Texas Rangers by 5S57545c


									                                                   Texas Rangers
                                                   Essay Project
You will have several days to do research so that you can write an organized, well thought out, grammatically
correct, 800 word essay on the Texas Rangers.

You will be given several grades during this process…so EACH step counts!
Step I: Choose a topic. The topic Texas Rangers is probably too BIG…narrow it down.

My topic is: __________________________________________________________________________

You will be given a grade for selecting a topic.

Step 2: Select your resources. You MUST have at least 4 sources…only 2 can be internet sources. As you use
EACH resource you need to make a bibliography-in correct format. Give each source a code: A, B, C, D…You will
need this when you do your note-taking.

You will be given a grade for your bibliographies.

Turn in a bibliography, in correct format, on a separate sheet of paper when you turn in your essay. The bibliography
must be word processed.

Step 3: Take notes. Taking notes means reading the information and then writing it in your own words. Use the
note-taking form provided to you. Notes ARE NOT taken in complete sentences and you should not need more
room that what is provided on the form.
You will be given a grade on how well you take notes. (NOTE: We are not checking the quality of the notes—that
is something only you know—we are checking to make sure you are taking notes.)

Step 4: Arrange notes. Once you have completed taking notes, you will arrange your notes in paragraphs…do
not just start writing. Read your notes and decide which notes belong together. To the side of the box where you
took the note, put a number---all boxes with the same number to the side should go together to form a paragraph.

You will be given a grade on arranging your notes.

Step 5: Write a rough draft. You will write a rough draft. This can be hand-written. Skip lines.

You will be given a grade on your rough draft.

Step 6: Revise. Once you get your rough draft back, revise it and fix any corrections.

You will be given a grade on whether you made the revisions.

Step 7: Final copy. Word process (font size 12, Arial or Times New Roman font) your essay…or hand-write your
essay (must be neat, in blue/black ink, following margins guides—no white-out or strike-throughs).

This is your BIG grade. It counts _______________________________________________

Step 8: Cover sheet. Prepare a cover sheet with a separate line for each piece of information:
“Title of Essay” Your Name (first then last) Texas History 7 (period) Teacher

NOTE: If your essay is chosen, you will prepare another cover sheet at that time.

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