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					Inspection Checklist

Date: ________________          Conducted By: _______________________

Food Receiving and Storage Practices
   Are food items received from approved sources, in good condition, and at _______________
   proper temperatures?
   Is food labeled and stored off the floor during storage?                  _______________

   Is food stored covered or wrapped?                                        _______________

   Are food storage rooms clean and organized?                               _______________

Cold Storage of Food
   Are refrigerator temperatures at 41° or less?                             _______________

   Is cold food at 41° or less within refrigerators?                         _______________

   Are freezer temperatures at 0° or below?                                  _______________

   Are food products covered within walk-in refrigeration?                   _______________

   Are food products labeled with name, date and time of preparation?        _______________

   Are all refrigerators and freezers equipped with themometers?             _______________
   Is the raw meat, poultry, and seafood stored under prepared food and      _______________
   Are refrigerators and freezers kept clean (floors, walls, ceilings, fans, and _______________
Food Preparation Practices
   Is food thawed properly (in a refrigerator, under running water, or as part _______________
   of the cooking process)?
   Are fruits and vegetables washed before preparation?                      _______________
   Is cross-contamination avoided during preparation (hands and equipment _______________
   washed between uses)?
   Are wiping cloths soaking in sanitizer water?                             _______________
   Is food adequately cooled (food should cool to 70° within 2 hours then    _______________
   41° within an additional 4 hours)?
   Is hand contact with ready-to-eat food minimized (no unecessary           _______________
   handling of food)?
Cooking and Hot Holding
   Are probe thermometers used to verify food temperatures?                  _______________

   Are the thermometers calibrated?                                          _______________

   Is hot food held above 140°?                                              _______________

   Is food reheated rapidly (not on steamtable) to 165°?                     _______________

   Are prepared-to-order eggs cooked to 145°?                                _______________

   Is poultry cooked to 165°?                                                _______________
    Are hamburgers cooked to 155°?                                            _______________

    Are pork products cooked to 155°?                                         _______________

    Are beef products cooked to 145°?                                         _______________

    Is seafood cooked to 145°?                                                _______________

Employee Practices
    Do you have the required number of certified personnel?                   _______________

    Are employees wearing clean clothing?                                     _______________

    Do employees use hair restraints?                                         _______________
    Are handsinks accessible, in good repair, and stocked with soap and       _______________
    paper towels?
    Do employees wash hands only at the handsink?                             _______________
    Do employees wash their hands after using the restroom, after break       _______________
    time, and before starting work?
    Do employees follow good hygiene practices while working with food?       _______________
    Are employees observed washing their hands after handling raw meats,      _______________
    garbage, mops, etc.?
    Are employees free of any illness or infections?                          _______________

    Employees do not eat, drink, or smoke in the kitchen?                     _______________

Kitchen and Equipment
    Is all food equipment washed, rinsed, and sanitized after use?            _______________
    Is the sanitizing rinse at the 3-compartment sink at the proper           _______________
    Is the dishmachine final rinse at the proper concentration or             _______________
    Is the kitchen kept clean in all areas?                                   _______________

    Are chemicals labeled and stored separated from food areas?               _______________

    Are walls, floors, and ceilings kept clean and in good repair?            _______________
    Are all restrooms clean and stocked with soap, paper towels, and toilet   _______________
    Is the facility free of insect and rodent infestations?                   _______________
    Are dumpster lids kept closed and dumpster areas kept clean and           _______________

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