The Shepherd�s Inn at Melmerby Cumbria by E2rDP50A


									              The Shepherd’s Inn at Melmerby Cumbria

Quality **** Value**** Staff **** Facilities ****
Highly recommended.              01768 881977

Melmerby is a little village about 5 miles from Penrith, on the A 686
route to the North East of England. It lies at the foot of a steep and
circuitous climb which leads to Hartshead Top – where panoramic
views of Southern Scotland and the Lake District are available to the
visitor if the weather permits.
The Inn itself is a little off the main road, facing the village green and
giving access to miles of country walks. Its looks are unpretentious, so
it must be the food it provides which brings in so many locals and
informed visitors. The rooms are airy and comfortable and the staff
friendly and efficient – the sort of place family parties of local people
might use on a regular basis.
The food is above average pub food, though the special lunch menus
and some of the set dishes bring people from some distance. The
portions can be large and the flavours intense, but if I’m in the area I’ll
travel extra miles to visit – and that says it all to a hungry traveller.
There are, of course, possible disadvantages, but competition from
Penrith or the other nearby villages is not included. The thing to be
aware of is that many motor- cyclists use that twisty road to test
themselves and their machines – bringing a close watch from the local
police. I’m no advocate of taking alcohol and then driving, but if I were
I would take care here.
Don’t stay just in Penrith; the extra 5 miles will make a lot of

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