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									Culinary Arts Institute

                                                    DEGREES OFFERED
                                                            Associate in Applied Science in Culinary
UVU offers premier training in Culinary Arts for             Arts
those students interested in a career in            The two-year AAS degree provides an excellent
professional cooking and baking. The program        foundation in the principles and techniques of
offers students small classes, individualized       food production. Students are introduced to the
attention, and hand-on experience taught by         basics of food preparation and baking, fine
excellent faculty. UVU Culinary Arts Institute      dining service, nutrition as it applies to the food
covers several areas. Students not only learn       service industry, menu planning, and purchasing
how to cook and bake but also study different       and storeroom procedures.
foods and cooking styles. In addition to food            Bachelor of Science in Technology
preparation, practical and theoretical                       Management, Culinary Arts emphasis
instruction covers areas such as sanitation,             Bachelor of Science in Hospitality
professional dining room service, menu                       Management, Food and Beverage
planning, nutrition, and purchasing procedures.              emphasis
Students can also prepare for a career in           A bachelor’s degree provides students with a
catering as a line cook, baker or mid-level         thorough understanding of the culinary, food
management.                                         service, and restaurant fields along with in-
                                                    depth knowledge of current techniques,
While studying Culinary Arts at UVU, students
                                                    management, and supervisory skills used in the
gain a solid understanding of the food and
beverage industry and learn the newest
techniques in food and baking production using
state-of-the-art equipment. UVU’s program also
                                                    CAREER OPPORTUNITES
applies real world training as students run
Restaurant Forte which is located in the UCCU              Restaurants
Center. The restaurant’s international menu                Hotels
changes every week so that students work with              Private clubs
a wide range of foods. In order to develop skills          Personal Chef
in running their own food service                          Schools and hospitals
establishment, students work in a variety of               Government dining facilities
functions including waiting tables, purchasing,            Industrial dining facilities
preparing food, hosting, and supervising as the            Resort areas
head chef.
                                                           Cruise ships
                                                           Recipe writer
                                                           Food critic
                                                           Food stylist

As a result of more working adults with growing
disposable incomes, the culinary arts field
continues to grow. Occupations for food
preparation and baking/pastry chefs are
available in a variety of industries.

Average income for graduates is approximately
$28,000 to $36,000 and higher. A chef’s income
can range from $44,000 to $46,000 (Income
figures are based on graduate placement). The
national Restaurant Association notes the
average salary across the country for chefs is

Graduates of the Culinary Arts institute of UVU
are in high demand and are recruited by owners
and managers of well-known facilities
throughout the country.


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Room 102, Mail Stop 283,
661 East Timpanogos Parkway, Orem, UT 84097

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