Cultures of the World by 5S57545c


									Cultures of the World

      By: Stefanie Stanley
          Ricky Terrell
           ED 417
Cultures of the World

     Social Studies
   People in Societies
       Grade: 1st
       Cultures of the World
            Learn about one’s own culture
   Compare and contrast cultures focusing on food,

             clothing, shelter and language
     Describe family and community customs and

  Understand life in other countries regarding family

            roles, men, woman and children.
 Identify cultural practices through music created by

               people living in that culture.
                  Activity #1
         Family culture and traditions
   Objective: Learn about one’s own
   Materials Needed:
       Paper
       Scissors
       Family Interview notes
       Markers/colored pencils/crayons
                    Activity #1
           Family culture and traditions
   Students will interview one family member of choice and
    ask about their family traditions and important parts of
    their culture.
   In class students will draw and cut out themselves.
   In their cutout, student will write three-five things they
    learned about their family (holidays celebrated, traditions)
   After the students have completed their cutout, all the cut
    outs will be placed together on the wall for all the
    students to see.
   Students then should write in their journals about the
    different cultures in their class.
                             Activity #2
                            Cultural Food
   Objective: Students will compare and
    contrast foods from different cultures.
   Materials:
       Book on cultural food (introduction)
       Food from at least three-five different cultures
       Paper plates
       Napkins
       Forks
       journals
                     Activity #2
                    Cultural Food
   Students will taste each food from different culture.
   If student refuses to taste, ask if they will smell the
   In student’s journals, students will write the
    similarities they taste or smell from their food and the
   Students can discuss with other students whether or
    not they have had this food before.
                  Activity # 3
              Folk Music & Dance
   Objective: Identify culture practices
    through music made by a person in that
   Materials:
       Music from different cultures(tape, CD or
        person performing)
       CD/Tape Player

Mexican            Japanese          Brazilian
                       Activity # 3
                   Folk Music & Dance
   Students will be introduced
    to new types of
   Along with the music
    student will also learn and
    watch a dance that goes
    along with the music.
   Students will perform
    different dances culture.
    Also playing instruments
    and singing songs.
                    Activity # 4
                Books & Read Aloud
   Objective: Understand life in
    other countries, regarding
    the roles of men, women and
   Materials:
       Books describing different
        culture focusing on the family.
       A variety of books so each child
        may have one to read during
        silent reading time.
                  Activity # 4
              Books & Read Alouds
   Teacher will read a book to the whole
    class on one certain culture.
   During silent reading time, students will
    choose a different book on culture to
   After silent reading time, students will
    write in their journals about what they
    have learned about the culture they
   Students will make connections to
    previous journal entries about their
    culture and others.
Books about Culture
    Ages: 4-8
                   Activity # 5
   Objective: Describe family, local or
    global customs and traditions
   Materials
       Cloth
       Paper
       Scissors
       Buttons
       Ribbons
       Glue
                      Activity # 5
   Students will look back in their journals
    over all the cultures they have wrote
   Students will then choose one culture to
    describe by making clothing from that
   The cultures can be their own or one
   Students will then line up and have a
    parade through the school.
   Students will make one last journal entry
    about how it felt to be in that culture and
    what aspects they enjoyed the most.

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