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					                                                                 The Pelican Press
                                                        Michele Robinson, Principal            Jeff Sanders, Assistant Principal
                                                                       School Office: 549-4966 Fax 549-4973
                                                                       School Website:

                                                                                           Four Keys to Academic Success

                                             Students need to be explicitly taught a combination of skills which will aide them in their academic success.
                                             These skills include: organization, time management, concentration and motivation (yes- motivation). Here are a
                                             few “tricks of the trade” which can help you at home to reinforce these important skills.

                                                   1)   Organization- for many students, academic challenges are related more to lack of organization than
                                                        their academic ability. Try making a check list or chart that can be placed in the planner, backpack or
                                                        even on the door as your leave the house of items to complete or “don’t forget before you leave the
                                                        house”. Try using a 3 ring binder to organize the planner and all your child’s subjects so all papers are in
                                                        one folder.
                                                   2)   Time Management- Students at this age have difficulty with the concept of time. Waiting to the last
                                                        minute to complete a project, assignment or AR goal is typical until a strategy such as mapping out
       August 31, 2012
                                                        short completion goals on a calendar which break the assignment up into chunks. Once he/she is able,
NO SCHOOL                                               give choices for study times with monitoring of success.
Sept. 3rd Labor Day
                                                   3)   Concentration- It’s important for a child to have limited distractions while completing assignments.
Sept. 6th Interim reports go home                       Designate a specific homework quiet time and area without the distractions of technology such as cell
                                                        phones, t.v. or xbox. Be sure the supplies needed are available.
Sept. 7th Bee Authentic Fundraiser
                                                   4)   Motivation- All kids want to do well in school. Encourage your child to share what he/she is doing in
Sept. 11 Boy Scouts Rally 6:00 PM                       class, celebrate your child’s small successes- school is hard work! Remind your child that it’s okay to
Sept. 17th Rosh Hashanah                                make mistakes, and no one is perfect.

Curriculum Nights 6:00 PM:
                                             More great happenings at PECP! We are starting a new program during the PECP extended school time. The first and
Sept. 10th- 3rd grade
                                             fourth graders enrolled in PECP will be participating in a Math Creations Club . Mrs. Ambrose and Mrs. Blythe will be teaching
Sept. 13th – Kindergarten
                                             the students on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:00-5:00 p.m. Prior to this time, students will have snack and begin homework.
                                             There will be no additional charges for this club. The primary focus of this unique and exciting club in the month of September
                                             will be exposing your child to different mathematical practices while creating a craft project from recycled or scrap materials.
                                             In the month of October, your child will be utilizing mathematical measurements while creating yummy non-baked treats.
                                             During these sessions, your child will not only be expressing their creativity and having fun, but also be practicing through
                                             hands-on experience their abilities with mathematical measurements, volume, mass, fractions, geometry, lines of symmetry,
                                             enhancing motor skills, critical thinking skills, just to name a few. Our purpose is to create an engaging and exciting
                                             afterschool experience.

FUNDRAISERS: Bee Authentic Fundraiser begins Sept 7th!                          Parent with your children during Math Creations!
                                                              look forward to workingInvolvement, Volunteers and Extracurricular Activities: Thank you to those
                                                                                          parents who were able to join us for our parent involvement night this past
Join us for our “Bee Authentic” kickoff assemblies for our fall fundraiser next           Tuesday. We had a great turn out and many parents who were willing to support
Friday, September 7th.                                                                    our efforts.

              2 assemblies; 1, 3, and 5 at 8:15 or K, 2, and 4 at 8:45 After the         Parent Involvement Committee members who have volunteered for various
               assemblies he will set up for demonstrations with 3rd graders of the       committees include: Christina Seneca, Dawn Powers, Josephine Russo, Elizabeth
               natural products and benefits of bees .                                    Vollmar, Terri Setzer, Cindy Marshall, Julie Downey, Kim Mulligan, Sarah Richards,
                                                                                          Kim Modugno, Patricia Siebert, Monica Bejarano, Bess Charles, Stacey Lau, Marie
Center 1: Candle Making (demonstrate candle making with bees’ wax, he will warm           Pellechio, Michele Dotson, Melissa Terry, Cheryl Kunkle, Shelley Wiese, Mauren
the 4 x 4 sheets of wax, students will roll them into a candle to take home).             Nofe, Mihyun Malajcsik, Nina Rimirez

Center 2: Bees Close-Up (a beekeeper will supervise this area, students can               SAC officers who have volunteered include: Janet Altini (DAC), Bess Charles,
observe bees in a Plexiglas beehive).                                                     Stacey Lau (Chair), Marie Pellechio, Mellissa Terry, Cheryl Kunkle, Monica Lopez
                                                                                          (Secretary) and Michele Dotson.
Center 3: Honey Tasting and Honey Bee Facts (students will taste honey from a
honey stick, then write their favorite bee fact).                                         Thank you to all who have volunteered for these committees and others- you are
                                                                                          our lifeline! A complete list of S.A.C. and Parent Involvement Committee
Students will visit each center about 5-7 minutes (with teacher supervision).             members including staff will go home for your approval at a future meeting. If
                                                                                          you are still interested, there is still time, call our office at 549-4966.

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