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					              Winter Solstice Celebration

                        Wednesday, December 21
                            5:45 – 7:15 pm

Come to Key 2 Joy for ‘light’ Kundalini Yoga as we prepare to celebrate the time when darkness
rules—Winter Solstice! This is the time of year the ancients considered the ‘gateway to God.’ The
gods of the ancient Babylonians, Egyptians and Greeks were all born at this, the darkest time of
                                     the year--to bring light!

  Darkness gives us time to pause, to go within, to recognize the divinity we carry inside and to
continue to bring it forward in our day-to-day lives. To see and recognize that one light, the light
 of consciousness, which is manifesting and pulsating through all of creation, is the goal of life.
                 Use the energy of Winter Solstice to deepen your intentions.
           When you come to class on Dec. 21 bring your written intentions with you.

  An intention allows the Infinite to manifest for you in the way it will best serve your soul.
 What is it that the small voice of your soul reveals in your heart that will make the coming year
                                alive, meaningful and fulfilled for you?

Write down your intention in the manner below. Shortly after the Winter Solstice, we will gather
      them all together and burn them to release before the Infinite all that is possible for you.

                                       Begin by writing:
                            1) What you want to leave behind in 2011
                  2) What you want to bring forward for you personally in 2012
                     3) What you want to bring forward for the world in 2012

    Bring your written intention to Key 2 Joy, drop it in our special bowl and know that your
   intentions will manifest. Then expand beyond your imaginings with a light Kundalini Yoga set,
   a long deep relaxation and meditation especially designed to illuminate the divine light within.

                            Key2Joy Yoga & Wellness
                              145 Vly Rd, Niskayuna
                            518.598.6968 -

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