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                                                   Revised August 2011

Administrator support is crucial to a successful Network program at a school site. To fully support any
of the awards offered by the Network, the Administrator should:

        Work closely with the Nurse and other Leadership Team members to develop SMART goals for
         each award.
        Inform all stakeholders of the SMART goals and encourage school-wide participation in
         completion of SMART goals.
        Provide time for nurse program updates at staff meetings.
        Meet with the Nurse when necessary to offer support and resolve problems.
        Review progress towards completion of SMART goals with the Leadership Team quarterly.
        Review requisition requests with the Nurse. Sign requisitions for submittal to the Network office.
        Sign timesheets for Nurse and cafeteria personnel, as necessary.
        Support nutrition education programs such as National Nutrition Month, National School
         Breakfast Week, and Walk-to-School Day.
        Ensure that school fundraisers promote healthy items.
        Know the location of Nurse Award documentation and have an inventory of Nurse-purchased
         equipment and materials in case of audit by USDA.

   Attend a mandatory Orientation meeting.
   Check school mail and LAUSD e-mail weekly for updates.
   Incorporate 35 hours or more of nutrition education instruction for each Nurse award during
     the school year.
   Coordinate the development, implementation, and evaluation of the Nurse Award with support
     from the school administration and Cafeteria Manager/Food Service Worker.
   Inform the members of the school community about Network activities and
   Request technical support from the Network office as needed.
   Provide complete, clear, and legible entries on all forms.
   Maintain copies of any documentation pertaining to the Network for 5 years.

Nurse Award SMART Goals
    Together with the school Leadership Team coordinate the development, implementation and
      evaluation of Nurse SMART goals.
    Materials purchased with Network funds must be addressed in the Nurse SMART goals.
    Materials purchased with Network funds must be used exclusively for Network activities. All
      non-consumable items should be marked “Nutrition Education Only.”
    Complete an evaluation for each contracted service in your Nurse SMART goals.
    For all contracted services, sign a verification of completion form.
    Submit a copy of the Nurse SMART goals to the Network each quarter indicating status of

2011-2012 Network for a Healthy California—LAUSD                                            I2
                                          Revised August 2011 (continued)

    Select books, materials and supplies from the applicable list of approved items provided by the
    Expenditures are not to exceed the amount awarded. It will be the responsibility of the school
     to repay any expenses not approved or that exceeds the budget amount.
    Accurately complete requisitions utilizing a Network online requisition form.
    Have the school Principal review and approve the requisition.
    Submit the requisition to the Network office by Monday, November 21, 2011.
    The Network will process all orders for delivery to the school site.
    Send all original receipts and packing slips to the Network as soon as the items have
     been received so the Network can process payment to vendors.
    Complete Certificated Timesheets for nurse duties performed outside of the assigned
     work schedule after work has been completed. All pay that is reported must be based on
     the approved award budget and must stay within the amount budgeted.
    Approve all overtime and additional hours for custodial or cafeteria work performed for
     the Network outside of regular work hours.
    Submit Certificated Timesheets to the Network for payment.
    Contact the Network with any questions concerning personnel compensation and/or
Harvest of the Month (if applicable)
    If the school has a Network award, sign the school’s Harvest of the Month Produce Receipt
      Form upon receiving produce.
    Implement the Harvest of the Month activities in the school Health office.

Maintenance and Retention of Documentation
    Keep documentation of nurse awards on file at the school for five years. Make sure school
      administrator knows where these files are maintained.
    Coordinate the distribution of purchases at your school.
    Submit all original documentation to the Network office as directed.
    Be prepared for a random audit of all records for each year of participation.
    Inaccurate documentation, late documentation, or documentation not received by the Network
      by the deadline may result in immediate disqualification from the program.

Public Relations
    Notify the Network of events and media opportunities. Refer to the Media section in the binder
       or on the Network website at www.healthylausd.net for more information.
    Secure and file LAUSD Parent/Guardian Publicity Authorization Release forms for all
       participants involved in any media productions or work with Lead Teacher to ensure release
       forms are on file for all participants.

2011-2012 Network for a Healthy California—LAUSD                                       I3
                                          Revised August 2011 (continued)

The Cafeteria Manager/Food Service Worker will assist as part of the school Leadership Team to plan,
participate in, and implement nutrition education activities at the school. The following is a list of the
key roles of the Cafeteria Manager/Food Service Worker:
     Help contribute to the development of the SMART goals and participate in the
        implementation and evaluation of the Nurse award with support from the school
        Leadership Team.
     Work with Nurse to budget Cafeteria compensation. Determine percentages of overtime
        and additional time required to implement the SMART goals.
     Attend the Cafeteria Manager/Food Service Worker Orientation in the fall.
     Keep a copy of the Nurse budget and be aware of the budget lines pertaining to cafeteria
        compensation (2501/2502).
     Inform members of the school community about Network activities and opportunities.
     Request support from the Nurse and/or the Network office, as needed.

Harvest of the Month (HOTM) – (Only if the school has a Network Award.)
    If the school also has a Network Award, review the roles/responsibilities related to Harvest of
      the Month.

   Review the Nurse-approved budget for cafeteria compensation at your school.
   Obtain Nurse approval for any additional time or overtime before you work the overtime or
     additional hours.
   Requests for compensation must not overlap regularly-scheduled work time and are subject to
     audit. Complete timesheets provided by the Network for Nurse-related tasks performed outside
     of your regular paid time.
   Requests must be submitted to the Network as soon as work has been completed and must be
     within the approved budget for your school.
   The overtime and/or additional time must also be reflected on your regular timesheet.
   Funds budgeted for your compensation may not be used for any other purpose.

2011-2012 Network for a Healthy California—LAUSD                                           I4

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