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LESSON PLANS ~ Subject to change - Download as DOC by vuQT1oz


									                                                     LESSON PLANS ~ Subject to change
                    th                    th
Date: February 14        to February 17                                                            Baltic School District-Kindergarten
Class                      Monday               Tuesday             Wednesday              Thursday             Friday             Content
                                           Lesson 110            Lesson 111            Lesson 112                             Name all Upper
                                                                                       Song frame: Aiken                      and lower case
Reading                                    Topics: objects       Topics: pies, flies   Drum
                                                                                                                              letters and
                                           that give off light
                Valentine’s Day                                                        Model: rewrite song                    representative
                Reading Activity                                 Model: Draw and       frame                                  sounds
                 Beginning                 Model: Draw and       Label fly and pie
                                           Label Light                                 Students complete
                Sounds-look                                      Echo Draw and         Akiken Drum song      No School
                at picture and                                   Label: fly and pie    frame by naming
                                           Seatwork Students                           foods that the
                word ending                color their           Seatwork Students     features on the
                                           pictures, and write   color their           face of the man in
                                           a sentence            pictures, and write   the moon can be
                                                                 a sentence            made of, or
                Valentine’s                                                            another object in
                Day coloring                                                           the sky
                sheets                                                                 Topics: foods that
the                                                                                    go together,
                Read                       Echo draw and                               rhymes
                                           model the word
                Valentine’s                Mystery Literacy                            Sing: Ham and Eggs
                Day books                  Box-for Kite
                                           Discuss the Chinese                         Model: rewrite song
                                           New Year                                    frame for Ham and
                Watch                      Read Dragon Kite                            Eggs
                Symbols of                 of Autumn Moon

          New Decodable         New Decodable      New decodable        New decodable         New decodable
          words and sight       words and sight    words and sight      words and sight       words and sight
Writing   words:                words:             words:               words:                words:
                                                                        Spelling Test

               Write two
             sentences for      Write a sentence    Write a sentence    Discuss Verbs
          Valentines Day-one    with light          with fly and pie    Think of 5 verbs on   No School
          sentence with as a                                            own
          question and one as
             a statement.                                               Rewrite a song
                                                   Author Studies-      frame                 Author Studies-
            Read Valentine                         Laura Numeroff                             Laura Numeroff
          sentences decide if    Author Studies-   Books-Bio,                                 Books-Bio,
           end with a . or ?    Laura Numeroff     activities etc.      Author Studies-       activities etc.
              then color        Books-Bio,                              Laura Numeroff
                                activities etc.                         Books-Bio,
          Read Thousands of                        Work on the          activities etc.
            Valentine’s for                        Smartboard with
             Hundreds of                           Mrs. E’s class????
          Friends-Go outside
           and spread bird
             seed for our
Math                                             Introduce addition                                    Numbers to
                               Introduce            the fun way-
                            Measurement Unit       Presenting the                                      100
                                                   number people                           No School
                                                                      Introduce addition
                               Chapter 9             Lesson 9.1
                                                                         the fun way-
                              Measurement        Longer and Shorter
                                                                        Presenting the
                             Pages 177-180
                                                                        number people
           Valentine’s                            Which is longer?
                                                  -comparing two
           Day Math         Introduce addition    objects directly    Measurement
            activity           the fun way-
            Sort Candy        Presenting the      Comparing Yarn
                              number people
          Hearts by Color
                                                   Workbook page
           Graph Candy
          Hearts by Color
                                                  Practice wb page

Classes      Monday            Tuesday            Wednesday             Thursday           Friday
Social Studies      Finish Eskimos                           Bears/Hibernation/   Bears/Hibernation/
                 Read Kumak’s Fish        Introduce          Migration/Active     Migration/Active
     And         Mama, Do you Love    Bears/Hibernation/     Animals/             Animals/Animal
   Science       me                    Migration/Active      Animal Tracks        Tracks                  No School
                   Guest Speaker        Animal Tracks
                  from Game/Fish                             Look at Animal       Look at Animal Fur
                     and Parks-        Make a Tear out       Track Kit from Old   Kit from Old Court
                   Introduction to    Snowman/Valentine      Court House          House Museum
                  animals skins and                          Museum
                        prints             Talk about                             Transform the
                                        Hibernation and      Hibernation          room into a cave
                 Make a Heart Vest      Migration-In the     Rhyming Game-if      for Hibernation-
                  for a Valentine     North we are cold,     the words don’t      kids can bring
                                      when flying south in   rhyme stay asleep    blankets and pillows
                   Talk about the      a V-have students     if they do rhyme     Use our senses to
                   importance of           get in a V        wake up              find food when we
                  Valentine’s Day        Talk about how                           wake up-just like
                         And          geese take turns be                         bears
                 Valentines Symbols   the leader in the V                         Check thermometer
                                                                                  to see if warm
                                                                                  enough to wake up

                                                                  Music                ART
                    Music                  PE                  8:30 to 9:00          10:20 to            No School
                 8:30 to 9:00         2:05 to 2:35                                    10:50
                                                               2:45 to 3:15
                    Spanish                                                            PE
                 2:20 to 2:40                                                     2:05 to 2:35

                 2:40 to 3:15

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