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									  Kansas City Dietetic Association         Membership Application 2009-2010            KCDA Membership Classification:
  JOIN THE LEADERS in your profession
                                         Name                                          ____Active Member $25
As an active member of KCDA, you will    Address                                       ____Student/Affiliate $10
have plenty of opportunities to grow
professionally, get involved in the      City                 State       Zip          ____Technician $10
community and network with other
nutrition professionals who shape the    Phone H                                       ____Retired (no dues)
future of dietetics. Benefits of
                                         Phone W
membership include:                                                                    Are you interested in being on a KCDA
                                         Cell Phone__________________________          committee? Yes____ No____
     Job placement referral
      service                            Email H                                       Donation to Sevie Nelson Memorial
                                                                                       Lecture Fund:
                                         Email W ____________________________          KCDA honors Sevie Nelson each year for her
     Newsletter                                                                       contributions to the education of dietitians by
                                         Job Title                                     having a dinner and lecture in her honor.
     Professional development                                                         $5____ $10____ $15____ Other____
      programs                           Employer

     CEUs                               Specialty Area

                                         CDR Registration Number
     Promotion and Outreach                                                           Make checks payable to: KCDA
                                         ADA membership is required for KCDA
     Membership directory               membership according to ADA and KCDA Bylaws
                                                                                       Mail to:
                                         State Affiliation: MO or KS                   KCDA
     Link to the American                                                             PO Box 2771
                                         Please circle your preferred email for the
      Dietetic Association                                                             Shawnee Mission, KS 66201
                                         newsletter and other announcements.

Check out the KCDA website at                                                          Must be postmarked by July 1, 2009
                                               Home address will be listed in
Be a part of one of the area’s leading      directory unless otherwise specified
groups of food and nutritional
professionals. Join the Kansas City
Dietetic Association (KCDA) today.
  Join the Leaders in your Profession

This non profit organization is the
number one source of nutrition and
fitness information for parents,
business leaders, community
organizations, physicians, and other
health care providers.

Representing approximately 200
Registered Dietetians from throughout
the metropolitan area, the KCDA has
expertise in a wide range of practice
areas and special interest groups
      Public Health
      Wellness
      Sports Nutrition
      Medical Nutrition Therapy
      Foodservice Management
      Geriatric Nutrition
      Diet Counseling for eating
       disorders, weight control,
       diabetes, lipid management
       and renal, pediatric, and home
       nutrition; and nutrition support
                                          Shawnee Mission, KS 66201

       in critical care.
                                               P.O. Box 2771

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