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									Introduction & Team Building

      Project Management
       Ihab Seif, Instructor
            SCE - AUC
                  What is a Team?
• “A small number of people
   –   with complementary skills
   –   who are committed to a common purpose,
   –   performance goals, and
   –   approach
   –   for which they hold themselves mutually accountable”
                                                 [Katzenbach & Smith]

• “When two heads together are better than two
  heads individually”                    [McConnell]
         Highly Effective Teams

• Shared vision             • Interdependence among
   – Common big picture       Team
                               – Rely on strengths
   – Builds trust
                               – Everybody contributes
• Commitment to the         • Effective communication
  Team                         – Constant & clear
   – Team supercedes           – Mutual understanding
     individual                – Bad news too
   – Desire to contribute
           Software Project Roles
•   Programmer          •   Analyst
•   Project Manager     •   Designer
•   Technical Lead      •   Marketing
•   Tester              •   Customer Delivery
•   Technical Writer/       – Installation
    Documentation           – Configuration
    Coordinator             – Training
         Possible Organization
• Team Leader/Project Manager
  – Motivate team members
  – Plan/Run Meetings
  – Prepare weekly status reports
  – Allocate tasks/workload
  – Maintain project files
  – Act as development engineer
         Possible Organization (3)

• Planning Manager
  – Lead the team in producing project plan
  – Lead team in developing schedule for next iteration
  – Lead team in producing the balanced task plan
  – Track teams progress against plan
  – Act as development engineer
             Why Teams Can Fail
• Personnel Problems               – Territorial
  – Team leaders unwilling            • “No one else can fix the
    to confront and resolve             bugs in my code.”
    problems                       – Grumble about team
  – Cover up ignorance               decisions & revisit past
     • “I don’t know how to          discussions
       explain… it just works”
  – Excessive desire for
                                 • Communication
    privacy                        – “What we have here is a
     • “I don’t need anyone to       failure to
       review my…”                   communicate…”
   Dysfunctional Team Members
• Hitchhikers
• Couch Potatoes
              Some Advice...
• Everyone on your team
  should not be exactly   • Class is a lot of work…
  like you                  but it’s worth it
• Remember diversity of      – Faculty Interaction
  project team roles         – Letters of
• Be careful of mixing
                             – Interview fodder
  projects and close
  friends                 • Get on a project you
                            have some interest

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