medication by ajizai



   That students’ who attend Rosehill Intermediate School should be able to receive the
    required medication that permits them to access education.
   To allow staff members the right to choose whether or not to take the responsibility for
    administering prescribed medication to a student.
   To maintain a safe physical and emotional environment for students and staff.


    1. This procedure will be advised to parents at the beginning of each school year, and to
       the parents of new enrolments.

    2. When parents make requests of the school, to administer medication to their children
       they must supply a letter from a registered medical practitioner that states that it is in
       order for the school staff to do so.

    3. Where appropriate guidelines should be supplied from the medical practitioner
       regarding the administration of medication.

    4. A log of students dosages and times will be in the sickbay and must be filled in once the
       medication has been given

    5. Office staff are trained in first aid as appropriate for dealing with basic health
       emergencies, but will seek professional advice should situations appear serious.

    6. All medication delivered to the school, for approved administration, will be,
       clearly labelled accompanied with a doctor’s note of approval for staff to administer
       and kept in a the locked cabinet in the sickbay.

    7. Staff will act in the best interests of students, but if there is a likelihood of lack of
       support and supply from parents/caregivers, they are to inform the DP who will make
       contact with those concerned

    8. Staff will not have their classroom teaching environment affected by a student who is
       not following medical advice on necessary medication

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