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Please take a few minutes to complete this template – it will make your presentation more powerful
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Presentation title: Hot Topics in Antimicrobial Use

Presenter name: Dr Kieran Hand

Presenter title: Consultant Pharmacist, Anti-Infectives

Presenter organisation: University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust

Presenter biography:

Dr Kieran Hand is a hospital pharmacist with a PhD in Pharmacology from the London School
of Pharmacy and an MSc in Infection Management from Imperial College London. Kieran has
worked in a specialist infection management role in the NHS for ten years and is on the
committee of the UK Clinical Pharmacy Association’s infection management group.

In 2007, Kieran was appointed to the first UK consultant pharmacist post in the infectious
diseases speciality, at University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust. Kieran is an
editor at the Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy, a member of Council at the British
Society for Antimicrobial Chemotherapy and represents pharmacists on the Health
Protection Agency and Department of Health advisory boards for healthcare-associated
infection and antimicrobial resistance.

Presentation overview:
Infectious Diseases is a dynamic speciality, challenging clinicians and researchers to keep
pace with changes in pathogen epidemiology and antimicrobial drug resistance. UK
pharmacists have become increasingly recognised for the contribution of their knowledge
and expertise in antimicrobial therapeutics to the multi-disciplinary team over the last
fifteen years, improving patient care and safeguarding public health.

This presentation will showcase some of the success stories emphasising the role of the
pharmacist in infection management as well as updating the audience on key clinical,
epidemiological and political developments in the world of Infectious Diseases in recent
Why should delegates attend your presentation?
Delegates should attend this presentation: if they wish to increase their awareness of the
current threat to public health in the UK posed by antimicrobial resistance and healthcare-
associated infection; to learn about the application of pharmacokinetics and
pharmacodynamics to optimise treatment with antimicrobials; to gain an insight into new
antimicrobial agents to be launched on the UK market in 2012 and new uses for older
antimicrobials; to be reminded of emerging information regarding antimicrobial drug
interactions, warnings and contra-indications; and to be appraised of the concept of
antimicrobial stewardship and the influential role of UK pharmacists in promoting prudent
use of antimicrobials.
What are the key learnings from your presentation?
     The impact of antibiotic treatment on normal flora and immunity
     Antibiotic resistance trends and emerging pathogens
     The science of PK/PD applied to antibiotic dosing
     Profile of new antimicrobials and renaissance of older agents
     Update on antimicrobial drug-drug interactions and warnings
     Antimicrobial stewardship and the role of the pharmacist
What do you want attendees to do having attended your presentation?
     Apply the knowledge and skills of the pharmacist to improve outcomes for patients
        with infection.
     Promote the safe, appropriate and effective use of antimicrobials in the treatment of
How do you think attendees’ practice will benefit from attending your presentation?
     Attendees will gain awareness of current topical issues in infectious diseases,
        increasing their confidence to make an informed contribution to the care of patients
        with infection.
To get the most out of the presentation, what do attendees need to think about before
they come to your presentation?
What do you consider the role of the pharmacist to be when it comes to infection
What are the antibiotic resistance problems in your area/hospital?
Do you know the trends in antibiotic prescribing in your area/hospital?
How can you make a difference to patients with infection?
What should they read before they come to your presentation?
Department of Health – Antimicrobial Stewardship: Start Smart, Then focus. 17th November
Further reading
What is available to attendees if they wanted to learn more about the issues covered in
your presentation?
World Health Organisation 2012. The evolving threat of antimicrobial resistance: options for
British Society for Antimicrobial Chemotherapy – Antibiotic Action
Health Protection Agency website
MHRA Drug Safety Update
Other resources
What other educational materials/presentations do you want pharmacists to access now
or in the future?
     United Kingdom Clinical Pharmacy Association Masterclass – New Ideas for Old
        Infections, London, 8th June 2012
     UK Federation of Infection Societies / Healthcare Infection Society Conference,
        Liverpool, November 2012
Thank you!

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