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					October 23, 2006

Dear Extension Educators and Program Associates
Two years ago, sometime in July 2004, we conducted a food safety needs assessment of the 83 counties. A big need
expressed was for updated and/or new food safety resource s and promotional materials. We would like to obtain
your feedback regarding the food safety resources we’ve prepared for you over the last 2 years. Pls. take a few
minutes to answer this survey. Mark your response with an (x).

COUNTY ________________                                    RESPONDENT NAME _________________________

                                             Useful Not Useful                                        Comments
    A. Promotional (Give-Aways) Food Safety Resources
          a. Food Safety Book marks
                       i. Handwashing                                 ____        _____               _____________________
                      ii. Food Safety At Home                         ____        _____               _____________________
                     iii. Home Preservation                           ____        _____               _____________________
            b. Food Safety Posters
                   i. Handwashing                    ____       _____                                 _____________________
                  ii. Summer Food Safety             ____       _____                                 _____________________
    B. Food    Domain Website (Nutrition and Food Safety online resources)
          a. Nutrition Bulletins                                      ____        ____                ________________
          b. Nutrition Newsletters                                    ____        ____                __________________
          c. Food Safety Media Packets                                ____       _____                __________________
          d. Emergency/Disaster Preparedness
          Food Safety Bulletins (9 total;                             ____       ______               _____________________
            Also included in the Disaster Response

            e. Home Food Preservation
               Bulletins (now updated, but currently still being   reviewed by EE’s ; you can view
                 Updated versions at . Download only after official announcement
                       i. Fruits                                      ____       _____                ____________________
                      ii. Vegetables                                  ____       _____                ____________________
                     iii. Other Commodities                           ____       _____                ____________________
          f. Frequently Asked Questions           ____                           ____                 __________________
    C. Other Food Safety Resources
          a. New Food Safety Bulletins (available
                 for free at MSUE Bulletin office)
                       i. Consumer Responses                          _____      ______               _____________________
                      ii. HACCP                                       _____      _______              _____________________
                     iii. Bovine tuberculosis                         _____      ______               _____________________
                     iv. Food Irradiation                             _____      ______               _____________________
            b. Safe Handling of Fresh Produce
                       i. Fact Sheet                                  _____      ______               _____________________
                      ii. Brochure on
                         Food Safety Begins in the Farm               ____       ______               _____________________

(see back page for important announcement)

   D. Do you Work with Diverse populations? Yes ___                 No____
   E. Would your group be interested to review/pilot-test Food Safety Toolkits for
      Diverse Audiences?

                  i.   Mexican/Mexican Americans      Yes ____ Review ___ Pilot-test _____
                                                      No _____
                 ii.   Refugees/New Americans         Yes ____ Review ____Pilot-test _____
                                                      No _____


Thank you for taking time out from your busy schedules to complete this survey. I would
appreciate if you could return this back to me before the end of this month. Either mail it back to
me in the self-addressed envelope, or send it back as an e-mail attachment (download this
SURVEY form from the Food Domain at ( ).

I will be ending my 2-year term as Food Safety AoE Campus Co-chair effective Nov. 7, 2006. I
have also cut back on my time with FCS, and will just focus on a specific FNP project on
Refugees/New Americans which started October 1, 2006.

For food safety questions and concerns, pls. contact any of the following directly:

       Joyce McGarry (, Food Safety AoE County Co-Chair;
       Craig Harris (, Incoming Food Safety Campus Co-Chair;
       Les Bourquin (, MSU Extension Food Safety Specialist

I look forward to working with you in other upcoming food safety-related projects/ activities.


Lillian Occeña-Po, Ph.D (
Outgoing Food Safety AoE Campus Co-Chair and
Asst. Professor, Dept. of Food Science & Human Nutrition

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