When the Saints go Riding In: Santeria in Cuba and U by E2rDP50A


									                When the Saints go Riding In: Santeria in Cuba and U.S.

                                     Harry Lefever

The article begins with a scholarly disagreement. Which? What is the author’s basic
contention about santeria?

When did African slavery begin in Cuba and when did it end? According to Curtin (the
most reliable historian of the slave trade), how many slaves were brought to the
Americas? To Cuba? To the U.S.?

Acc. to Lefever, how did syncretism occur? What are the three sources of Santeria?
What is the role of the medium in Kardec spiritualism?

Who was the Supreme Being in Yoruba tradition? How does he differ from the God o
the Abrahamic religions. What was the main role of the orisha? Who are the orisha of
illness, mental clarity, iron, death, thunder, the ocean? What are their Catholic Saint

What are the specialists of Santeria called? Which ones are all males? What is used in
divinatory rituals? How is a necklace used in divination. What special memory tasks
does the specialist have?

What is the role of food offerings in santeria? What do the orisha consume? What is
done with the blood of the animals? What is the symbolic meaning of stones. Describe
the bembe and its role. What is the function of the music? What is the function of
possession? What metaphor is used to describe the relation between the orisha and the
person possessed?

What political movement triggered off an expansion of Santeria in the U.S. Who are the
Seven African Powers? Where did they emerge as the principal orisha?

What changes are occurring in Santeria in the environment of the U.S.? What has
become more common in the U.S.? Why has spirit possession become less common in
the U.S.?

What is the Church of the Lukimi Babalu Aye ? What are examples of growing
conservatism in U.S. based Santeria?

Read the analysis of the “counterhegemonic” dimensions of African religion and
Santeria. What is the Signifying Monkey? What Orisha is he associated with? What is
the “fantasy role” of the trickster in African American culture?

Apter is quoted in a very perceptive statement that challenges the “camouflage” theory of
syncretism. What does Apter say about the Catholic elements in Afro-Caribbean

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