Dear Friend,

We are delighted that you have chosen to partner with Island Harvest by hosting a food
drive. Attached you will find information you will need to organize this project.

A food drive is a wonderful way to help our many neighbors on Long Island at risk of
hunger. According to Hunger in America: 2006 – The local Report for Long Island,
259,000 Long Islanders turn to emergency food programs each year. We appreciate
your awareness of this year-round issue, and your willingness to be part of the solution.
Last year, thanks to the dedication of volunteers like yourself, food drives generated
over 80,000 pounds of nutritious, shelf stable food.

Our network of more than 570+ food pantries, soup kitchens and other agencies work
with limited funding and are often faced with the difficult choices of paying for essential
costs such as rent, heat, program and services and the food they provide for hungry
Long Islanders. The more food that is donated, the less often agencies need to make
these choices.

Please contact me at 516-294-8528 ext. 14 when you have specific information
regarding your drive so that I can confirm the details and register your event. From the
staff at Island Harvest and the agencies we serve, we thank you for working with us to
further our mission to end hunger and reduce food waste on Long Island.


Doreen Principe
Program Coordinator

                               “Because no one should know
                               the true pains of hunger in this

                                    Randi Dresner, CFRE
                                    President and CEO,
                                    Island Harvest

           Island Harvest’s mission is to

 “end hunger and reduce food waste on Long Island”

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Please call Doreen Principe at Island Harvest if you would like more information on how
          to register your drive: 516-294-8528 ext.14 or go to our website at:

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                                   WHO WE ARE
Long Island’s largest hunger-relief organization, Island Harvest serves as the bridge between those who
have surplus food and those who need it. Our volunteers and staff “rescue,” or collect, good surplus food
from over 800 supermarkets, caterers, farms, and other food-related businesses; and distribute it to a
network of more than 570 soup kitchens, food pantries, residential homes for children and adults with
mental or physical disabilities and other places where those in need can access it.

In support of our mission to end hunger and reduce food waste on Long Island, we also conduct
educational programs to increase hunger awareness and inform the public how they can get involved and
make a difference.

Island Harvest has received a four star rating – the highest – from Charity Navigator, America’s largest
independent evaluator of charities, four years running.

Agencies and Programs

In 2008, Island Harvest provided over 6.2 million pounds of food to local non-profit organizations with
feeding programs such as soup kitchens, food pantries, shelters, community centers, senior and day care
programs, and other agencies all across Long Island.

In 2006 we developed new programs to attack hunger in targeted and strategic ways. These include our
Weekend Backpack Feeding Program, which provides children who depend on school meal programs
with food packs to ensure they have enough to eat on Saturdays and Sundays, and our Finding Solutions
workshop series, which works with staff and volunteers of our member food programs to help their clients
become more self-sufficient. In July, 2009, we are launching a Summer Food Service Program, also for
kids who lose school meal benefits during summer vacation. To find out more about our programs please
log onto our website:

With the help of more than 3,000 registered volunteers, we rescue more than 6 million pounds of surplus
food each year, bridging the gap between those who have food and do not need it and those who need
food but do not have it. Whether you have an hour a week, a few hours a month, or a day each year to
give, you can make a difference.

At Island Harvest, we have a TEAM of 19 staff members. We work collaboratively on events and food
drives. Each department plays an important role in overall operations. It is by working together that we
achieve our highest potential and offer the resources needed to reach our goals and continue our fight to
end hunger and reduce food waste on Long Island.

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                                 HOW TO RUN A FOOD DRIVE

There are two (2) ways to conduct your food drive.

    1. A Virtual Food Drive (Online) – The Fast & Easy Way
    2. The Traditional Way – Food being dropped off to a specific location within your company or group
       and then picked up by Island Harvest.

Whichever way you feel most comfortable with, it’s best to follow these basic rules for a smooth


    1. Decide on a date and supplies needed for your drive – Depending on your group, a drive can run
       2 weeks, a month or even throughout the year
    2. Set a Goal; i.e., 5000 lbs. of non-perishable. It’s a great way to motivate
    3. Register your drive online with Island Harvest and provide all pertinent information on the
       registration form. If you don’t have access to a computer, you can contact Doreen Principe,
       Program Coordinator, at 516-294-8528, ext. 14.
    4. Promote your drive to the prospective participants (employees, customers, members, classmates
       etc.) by:
       a. Posting flyers with your drive information (template attached) or you can prepare your own
       b. Send an email blast
       c. Make a Public Announcement the Day of the drive
       d. Half way through the campaign, check your donations on line & send another email
       e. 24 hours before end of drive, make your final announcement or email

        Monetary donations are always welcomed. You can take a collection or donors can also make a
        monetary donation on line. (Mail the donations to: Island Harvest, 199 Second Street, Mineola,
        NY 11501 and reference company, group, etc. of drive so you receive credit or click on


The same suggestions as above apply. The only difference is:

    1. Set up a location(s) where you would collect the food
    2. Obtain boxes for collection. We will send you a barrel, but it is preferred you use boxes.
       (Remember to ensure that you consider safety and security areas when choosing your location
       for the barrel or box(s).
    3. We will pick up the food and monetary donations at the end of your drive. If you need an interim
       pickup during your drive, contact Doreen Principe @ 516-294-8528 ext. 14 and she will make
       arrangements. If you have less than 150 lbs. call Doreen and she will instruct you further
    4. If you are a company with multiple locations, you may want to recruit someone to conduct them
    5. Assign someone to collect monetary donations

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             Island Harvest provides these support materials
                       to promote your food drive!

Barrels:              Each food collection barrel comes wrapped in a beige paper and a Food
                      Drive Flyer. Capacity will vary, but they generally hold about 125-150
                      pounds of non-perishable food. The most needed food items include
                      powered milk, peanut butter, canned meat, soup and stews, cereal, fruit
                      juices (shelf stable), tuna, pasta, rice, beans, baby food and personal
                      hygiene products. Generally we ask that copy paper boxes are used for
                      your drives because it is easier for our drivers to transport.

DONATION ENVELOPES:   Envelopes may be distributed to participants who may be interested in
                      making a financial contribution. Every $1 contributed to Island Harvest
                      helps to supplement more than 2 meals for hungry Long Islanders.

SUPPLIES:             Flyers and Poster should be hung up in high traffic areas. They should
                      be imprinted with your drive information and contact person. We have a
                      sample that you can use.

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                          FOOD DRIVE

The National Association of Letter Carriers Food Drive is held annually on the second
weekend in May, the Saturday before Mother’s Day, and is the largest food drive in the
nation. Island Harvest helps to collect food, repack it and distributes it to more than 500
member agencies throughout Long Island. What can you do? On the designated day,
leave your non-perishable food for your letter carrier to pick up. It’s that simple! Island
Harvest and other charitable organizations staff and volunteers receive the food and
distribute it to our agencies and programs that help feed over a quarter of a million
individuals and families. Food collected stays on Long island.

How can you Help?

    Be a Block Captain – pass out bags to your block and remind your neighbors to
     fill them and place the food in front of the mail box.
    Be a Site Coordinator – coordinate volunteers, register volunteers, oversee
     unloading of the mail trucks, hand out snacks, water and drinks.
    Be a Warehouse Volunteer – load Island Harvest vehicles as they come back
     from delivering to our member network.

To learn more about Letter Carriers Food Drive, please contact Doreen at: 516-294-
8528 ext 14 or

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                              SUMMER FOOD DRIVE

Hunger knows no season. Many children in our community whose families depend on
federal school breakfast and lunch programs find themselves without a stable source of
food during the summer months, when schools are out of session. Island Harvest is
proud to spearhead the Summer Food Blitz to help provide food for these families.

The Food Blitz is a community effort, with significant support from many of our food
donors. But it is not enough.

How can you help?

      Organize a summer garage sale or lemonade stand to collect food or funds to
       support Island Harvest
      Collect food from neighbors or at your neighborhood summer barbeque as a
       donation to Island Harvest.
      Be creative there are many fun ways to get involved for kids, clubs, group,
       organizations etc.
      Contact Doreen Principe at 516-294-8528 ext. 14 for more ideas or assistance
       with your food collection. Download a Food Drive Kit

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Students helping Students
Compete against other local schools and win big! If you go into your heart and put
yourself, family, friends and neighbors in need of food, that should be your incentive
alone to win big!
How to Run a Food Drive

      Select food drive dates

      Contact Island Harvest
       Download and complete our Register for a food Drive Form. Contact Doreen at (516)
       747-6843 ext. 14 or with questions.
      Set a goal
        A great tip for a successful food drive is setting a goal.
      Get creative!
       Compete against classrooms, add competition to your homecoming, challenge your
       teachers, plan an event, collect food or cash from your neighbors and friends. (Each $1
       counts as more than 3 pounds of food.
      How many barrels?
       Determine how many barrels to order (one barrel holds an average of 125-150 pounds
       of food). Generally we suggest using copy paper boxes instead. It helps our drivers
       manage the food better.
      Schedule Delivery and Pickup
       Once you have planned your drive, contact Doreen to finalize your drive.
      Check In
       Please contact Doreen during your drive to let her know how you are doing.

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              Year Round Neighborhood Food Drive
This type of food drive is wonderful for the group who would like a hand’s on
approach to raising food and it also brings awareness to your neighbors.

Once you have decided with your group to do this type of drive, you will need to
establish two dates:

1. The date you will be dropping flyers off at your neighbor’s house and
2. The date you will pick the food up from your neighbor’s house

The flyer that you prepare should include: Who is doing the drive, the date and
time of pick up and what type of items are needed (see sample on next page)

Once the donations are collected and brought back to a central location, you will
need to count the items and call Doreen Principe at 516-294-8528 ext. 14 or
email and let her know how many items you have.
She will suggest an agency in your area to bring the food to and give you a
receipt to complete. We generally do not pick up in residential areas but if you
collect 500 lbs. or more, we will arrange a driver to pick up the food. .

We will also provide a letter of thanks for the group’s effort’s listing all the names
and will forward it to the person or organization of your choice.

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                       Store Front Food Drive

        Any time of the year including HOLIDAYS
                                    One of the most successful forms of food drives is
                                    store front drives. This drive is suited for Girl and Boy
                                    scouts, brownie and cub scouts, key clubs, little
                                    league, PTA’s, Mothers clubs, school organizations
                                    and families who wish to introduce children to helping
                                    others who are less fortunate. Also, students that
                                    need to complete community service projects.

                                    The store front promotion starts by selecting a
supermarket in your neighborhood (preferably the one that Mom or Dad shops at). Ask
to speak with the manager about a Saturday or Sunday date in mind, and ask if you
would be able to do a food drive in front of the store on X date from X time example,
August 1st, from 11-3pm. Mention the local cause such as girl scouts of Long Island in
conjunction with Island Harvest are doing this drive to help those in need in our

Once that is established, you divide up your group into two (2) parts. You will need two
or three at the entrance handing out a coupon size information piece that asks for
shoppers to donate non-perishable foods as they leave the store. It would ID the local
organization that is doing the drive in conjunction with Island Harvest. It would also list
the types of food we are looking for.

The second group would be at the exit collecting and counting the number of items and
also boxing the items that have been donated. Note: the boxes should weigh no more
than 40 lbs for easy transportation and they should be secured before you start the
drive. Boxes can be obtained in liquor stores, office supply stores or your own job
location (copy paper boxes). Also a couple of shopping baskets to place the food in.
You will also have shoppers who will donate money in lieu of can goods so bring a piggy
bank or bucket to store the money in.

Island Harvest can help you make your drive a success by:

   Providing you with a sample coupon to hand out at the entrance
   A banner to hang up
   A container to put money into
   Thank you letter to the group(s) leader
 We can also send out copies to teachers for those who need community

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Did you know that over 93,000 children on Long Island
          are hungry or at risk of Hunger?


              A FOOD DRIVE
     Please donate food to help
     our neighbors who are in
                       Suggested food Items:

 Canned soup, meat, vegetables & fruit, tuna, sauces, pasta,
 peanut butter, jelly, beans, rice, baby food, diapers, personal
                        hygiene items, etc.

                      Together We Can End Hunger on Long Island
                  For further information please contact ______ @

                                      Thank You

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199 Second St  Mineola, NY 11501  (516) 294-8528  FAX (516) 747-

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Did you know that over 93,000 children on Long Island
          are hungry or at risk of Hunger?

             [COMPANY NAME]


              A VIRTUAL FOOD DRIVE
   For an easy way to donate food online visit*
              Your Donation Code Is:

 Please donate to help our neighbors who are in need!
         Together We Can End Hunger on Long Island
        For further information contact [Name] @ ____
                         Thank You

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       199 Second St  Mineola, NY 11501  (516) 294-8528  FAX (516) 747-



              ON THE TYPE OF DRIVE


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                                         E-mail Blast!

E-mail Blasts are a great tool for motivating individuals to participate in your
Canned Food Drive initiative. An example of a motivational email blast is
below. Remember that tailoring e-mail blasts to the specifics of your
organization increases its effectiveness.

To: All Staff

Subject: Fighting Hunger Touching Lives
                                                                 PLACE YOUR
                                                              ORGANIZATION LOGO

From DATE, ORGANIZATION is working with Island Harvest to collect canned goods for
hungry Long Islanders. Please join the rest of our staff in purchasing food donations online at and apply donation code _____ and then check out.
Specific grocery items are included such as canned beans, milk, fruit, vegetable, juice, meat fish,
soup stew and peanut butter.

Did you know that one million Long Islanders are at risk of hunger, 93,000 are children. Island
Harvest distributes food to more than 570+ emergency community and community food
programs and since 1992, has delivered 57 million pounds of food, supplementing more than 44
million meals. To learn more about Island Harvest visit

Join us to help Island Harvest end hunger and reduce food waste on Long Island by donating
online today!


Remember that you can choose to do the drive the traditional way and collect the food. Use the
sample above and just change the wording.

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                                                                PLACE YOUR ORGANIZATION

                                                                         LOGO HERE
                                       Put my flyer

  Every $1 contributed to Island Harvest helps to supplement more than 2
                     meals for hungry Long Islanders

                          Get Involved with Island Harvest!
If you are interested in learning more about Island Harvest or volunteering, please fill out the
sheet below!





Preferred Phone


                 Please check one or more of the following:
          I   am interested in volunteering with Island Harvest   at the Uniondale warehouse
          I   am interested in volunteering with Island Harvest   at the Holbrook warehouse
          I   am interested in volunteering with Island Harvest   in agency relations
          I   am interested in volunteering with Island Harvest   in Programs and Operations
          I   would like to receive Island Harvest’s newsletter
          I   would like to receive Island Harvest’s E-News

                           MAKE COPIES OF THIS SHEET.

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                                     FAX: 516-747-6843
                            ATTN: VOLUNTEER MANAGEMENT
                                       OR MAIL TO:
                                     Island Harvest Ltd
                                Attn: Volunteer Management
                                      199 Second Street
                                    Mineola, N.Y. 11501

                       ON LINE REGISTRATION FORM
                            FAX: 516-747-6843 ATTN: Doreen Principe
                  Mail: Island Harvest, 199 Second Street, Mineola, N.Y. 11501

                 Name * _____________________________________________

   Company/School Name _____________________________________________

               Address * _____________________________________________

            Cross Streets _____________________________________________

                    City* _____________________________________________

                   State* _____________________________________________

              Zip Code * _____________________________________________

          Email Address * _____________________________________________

         Phone Number * _____________________________________________

Would you like free posters ________________# of Donation Envelopes_________
 to publicize your drive? *

    Desired pick-up date * _____________________________________________
      Special Instructions _____________________________________________

Can we use your company _____________________________________________
name in media outreach? *

   How did you hear about _____________________________________________
          Island Harvest?

   Are you a new donor? * _____________________________________________

          Type of donor *
                                Restaurant                    Retailer

                                School                        Distributor

                                Corporation                   Wholesaler

                                Government                    Manufacturer

                                NYPD                          Girl Scout - Troop #

                                FDNY                          Boy Scout - Troop #

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Non-profit   Club


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