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       price web desi and hosting” is a prod
“Fixed p             ign                                 ed          eit
                                             duct develope by Scribble Ltd, the wweb
        ment         ny          e,           ner.        een
developm compan lead by me Kevin Partn I have be developin web       ng
        ions for over 10 years now and have be a Contrib
applicati                        w           een                     r
                                                         buting Editor of PC Pro
magazine since 1996 writing on Multimedia an Web App
                                 M            nd         plications.

This serv combines a fixed pric web design service with supported hosting. Its
         vice        s          ce          n            h
primary aim is to ena small bus             s            ustom website developed a an
                                siness owners to have a cu           e           at
economi cost and to then have its hosting ac
         ical                                             ged        b
                                             ctively manag on their behalf. In a
        l,           ving a web design, webm
nutshell it’s like hav          d                        h           y
                                            master and host within your small
compan y – you shou be able to have the des               t          ave
                                            sign you want and then lea the techn nical
side to u

          em is it 
What proble              g? 
As a sma business ow   wner myself, I know how important it is to be able to simply get on
and run your busines without wa   asting time un              o
                                                 nnecessarily on aspects of the business that
are bette handled by specialists. Just as I hire a accountan to prepare my company
        er           y                           an          nt             m           y
        s             me,          ce
accounts and advise m this servic allows bus                                ed          will
                                                 siness owners to feel assure that they w
have a pr            website developed and host by people who know what they’re
         rofessional w                           ted          e             w

This doeesn’t mean abbdicating resp             To
                                   ponsibility. T take the ac ccountant anaalogy one stagge
further, I make the de             rding my bus
                      ecisions regar             sinesses but I make sure I get my
accounta             first.        ave          m              a
        ant’s advice fi I then lea it to them to prepare and submit the accounts o       on
        alf          h             m             This         a            ve
my beha – although I check them of course! T service aims to achiev the same t          thing
with ano              rt          all
        other vital par of any sma business – its website.

Here’s w I believe:

                ss     e                        ess
          Busines people want to run their busine not
          their w

Scribbleit Ltd 2011                                 2                                           17/08/2010

                                  e            e            ting
They also want to be able to place their website and its host in the ha ands of someo one
they can trust and be able to ask someone abou SEO, mark
                                               ut                        thout paying
                                                            keting etc wit          g
extra. Th ideal servic would mea they have someone on tap exactly as if they had an
        he           ce            an
in-house expert.

The Pr        

                 b           e
         Custom web design is expensive
                             s           ts
         Cheap web design gives poor result
                  et         w           of         uality
         The interne is awash with advice o varying qu
                   aren’t enoug hours in t day
         There just a          gh         the

FixedPri                     S              he
         from Scribbleit is th answer to all of these problems.

         ovide a fully b
I will pro                         gn                         a             N
                       bespoke desig – it really is as simple as that. I do NOT use
         es           p
template to develop designs.

So, how does it work

It’s simp

                   or             t          .                         uld
    1. You find 3 o 4 websites that you like. At least one of these shou be from
       within your i industry.
    2. You tell me w you like about these websites – which parts yo like to se
                    what         e                       w             ou’d        ee
                    your site. Thi might be co
       reflected in y            is                      e,           out,
                                             olour scheme overall layo buttons,
    3. This gives m a good idea of what you like – much better, quick and cheap
                   me            a           u           h             ker         per
       than going th              g
                    hrough a long consultatio n process
    4. I develop a d             N           the          s           m           king
                    design. I do NOT rip off t sites you selected: I am simply look
                     to          d           ike.        ke            our
       for pointers t understand what you li I do mak sure that yo design
       conforms to current best practice.

                     be           ing        CSS           m          h
    The design will b realised usi external C which makes it much easier to
       esign the site i future with
                      in          hout needing to start from scratch.
                                             g             m                                              

Scribbleit Ltd 2011                                3                                        17/08/2010

         arched the co of web des and whe agencies ar prepared to give figures they
I’ve resea           ost        sign    ere         re                       s
make frig            ding:
         ghtening read

               ard site gn        £            00
          Standa webs desig costs £2,500 - £4,00

                   or   9
          I do it fo £399

    can I do it? 
How c
Let’s beg by acknow              t            eb            s
                     wledging that there are we companies out there of              ower
                                                                      ffering even lo
        However, I do not develop “cheap” web
prices. H           o            p                          lop        nal
                                              bsites. I devel profession websites a at
         es:         difference.
low price there is a d

      chnology m
The tec                   sier 
               makes it eas
        sed         ea
We’re us to the ide that techno ology makes t             er.        r         rices
                                              things cheape Computer hardware pr
       ummeted to a all-time low and most w technologies are open source and,
have plu            an          w            web                    n
therefore free. So wh shouldn’t this apply to the design an developme of website
        e,          hy          t                         nd         ent       es?

The mai cost in dev                 e            design can tak many hour to put toge
                      veloping a site is time. A d            ke            rs           ether
        ce                          eed,
and, onc the design has been agre it takes t                  y             t
                                                  time to apply that design to the site.
Traditionally this has meant build the site f
                      s            ding          from the grou up using HTML or a
server scr            uage         P
          ripting langu such as PHP.

These da there are a number of web developm
        ays                                    ment “framewworks”, the most popular of
which is WordPress. Whilst origin              ed
                                  nally develope for blogging, this framework has
matured to the extent that it is now widely use for the dev
       d            t                         ed          velopment of fully fledged

       ce          onality of Wo
I enhanc the functio                        g                      heme”. Usuallly, a
                               ordPress using the premium Thesis “th
theme se the look an feel of the WordPress site but in th case of The it actuallly
       ets          nd         e                        he          esis,

        tly          %          ebsites in the w
 Current around 15% of all the we                                        s,           ne
                                               world are running WordPress making it on of
the most popular websi developmen frameworks , and this num is growing
                     ite        nt                          mber         g

Scribbleit Ltd 2011                                  4                                           17/08/2010

                     vas           h            ools         e            ment
provides a blank canv along with a suite of to to enable us to implem your de          esign
relatively quickly. Th cost of a lic
         y           he                         s            cluded in the package pric
                                   cence for this theme is inc                        ce.

Another benefit of us WordPre is that you can update the complete site yourse
                      sing     ess      u                       ed          elf
using its excellent adm dashboar
                      min      rd.

       isn't as har
Design            rd as it used to be 
        ng             you         an          with        nd
By askin you what y want, I ca dispense w a long an expensive consultation
exercise. I’ll give you advice about what works and what do               w          y
                                                           oesn’t (if you want) but by
asking yo what you like, I am able to get a de
         ou                                                v             ore
                                              esign agreed very much mo quickly th    han
        g              nal
by using the tradition process.

Having s all this, a price of £39 means tha there is no profit in the design phase . So
       said                     99        at
why am I doing it? Because:

                 you   osting cu
          I want y as ho       ustomers

          I want a long ter relationship

                       something exceptional wh it comes to hosting and the initial
I believe that I offer s                      hen        t
        s,             ust         o           s…
design is therefore, ju the start of the process


Scribbleit Ltd 2011                                 5                                          17/08/2010

       se           h             ting      ns           more        u’ll
Of cours I offer high quality host with ton of space (m than you ever need)       ),
unlimite email addr               wn                                             ct
                    resses, your ow control p anel and superb uptime – you’d expect

      r,          g            l            d...
However our hosting goes several steps beyond

          of           s            ng                         he          ion
As part o the process of developin your site I will install th latest versi of WordP    Press.
          install the Th
I’ll also i                                      which (£60 or so) I include in your desiign
                       hesis theme – the cost of w             r           e
fee of £3               of                                     gins
         399. On top o this, I will also install a range of plug that enh hance the
function nality of your site.

      plugins I insta depends on your partic
Which p             all                                                all:
                                           cular site but I always insta

                    m:
         Contact Form adds a cus  stomisable co              o             t
                                                ontact form to the site so that your
                     stomers can easily get in to
         potential cus           e              ouch directly from the pag ge

                   map:    y              y           b           d            h
         Google Sitem makes your site easily indexable by Google and other search

                   ckup: allows your site to b backed up on a regular basis
         Database Bac                         be

Some of the other plu
      f                           en           pending on th site) includ
                    ugins I’ll ofte install (dep           he           de:

                   a:           ors         the      out         v
         Social Media allow visito to spread t news abo your site via Facebook,,
         Twitter and others

                                s              pend extra tim on your site by pointin
         Related Posts: encourages visitors to sp            me                      ng
         out related p

        What would Seth Godin do?: bizarrely named but this plugin encourages pe
                                                y                               eople
                      ith         he            mes        t
         to register wi the site th first few tim they visit

                     p:
         Membership various mem              ugins exist to restrict access to certain p
                                  mbership plu                                         parts
         of the site to members on Most incl                             ayments
                                              lude the facility to take pa

                              asic    rce        lity       ite
         Ecommerce: I can add ba ecommer functional to your si using an
         ecommerce p
                  o                          ps         c
         Video/Audio plugins so that video clip or sound can be added easily

Scribbleit Ltd 2011                                 6                                            17/08/2010

                     ins:                  her                                 w
         Gallery plugi if you’re a photograph or have a range of products to show off,
                      gin         .
         a gallery plug is perfect.

        at’s         y            here       ally      s            w            nstall
..and tha just a tiny selection, th are litera thousands of plugins which I can in
and conf             u.
        figure for you

          ll           ut                     k
That’s al very well bu with most design work and all other hosting pac              the
                                                                       ckages, once t
          t            n          t            update and su
site is set up you’re on your own to maintain, u                       urself.
                                                           upport it you

       why,       osting custom
That’s w for all ho           mers…

                 s       ebmaster
          I act as your we      r!

…which means that I will

        Make minor edits
        Add/edit em accounts
        Update and upgrade your WordPress installation and plugins on a regular ba
                               r                        a                         asis
        Backup your site weekly

                     l                          hat                    ry           t’s
In other words, I will run the site for you so th you don’t need to worr about it. It
like having an unusua friendly IT departmen on tap.
                     ally          I             nt


Scribbleit Ltd 2011                               7                                       17/08/2010

And you ongoing ho             ment         with         nus.
                   osting agreem comes w a big bon While yo                ng
                                                              ou’re a hostin
                   ccess to my ex
customer you have ac            xpertise free of charge.

This incl             not        o:
        ludes, but is n limited to

       Engine Op
        ovide plain English advice on how to m
I can pro                         e                          u
                                               make sure you appear as high in the seaarch
        ankings as po
engine ra                                                    r            e           ds
                     ossible. I don’t guarantee a front-page result because that depend on
                     my           b             ise         ow           ure
many things outside m control but I can advi you on ho to make su you don’t           t
make the same mistak as most of your compe
        e            kes          o              etitors.

                      ence in copyw
I have a lot of experie                                    n           S
                                  writing. This goes hand in hand with SEO because the
quality o your copy h a big influ
        of            has                      w           M
                                   uence on how you rank. Most importa             er,
                                                                       antly, howeve
         ity          opy         es                       ors
the quali of your co influence how many of your visito buy from you.

       vice         om                    ammar and sp
The serv ranges fro a tidying up of the gra                        u           g
                                                     pelling right up to writing
persuasiv messages.

     e Adwords 
        n            ords          ully                   I           o
I’ve been using Adwo successfu for over 5 years now. Indeed, one of my busines     esses
( is the only remain              nding driving theory test
                                             ning long-stan           g
website b                                    ore                      o
        because I’ve been able to market it mo successfully than any of our
competittors. Even in a recession.

Adwords ads are the “  “Sponsored Listings” that appear at the top and dow the right side
                                  L            t                          wn
                       Search Engin Marketing is the quicke way to dri visitors an
of the search results. S          ne           g              est        ive        nd
sales but there are som pretty leth beartraps out there tha Google would just love you
         t            me          hal                         at
to fall in I can prov advice on setting up and managin your Adwo campaign
         nto.          vide                                  ng         ords       gn
and poin you in the direction of the best resou
         nt                        t                          ning
                                                urces for learn more.

Social M
       media services such as Faceb
Social m                           book and Tw              oming progre
                                              witter are beco                       e
                                                                        essively more
         nt.          ath         pe          ne            b          .
importan Undernea all the hyp is a genuin and solid business case. If you’re a
         t            r           t                         st                      bility
specialist selling your knowledge then Twitter offers the bes way both to gain credib
         p                                     ing          ur
and keep your finger on the pulse of what’s goi on in you industry. It can also dir rectly
        u             If
gain you customers. I you sell sommething, Face             eat        h
                                               ebook is a gre place to host extra
informat              m
         tion and form a communi  ity.

Scribbleit Ltd 2011                               8                                          17/08/2010

     o use WordPress 
How to
          provide up to date best practice inform
I’ll also p           o                                     w
                                                mation on how to use Wor              ur
                                                                         rdPress to you
best adva             ding         a            O
          antage includ how to apply the SEO and Copyw                   mation to you
                                                            writing inform            ur
site using the Dashbo oard.

And the price:

               0       nth     clusive
          £20.00 per mon all inc
Which in

        Business clas hosting
                  services including weekly b
         Webmaster s                                    dates, fixes an minor edit
                                             backups, upd             nd         ts
                   ap
         Advice on ta

        re’s      hosting aroun This isn’t about being the cheapest. It’s about
Yes, ther cheaper h           nd.                                  .
       ng         l-business ow
providin what small                        omplete peace of mind tha their websiite is
                              wners need: co           e           at
in good hhands.

The     ess 
                                  ee          nt
    1. We get in touch and agre that we wan to work to     ogether
    2. I send our sta andard terms and conditio for Web Design and Hosting for y
                                  s           ons                       H            you
        to agree to
    3. You find 3-4 sites that you like and tel me what yo like about them
                     4                        ll           ou
                                  d                       he            c            n
    4. I invoice for 50% of the design work. Note that th terms and conditions in step
        2 include the provision fo you to hav a full refund if you’re no happy with the
                     e            or         ve                        ot             h
    5. I develop the design and supply it for comment
                     e             s
                      s            ntil
    6. The design is amended un you’re ha     appy with it
    7. The hosting is set up with WordPress and Thesis
    8. If you have p              opy,       ut             y
                     pre-written co I will pu that in for you at this stage. Otherwiise,
        dummy text is used
    9. The design is applied. Th end result i a fully working website
                      s          he           is
    10. When all the copy has been added, the site can go live
                     e                        e
    11. I invoice for the remainde of the desig fee and yo then get monthly invoiices
                                   er         gn           ou         m
        for hosting.
                     tain         ate
    12. I then maint and upda the site tec                 d
                                              chnology and perform mi  inor edits as
        required on a monthly ba I also bac   ckup the site weekly.

Scribbleit Ltd 2011                                9                                       17/08/2010

That’s it

    deal in a
The d       a nutshell… 
                     e            ,            e           unning, £20 per month fo
You pay £399 for the design plus, once the site is up and ru           p            or
hosting. You’re only tied into con            hosting for 6 months and, once this is u
                                 ntinuing the h                                      up,
you can continue to p £20 per month or you are at libert to move yo site to ano
                     pay          m           u            ty         our            other
        r            design with you). Unlike t “build a website yours
provider (taking the d           y             the         w          self” merchan nts,
        gn                        ting        e             riod
the desig is not tied into the host after the 6 month per expires.

         se        u’ll                 mastering/advi service so valuable that
Of cours I hope you find the hosting/webm            ice                      t
         ay         ervice long te
you’ll sta with my se            erm.


Scribbleit Ltd 2011                               10                                         17/08/2010

   e examples 
        owing are exa
The follo                       ccessfully laun
                    amples of suc                          reated throug this schem
                                              nched sites cr           gh         me,
        re          vely        d
others ar being activ developed and will be online shortly…



Scribbleit Ltd 2011                              11                                     17/08/2010



Scribbleit Ltd 2011          12        17/08/2010

       her                                  nology:
Some oth sites created by me using this techn

Microbu                       k

       iness blog)
(my busi

A sample website for a driving


Scribbleit Ltd 2011                            13     17/08/2010

On a             e… 
          nal note
         vice         y
This serv is already proving pop                 number of cli
                                    pular with a n                                       beta
                                                              ients participating in the b
          will                     ng             on
phase. I w initially only be takin 25 clients o because I will not over commit. I’m not m
trying to pressurise yo into making a decision this is a sim statemen of fact and my
         o            ou                         n,          mple          nt
         ment         sure                       he
commitm is to ens that my clients get th very best se                      m
                                                              ervice from me – after all,,
                                                 o            ping         nt
that’s in everyone’s best interests. I can only do that by keep the clien list short fo  or
this serviice.

        hat         ment
I hope th this docum has ans    swered your q              ease         t
                                              questions. Ple feel free to email me a   at
       artner@scribb                                                                ,             ed!
          with any issues or concerns or, of course, to get starte

          Kevin P

Scribbleit Ltd 2011                                14                                           17/08/2010

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