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									Starbucks Foodservice
International Military Base Site Approval Form

Please complete this form and email to Paul Clark ( or fax to
301-898-0815, office phone 301-898-0816, cell 240-888-9376.

A. Name of Base/ Country/ Closest City where location being requested:

B. Name of facility on base where venue is located (e.g. food court,
   exchange, mess hall, cyber café, etc.)

C. Contact person on base:
   Telephone number:
   Fax #:
   Email address:
   Managing Agency(check one):         MWR,  AAFES,  SFSC,  Air Force Services

D. Please provide the following site information

   a. What brand will be featured in this venue:
           Starbucks
           Espresso based beverages
           Tea
           Cocoa
           ALL OF THE ABOVE
   b. Type of venue (e.g. in-line, kiosk, cart, café, other)

   c. Square Footage (answer for kiosk or café only)


   d.   Days of operation:
   e.   Hours of operation:
   f.   Estimate of weekly sales revenue in venue? $
   g.   Estimated total base population military and civilian-
   h.   Population of facility during hours of operation:
        Site visitors
        Other (explain)

   j. Type of products sold in venue:
   k. What other businesses are adjacent to the venue and/or influence venue’s
   l. What is the timeline for development?
   If schematics or concept drawings of proposed venue exist please include them
   when submitting this form

E. Miscellaneous information
   a. Photographs of venue are required. Please attach or send original digital
      photographs of the following. All images must be time-stamped and/or dated.
   b. Exterior of building where venue will be located.
   c. Interior of space where venue will be located.
   d. Other adjacent business or operations that will impact success of venue.

Submitted by     ___________________________________________

Date             ___________________________________________

Title            ___________________________________________

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