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									The Windows 7 Application Migration Checklist
Windows 7 is here and most enterprises are already thinking
about migrating over. That’s a good thing: we’ve spent a lot
of time with Windows 7 and it’s a robust, enterprise-ready platform.
Getting to Windows 7 shouldn’t be difficult – most of your
applications will migrate easily. But that doesn’t mean you can afford
to underestimate what it takes to make your migration successful.

Here’s a quick checklist based on App-DNA’s experience on the front line of the
last six Microsoft OS and Service Pack migrations: It will give you hints for each step
of the migration, to help you Discover, Analyze, Plan, Remediate and Validate
(with some Business As Usual tips as well):

1. Audit your App Estate
	      Detect	what	applications	are	out	there
	      	 Map	applications	to	users	and	the	business	
	      	 	 What	is	the	app	used	for?
	      	 	 Who	owns	it?
	      	 	 Where	is	it?	(source	binaries	and	packaged	applications)
	      Use	all	data	sources	to	collect	application	information	(Active	Directory,	desktop	management		
	      tools	(like	Microsoft	System	Center	Configuration	Manager)
	      Create	raw	list	of	all	applications	in	your	estate
				 We	like	Scalable	Survey	as	a	discovery	tool

2. Rationalize aggressively
       Retire	apps	that	no	one	uses	any	more
	      Consolidate	apps	that	do	the	same	thing
	      	 Streamline	licensing	costs,	both	in	terms	of	utilization	and	how	apps	are	used	
	      	 (should	you	use	something	different?)
	      	 Communicate	with	business	units
	      Consolidate	older	versions	=	creating	and	application	standard	across	the	enterprise
	      Build	streamlined	definitive	software	list
	      Prioritize	applications:	core,	business	critical,	optional
	   Every	app	retired	now	saves	$3500	in	migration	costs	alone!

3. Scale the project
       Determine	size	of	migration	project
	      Estimate	work	days	and	actual	costs	for	each	phase	and	total	migration
	      Essential:	ensure	a	budgeting	tool	is	included	in	your	migration	planning	process
	      Effort	Calculator™	can	help	with	the	project

4. Plan your resourcing
	      Maximize	the	efficiency	of	your	resource	allocation
	      	 Senior	staff	–	difficult	tasks
	      	 Junior/Outsource	staff		-	fast	track	projects
	      Check	out	the	world’s	best	migration	partners

5. Scope out the migration project
       Decide	on	build	platform:	now	is	the	time	to	think	about	virtualization,	
	      64-bit	and	server-based	computing,	security	settings,	GPO	management,	etc.
	      Decide	on	strategic	delivery	vehicles	for	your	apps:	
	      even	if	you	use	desktop	virtualization,	consider	presentation	layer	impact
	      Use	pre-migration	App-Compatibility	assessment	to	determine	readiness	and	“best	fit”	
	      scenarios	as	they	pertain	to	the	enterprise	strategic	desktop	vision
	   The	daddy	of	all	app-compat	management	software	shows	you	readiness	for	everything	at	once

6. Start with pre-migration app-compat assessment
       Determine	what	will	migrate	smoothly	and	what	will	need	modification
	      Make	sure	your	compatibility	tool	is	reliable	and	enterprise-class!	AppTitude	offers:
	      	 Simple	‘traffic	light	reporting’	to	help	focus	your	efforts
	      	 Deep	Interrogation™
	      	 Intelligent	Remediation™
	      	 Action-Based	Reporting™
	      	 For	100%	of	your	app	estate	(not	just	shrink-wrapped	MSIs)
	   This	step	alone	can	cut	migration	time	and	budget	in	half

7. Test against your own flavor of Windows 7
       Capture	your	enterprise-specific	baseline	and	gold	images	to	test	against	–	it	really	saves	time
	   Check	out	Effort	Calculator™

8. Create the migration plan
       Define	all	phases	of	the	project
	      Define	all	tasks	that	must	be	completed	in	each	phase
	      Define	pilot	region/group
	      Define	key	milestones
	      	 Use	Effort	Calculator	to	help	set	realistic	timelines

Remediate and Validate
9. Develop an optimized migration process
	      Map	out	processes	and	remove	all	duplicated	effort	and	pinch-points
	      	 Think	like	a	factory:	smooth	flow,	no	bottlenecks
	      Optimize	the	process	using	a	workflow	methodology	(ideally	specialized)
	      Know	where	it	is	in	the	process,	Who	owns	it,	When	it	will	be	ready
	   Check	out	Effort	Calculator™

10. Implement ‘Targeted Testing’
         Test	all	applications
	        Focus	expert	testers	on	actual	problem	areas	
	        	 ‘Blind	testing’	is	needle	in	the	dark	testing	-	expensive,	manual,	interminable
	        	 Targeted	testing	uses	pre-migration	App-Compat	to	guide	testers	on	what	is	broken
	        	 Eliminate	‘smoke	testing’	-	light	testing	which	doesn’t	fully	interrogate	the	app
	     Cut	testing	budget	in	half;	eliminate	bottlenecks

11. Packaging Remediation: give your Packagers/Developers the insight they need
	        Communicate	remediation	issues	that	applications	encounter	(to	ISVs)	without	
	        requiring	a	trained	resource
	        Use	remediation	advice	from	pre-migration	app	assessment
	        	 Informed	packaging	(and	sequencing)	is	much	more	accurate
	        	 For	non-MSI	apps,	use	app-compat	tool	to	automate	the	creation	of	MSI	and	SFT	media
	     Result:	faster	packaging	that’s	right	first	time	(and	costs	less)

Improve Business As Usual (BAU)
12. More efficient BAU when migration is complete
	          App	Catalog	‘DNA’	mimics	your	optimized	desktop	–	
	          saves	time	in	knowing	the	impacts	of	change
	      	    	 Map	applications	to	users	and	the	business	
	      	    	 	 What	is	the	app	used	for?
	      	    	 	 Who	owns	it?
	      	    	 	 Where	is	it?	(source	binaries	and	packaged	applications)
	          Make	more	knowledgeable	choices	when	introducing	software	into	the	organisation
	          	 Migration	assets	accelerate	app	acquisition	processes	
	          Cut	months	from	normal	acquisition	times	by	simplifying	the	procurement	process
	          	 Provide	better	information	to	quicken	app	governance
	          	 Your	users	will	hug	you	for	it	(embarrassing	but	kind	of	nice)
	          Improve	flow	of	existing	BAU	packaging	services	by	introducing	better	upfront	discovery
	          	 Automate	and	accelerate	your	Business	As	Usual	software	management	services
	          Create	best-practice	standards:	a	single	source	of	truth	for	your	app	estate

The Bottom Line
• Windows 7 is a stable next-generation desktop OS
• Get there quicker and with less risk
• Most of your apps will migrate with no issues
• You just need to know which ones need help
• Go forth and migrate

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