Sahel Update Summer2012 2 by Vf6Vc1wa


									Sahel Emergency
  Food Appeal
“I was hungry and you gave me
      something to eat...”
18 million people
are in need of
food assistance
in West Africa’s
Sahel region
Drought, pests, high food prices and conflict
   have left people vulnerable to hunger
Presbyterian World Service & Development and
  Canadian Foodgrains Bank are responding.
Food is being
distributed to
people in most
Nearly $10 million will help people in Niger,
         Mali, and Burkina Faso
257,000 people will be reached
People in the region will receive millet,
            pulses and oil
This food is
saving lives
Work is also being done to help people provide for
          themselves in the longer-term
And improve
 nutrition for
     in need
Canadian Foodgrains
Bank is a partnership
of 15 Canadian
churches and church-
based agencies
(including PWS&D)
working to end global
You can make
 a difference!
To learn more, visit:

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