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                                                                       WHAT IS MESOTHELIOMA?
                                                                       Mesothelioma can be caused by a very small exposure to
                                                                       asbestos dust, but the greater the exposure, the greater
                                                                       the risk of developing the disease.

                                                                       Inhalation of asbestos dust causes damage to the cells of
                                                                       the pleura, the outer lining of the lungs and internal chest
                                                                       wall, and it is thought that over time this damage results
                                                                       in changes which can eventually turn them into cancerous

                                                                       The average time for mesothelioma to develop after
                                                                       exposure to asbestos dust is around 40 years, but it can
                                                                       develop (or cause symptoms) after 10 years from the initial
           “I am so grateful for the kind, compassionate
           and efficient way in which Pannone dealt
                                                                       WHERE MIGHT I HAVE COME INTO CONTACT
           with my husband’s claim”
                                                                       WITH ASBESTOS?
           Mrs C. Derbyshire
                                                                       Most people who suffer from mesothelioma have been
                                                                       exposed to asbestos dust at work. They need not have
        WE ARE HERE TO SUPPORT YOU.                                    handled asbestos themselves but they may have worked
                                                                       near others who were dealing with it. We have handled
        Being diagnosed with Mesothelioma can be both shocking         claims where family members working with asbestos have
        and devastating news for the sufferer and their family.        carried it home on their clothing, and their wives have
        Having specialised in cases of mesothelioma for many           breathed in the asbestos dust when washing or handling
        years, we understand just how much life can change at this     their work clothes.
        time and it is our aim to make the claims process as easy as
        possible for everyone concerned.                               Just some of the products which may have contained
                                                                       asbestos include:
        Whether helping with benefits or protecting any                •	   Sprayed asbestos coatings
        compensation awarded, it is our aim to help reduce the         •	   Lagging used to insulate pipes and boilers
        burden of dealing with any worrying issues you may have at
                                                                       •	   Millboard
        such a difficult time. For more information on other ways
        we can support and help you, please see our Mesothelioma       •	   Asbestos paper
        - Supporting Sufferers & Their Families Guide.                 •	   Asbestos cement sheets
                                                                       Continued over
Injury & Negligence

        •	     Asbestos cement pipes                                WHAT TREATMENT IS AVAILABLE FOR
        •	     Asbestos partitions/roofs                            MESOTHELIOMA SUFFERERS?
        •	     Fire doors
                                                                    Although there is no known cure for mesothelioma, there are
        •	     Artex wall coverings/textured paints                 treatments available which may ease your suffering.
        •	     Soffits, guttering and drainpipes
                                                                    •	 Talc Pleurodisis - This procedure is performed to relieve
        •	     Linoleum and floor tiles                                breathlessness caused by the build-up of fluid around the lungs.
                                                                       The fluid is drained and talc or a chemical powder is put into
                                                                       the body cavity surrounding the lungs to prevent further build-
        WHAT ARE THE SYMPTOMS                                          up of fluid
        OF MESOTHELIOMA?                                            •	 Radiotherapy - The aim is to kill cancer cells and prevent
                                                                       the track of the disease. This may relieve the sufferer’s pain,
        Many people with mesothelioma experience sudden                breathlessness and discomfort.
        breathlessness, especially if they exert themselves. This   •	 Chemotherapy - This is sometimes helpful but is only
        can be coupled with chest pain and/or back pain.               recommended in certain cases. Chemotherapy involves the
                                                                       sufferer taking anti-cancer drugs to destroy cancer cells. It is no
        Other symptoms may include:                                    cure but can help reduce symptoms
                                                                    •	 Extrapleural Pneumonectomy - This is radical surgery and is
        •	     Weight loss                                             only suitable for a small number of patients. It aims to remove
        •	     Fever                                                   the visible tumour, or as much as possible.
        •	     Sweating (especially at night)                       •	 Pleurectomy-Decortication - This operation removes all or
                                                                       part of the pleura and lung tissue close to it to reduce the
        •	     Hoarseness in the voice
                                                                       mesothelioma. Surgery usually leads to better lung function,
        •	     A cough that doesn’t go away                            however it is only rarely recommended
        •	     Abdominal pain and swelling                          •	 New treatments - Clinical trials are carried out to research
                                                                       new treatments all the time. Participation in clinical trials is
                                                                       an important treatment option for many patients but sufferers
        HOW CAN MESOTHELIOMA BE DIAGNOSED?                             should discuss the option with their doctor first
                                                                    •	 Physiotherapy - Physiotherapy is often recommended to help
        A diagnosis of mesothelioma will be made by a chest            maintain exercise tolerance, strength and functional ability as
        consultant following investigations which will normally        much as possible
        include x-rays, CT Scan and biopsy.

Injury & Negligence

                                                                     “Pannone is excellent
                                                                      in every way”
                                                                     Legal 500 (independent legal guide)

                                                                     Your case will be dealt with by a solicitor experienced in
                                                                     mesothelioma cases and will be completed quickly, as
        MAKING A CLAIM                                               we will ensure it is heard by a judge who specialises in
                                                                     mesothelioma claims.
        Kim Harrison, Industrial Disease Partner,
        talks through what is involved with                          INTERIM PAYMENTS
        making a mesothelioma claim.                                 Where the employer admits fault, it may be possible to get
                                                                     you an interim payment.

        TALK TO US                                                   SUPPORTING YOUR CASE
        Call us for a free consultation with one of our team of      We know from years of experience how developing an
        specialist solicitors who will discuss your diagnosis of     asbestos illness can change your life and affect your family.
        mesothelioma with you and let you know how we can help.      We are here to support you.
                                                                     It is important that you instruct a specialist solicitor who
        INVESTIGATION                                                understands such claims and will be able to get you the
        Your solicitor will initially take details of your working   best possible result.
        history and your exposure to asbestos. If they think you     Our team of specialist solicitors are very experienced in
        have grounds to make a claim, they will then obtain          dealing with mesothelioma claims and have been involved
        medical evidence on your behalf to                           with some of the most important and groundbreaking
        proceed with your claim.                                     Industrial Disease cases over the last 30 years.                09
Injury & Negligence

        THE COMPANY WHERE I WORKED HAS GONE                            WHAT WILL IT COST?
        OUT OF BUSINESS. WHAT DO I DO?                                 We understand that the cost of legal advice can be a worry,
        Don’t worry if the company has gone out of business. It is     but if you do have a claim there are options available to
        often still possible to trace their insurers. We have a team   fund your case which won’t cost you anything - including
        with unrivalled expertise in tracing insurers of companies     “no win, no fee”.
        which have been out of business for many years. We often
        take over cases and succeed in tracing the company’s           You may have legal expense insurance under an
        insurers, where other firms have failed.                       existing insurance policy which will entitle you to free
                                                                       representation. We will check this for you.

                                                                       If you do not have legal expense insurance under an
        WHAT CAN I RECOVER IF MY CLAIM IS                              existing policy, we will represent you under a “No Win,
        SUCCESSFUL?                                                    No Fee” Agreement. This means if your case fails, you
                                                                       do not have to pay anything. If you win your case, your
        Compensation is awarded for pain and suffering to reflect      opponents will pay your costs and you will keep 100% of
        the nature and severity of the condition. Other losses and     your compensation.
        expenses can be claimed such as:
                                                                       For further information on funding, please refer to our
        •	 Loss of income caused by your illness
                                                                       funding booklet.
        •	 Private treatment costs
        •	 Loss of pension caused by your illness
        •	 Cost of medication and/or aids and equipment incurred         “Despite the sad circumstances that
           as a result of your illness
        •	 Nursing care costs
                                                                          necessitated the claim, it was made easier
        •	 Travelling expenses incurred as a result of your illness      for us by Pannone’s helpful understanding
                                                                         and advice. The settlement enabled us to
                                                                         face the future, however long or short, free
                                                                         from financial worries.”
                                                                         Dennis and Rosina, Surrey

Injury & Negligence

        WHAT IF I DIE BEFORE SETTLEMENT?                                TIME LIMITS
        In the event of your death, your claim can be continued         Please note, you must make your claim within 3 years from
        by your estate’s legal representative (the person named         the date you were diagnosed with mesothelioma. If you
        as executor in your Will if you leave one, or otherwise by a    leave it longer than this, you may lose the right to make a
        family member).                                                 claim.

                                                                        In the event that you are claiming on behalf of someone
        WHAT IF A FAMILY MEMBER HAS ALREADY                             who has died, the claim must be brought within 3 years
                                                                        from the date of death.
        It may still be possible to claim compensation after a family   Please note that there are occasions when it may still be
        member has died from mesothelioma. If you suspect that a        possible to make a claim even if diagnosis of death has
        loved one has passed away from mesothelioma we can offer        been more than 3 years. Please call us to discuss this
        the correct advice and support at this difficult time.          further.

        WHAT IF I LIVE OVERSEAS?                                        STATE BENEFITS
        We act for expatriates in Europe, Canada, USA, South            As well as making a compensation claim you may be able to
        Africa, New Zealand and Australia. If you worked with           claim state benefits. We have a specialist Welfare Rights
        asbestos in the UK before you moved overseas, you can           Team at Pannone who can advise you about the benefits
        bring a claim for compensation in the usual way, even if        you are entitled to and help you make the claim.
        some exposure took place in the country to which you
        moved.                                                          Don’t worry that any compensation you receive will
                                                                        affect your means tested benefits. Our dedicated Trusts
                                                                        Department can provide you with specialist advice to
                                                                        ensure that any compensation you receive does not affect
                                                                        your benefits income.

                                                                        LUMP SUM PAYMENT FROM THE
                                                                        If you are awarded Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit
                                                                        for your asbestos related disease, you may also be entitled
                                                                        to a one off lump sum payment from the Government.            13
Injury & Negligence

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