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									          New York University: Department of Nutrition, Food Studies, and Public Health
                               Food Writing -- FOOD-GE 2021.002
                   Seminar in Writing for Research Publications in Nutrition,
                                 Food Studies, and Public Health
                                          Spring 2012

Mondays 4:55-6:35 p.m., 3 credits, @4l1 Lafayette, small conference room

Marion Nestle, Instructor
marion.nestle@nyu.edu, blog www.foodpolitics.com, @marionnestle
Office hours by appointment, 411 Lafayette, 5th Floor

This is an advanced writing seminar for graduate students in nutrition, food studies, or public
health who would like to prepare (a) research articles or reviews for professional journals, (b) book
chapters, (c) book proposals, (d) thesis chapters, or any other research-based professional
publication. Students will develop the project over the course of the semester, submit sections
for feedback from the instructor and fellow students every week, and expect to have the project
ready to submit to the appropriate venue by the end of the semester.

Course objectives:
    Explain how to report research ideas and accomplishments in professionally appropriate
    Describe and apply the basic elements of professional writing about food, nutrition, or
       public health: organization, paragraph and sentence structure, grammar.
    Explain how research is used to support professional work and how professional writing
       explains, summarizes, and cites research.
    Explain how to use research to support a point of view about evidence-based issues in food,
       nutrition, and public health.
    Describe and apply the basic elements of research publications: purpose, experimental
       design, methods, results, discussion, and reference citations.
    Describe how to use feedback from readers or editors to improve writing structure and
    Identify the basic elements of professional editing and apply them to text revision.
    Prepare a substantial research-based paper for submission or publication.
Phyllis Goldenberg. Writing a Research Paper: A Step-by-Step Approach, 2004.
William Strunk, Jr and E.B. White. The Elements of Style, 4th ed, 1999 or any other edition.

Other readings
Instructor and students will bring in pieces of professional writing for discussion.

Submission of work
All work—no exceptions—must be double-spaced, one side of paper, at least one-inch margins all
around, not right justified, two spaces between sentences, pages numbered. It must be submitted
on time in the required number of copies, stapled.

Course organization
Every week, students will submit work for review as well as reviews of the work of other students.
This will be organized during the first class session and during subsequent sessions depending on
individual needs. By the end of the class, all students will have given and received feedback from all
other class members, more than once.

Course expectation
By the end of the course, all students will have prepared and completed a finished piece of
professional writing ready to submit.
                PROFESSIONAL WRITING CLASS SCHEDULE, SPRING 2011 (Rough Outline)

CLASS   DATE           TOPIC                                            ASSIGNMENTS
                                                  These should be completed and ready to discuss by the
                                                  indicated class date.

1       January 23     Introduction: organizing
                       the course

2       January 30     Identifying the topic      Read (browse) “Writing a Research Paper” to page 70.
                                                  Read: Strunk & White section I
                                                  Write: 2-page summary of your project, 2 copies
3       February 6     Introducing the topic      Read: Strunk & White sections II and III

4       February 13    Introductions, continued   Read: Strunk & White sections IV and V
                                                  Read: “Writing a Research Paper” parts 6 and 7

        February 20    President’s Day

5       February 27    Introductions              Draft of complete Introduction (with references); outline of
                                                  Finish: “Writing a Research Paper” parts 8-10
6       March 5

        March 12       Spring Break

7       March 19                                  First draft of final paper

8       March 26

9       April 2                                   Second draft for review

10      April 9

11      April 16

12      April 23                                  Third draft for review

13      April 30       TBA

14      May 7                                     Submit final paper

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