and collects trays
          b. Assists with eating, utilizes appropriate utensils
          c. Feeds
          d. Records intake
          e. Distributes and assists with between meal nourishments and records intake
          f. Assures that designated self-help devices are provided
          g. Encourages/teaches resident in self-feed as indicated by the nurse

5.        Maintains resident environment
          a. Stores clothing and belongings
          b. Keeps room conducive to comfort and safety
          c. Replenishes resident supplies
          d. Changes or straightens bed linens according to unit protocol and/or resident needs

6.        Moves and lifts residents
          a. Assists movement in bed
          b. Assists with transfer from bed to chair or wheelchair
          c. Assists to bathroom and/or commode
          d. Transports to areas of therapy and activities
          e. Transports to specific departments for treatments and/or tests
          f. Ambulates as per physician order and recommendations by Physical Therapist
          g. Uses loft equipment appropriately
          h. assists resident toward independence as directed by nurse

7.        Communicates with resident, families and appropriate staff members to ensure quality
          resident care
          a. Informs licensed nurse of any and all physical, psychological and/or sociological
              changes and documents in the appropriate area
          b. Initiates incident reports
          c. Keeps licensed nurse informed of any changes in environmental conditions
          d. Adheres to the Resident Bill of Rights
          e. Receives a report on all residents

8.        Completes technical skills under direction of licensed nurse
          a. Utilizes alternatives to restraints and completes appropriate documentation
          b. Takes vital signs and records
          c. Collects specimens
          d. Empties foley bags/maintains infection control protocols
              e. Records I & O
              f. Obtains weights and records
              g. Records elimination

    9.        Maintains an optimal resident environment.
              a. Recognizes hazards to resident safety and takes appropriate actions to maintain a safe
              b. Utilizes principles of asepsis with all resident contact and procedures
              c. Adheres to all policies and procedures
              d. Uses equipment according to policies and procedures and operating instructions
              e. Under direction of RN, assists in the care of adult and elderly resident

    10.       Attends in-services yearly
              a. Attends 12 hours of continuing education related to nursing assistants
              b. Attends recertification day including mandated in-services
              c. Reads current literature pertaining rote nurse aide or nurse assistant and shares with
                  staff members.

*         In the event that a resident in less than 19 years old, and is admitted to the Nursing Facility,
          appropriate age specific in servicing will be done
Revised: 2/1992, 2/2001, 2/2002
Reviewed: 5/2005

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