Unveiling the Secrets and Truths about Eyelash Enhancer by ashley2011


The eyelash enhancer products are now taking the cosmetics and beauty world by storm. So, what can you expect out of these products? We give you an overview about these products and how they can be of help to you.

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									Unveiling the Secrets and Truths about Eyelash Enhancer

The eyelash enhancer products have been proven to really work and if you have tried them, you might
even be tempted to throw away your mascara right there and then.

Way back before, the lash enhancers were only niche products but with the current market being
overflowing with hundreds of offerings, these products also went mainstream. These are claiming to
help the eyelashes in growing longer and thicker, enhancing the natural lashes of the person with no
need to use mascara. The products can also prolong the growth phase of the eyelashes as well as their
lifespan, giving them sufficient times for growing longer and thicker in order for your fluttery fringes to
be able to fight and have a bigger chance of developing into doe-eyed and luscious looking eyelashes.

Despite the fame of mascaras, there are still women who do not normally use the product, unless they
will be going out for the evening, especially when they know that the product will only last for several
hours. There are many mascara products that can give you smudges and women rather go without them
instead of have those raccoon eyes. This is the reason why it has been great news to them when they
learned that there is actually a product that can give them naturally luscious eyelashes without a need
to apply any mascara. Yes, that definitely sounds heaven for them!

The Astonishing Secret Behind Majority of Lash Enhancers

Prior to rushing out your home to purchase your own tube of this wonder serum, you must first
understand that majority of the lash enhancers these days are relying heavily on some active ingredients
like lantanoprost, bimatoprost or another prostaglanding type, all of which are being used in the
prescription eye drops used for the treatment of glaucoma.

Yes, you have read that right: glaucoma. Both patients and doctors have realized that among the side
effects of the medication was the fact that the patients left the hospital with longer and lovelier
eyelashes. However, the rest of the side effects might also include the darkening of the iris color (like
with blue eyes dramatically turning brown), retina swelling that might cause blurry vision, brown or red
rings surrounding the eyes, itchiness, and general eye irritation. Several of the mentioned side effects
might actually be permanent and in case you might really end up needing glaucoma medication in the
long run, a prolonged used of an eyelash enhancer that is prostaglandin base might lead to the
resistance of your body to this medication.

As dangerous and scary all of these might actually sound, it does not necessarily mean that you will also
be suffering these side effects. Also, you must not forget to take note that similar with the rest of the
cosmetic products that you can find in the market these days, these have also passed the strict
regulations of the US FDA to ensure their safety to be used near the eye area.

Lash Enhancers Free from Prostaglandin
Since the pro-prostaglandin products are currently dominating the market, it will be best if you also take
a look at those products that are free from prostaglandin and make use of only natural active

If you are dreaming of fuller and longer eyelashes, the eyelash enhancer products are widely available in
numerous beauty stores these days. Just choose the one that you think will work best for you.

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