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									Risk Management Programme                                                                                 Attachment S
UNIQUE RISKS FROM HOMEKILL                             PAGE: 1 OF 1                                        DATE:       /        /

1.   Purpose / Scope

      To identify the unique risks that may exist from processing homekill or recreational catch (HK/RC) at the same premises
      as regulated meat and to ensure that control measures are in place to minimise these risks.

2.   Regulatory Requirements (See

      Animal Products Act 1999, section 71.

3.   Procedures
Unique risk                                              Control measures                                        Reference
Harmful bacteria may be present in higher numbers in        All meat is visually checked on receipt.            Attachments
HK/RC than in regulated meat due to:                        Dirty meat is rejected or trimmed.                  P&T
    Contamination from the slaughter environment or        All meat is immediately refrigerated on receipt.
    Unhygienic slaughter techniques,
    Lack of protection from the environment during
     handling and transportation,
    Lack of refrigeration, and
    Unhealthy animals may be slaughtered (e.g.
Homekilled meat may cross-contaminate                       Unregulated and regulated meats are separated       Attachment T
regulated meat through direct contact or                     throughout the butchery.
through shared use of processing equipment
or product contact surfaces.
Chemical hazards may not have been                          Unregulated meat is returned to the animal          Attachment T
identified in HK/RC animals as supplier                      owner who takes their own risks as far as this is
declarations are not required for these                      concerned.
HK/RC is more likely to be contaminated by                  All meat is visually checked on receipt.            Attachments
physical hazards and insects due to lack of                 Dirty meat is rejected or trimmed.                  P&T
protection from the environment during
slaughter, handling and transportation.
HK/RC may be mistaken for regulated meat                    Separation of unregulated and regulated meat.       Attachment T
and accidentally sold.                                      Inventory records.
4.   Records Kept

      Records of regulated product and homekill or recreational catch received and processed.

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