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									FM System™
A Factory Mutual-Approved Exterior            DUK192
Wall Insulation and Finish System

                               FM System
FM Specification                                                                                            DUK192
                                              DRYVIT UK LTD.
                                      MANUFACTURER’S SPECIFICATION
                                               SECTION 07240
                                                FM SYSTEM

PART I GENERAL                                       a) Where expansion joints                   responsibility of the project
                                                         occur in the substrate                  designer and shall comply
1.01 SUMMARY                                             system.                                 with local building code
A. This document is to be used in                    b) Where building                           requirements. The type
   preparing specifications for projects                 expansion joints occur.                 and location shall be noted
   utilizing the Dryvit FM System. For               c) At floor lines in wood                   on the project drawings and
   complete product description and                      frame construction.                     specifications. Vapor
   usage refer to the data sheets,                   d) At floor lines of other                  retarders may be
   application instructions and details                  buildings where                         inappropriate in certain
   for the appropriate system.                           significant movement is                 areas and can result in
                                                         expected.                               condensation within the
1.02 SYSTEM DESCRIPTION                              e) Where the FM System                      wall assembly.
A. The Dryvit FM System is an Exterior                   abuts dissimilar                j. The use of dark colors must be
   Insulation and Finish System (EIFS),                  materials.                         considered in relation to wall
   Class PB, consisting of an optional               f) Where the substrate                 surface temperature as a
   secondary weather resistive barrier                  changes.                            function of local climatic
   (Dryvit Backstop™ or                              g) Where prefabricated                 conditions. Use of dark colors
   Backstop NT™), adhesive (Dryvit                       panels abut one                    in high temperature climates
   Genesis FM™), FM-approved                             another.                           can affect the performance of
   expanded polystyrene insulation                   h) In continuous elevations            the system.
   board, base coat (Dryvit Genesis                     at intervals not exceeding   2. Performance Requirements
   FM), Dryvit reinforcing mesh, and                    23 m (75') measured              a. The FM System shall have
   Dryvit DPR FM™ finish.                               horizontally.                         been tested for durability as
   1. Design Requirements:                           i) Where significant                     follows:
      a. Acceptable Substrates shall                    structural movement                  1) Abrasion Resistance:
         include:                                       occurs such as changes                   ASTM D968; no deleterious
         1) Exterior Grade Gypsum                       in roof line, building                   effects after 500 liters
            Sheathing meeting                           shape or structural                      (132 gal).
            ASTM C79 requirements for                   system.                               2) Absorption, Freeze-Thaw:
            water resistant core or Type X    g. Terminations                                    60 cycles, soak at 20 °C
            core at the time of application      1) The system shall be held                     (68 °F) for four days, then –
            of the Dryvit FM System.                 back from adjoining                         10 °C (14 °F) for two hours,
         2) Dens Glass® Gold                         materials around                            then 20 °C (68 °F) for two
      b. Deflection of the substrate                 penetrations such as                        hours; no checking,
         systems shall not exceed 1/240              windows, doors, and                         cracking, or splitting.
         times the span.                             mechanical equipment a                   3) Accelerated Weathering:
      c. The substrate shall be flat within          minimum of 19 mm (3/4")                     ASTM G155 (Federal Test
         6.4 mm (1/4") in a 1.2 m (4')               for sealant application. See                Standard 141A Method
         radius.                                     Dryvit’s installation details               6151); 5000 hours. No
      d. The slope of inclined surfaces              (DUK107, DUK110).                           deterioration.
         shall not be less than 6:12, and        2) The system shall be                       4) Mildew Resistance:
         the length shall not exceed               terminated a minimum of                       Mil Standard 810B; passes.
         305 mm (12").                             200 mm (8") above finished                 5) Moisture Resistance:
      e. All zones requiring an impact             grade.                                        ASTM D2247 (Federal Test
         resistance classification higher     h. Sealants                                        Standard 141A Method
         than Level 1, as defined by             1) Shall be manufactured and                    6201); no deleterious
         EIMA Standard 101.86, shall be            supplied by others.                           effects after 14 days.
         detailed in the drawings and            2) Shall be compatible with the              6) Salt Spray Resistance:
         described in the contract                 Dryvit FM system materials.                   ASTM B117 Federal Test
         documents. Refer to                       Refer to current Dryvit                       Standard 141A Method
         Section 1.02.A.2.b.3 of this              publication DUK153 for                        6061); 5% concentration for
         specification.                            listing of sealants tested by                 300 hours. No deleterious
      f. Expansion Joints:                         sealant manufacturers for                     effects.
         1) Design and location is the             compatibility.                             7) Air Leakage: ASTM E283;
            responsibility of the designer.      3) Sealant backer rod shall be                  less than 0.301 l/min/m
            As a minimum, expansion                closed cell.                                  (.001 cfm/ft ) classified as a
            joints are required at the        i. Vapor Retarders                                 Type III air barrier as
            following locations:                 1) Use and location of vapor                    defined by the National
                                                     retarders within a wall                     Research Council of
                                                     assembly is the                             Canada.

FM Specification                                                                                                       DUK192
          8) Water Penetration:                     b. The FM System shall have                         2) Full Scale Structural Tests:
             ASTM E331; no water                        been tested for structural                          ASTM E330; minimum
             penetration to the inner                   performance as follows:                             failure load under positive
             most surface of the test                   1) Tensile Bond Strength:                           or negative load of
             specimen.                                      ASTM C297                                       4.3 kPa (90 psf) unless
          9) Drainage: ASTM E331;                           a) Backstop to exterior                         otherwise specified;
             97% drainage efficiency,                           grade gypsum                                substrate failure.
             when drainage                                      sheathing: 62.7 kPa                     3) Impact Resistance: In
             components are used.                               (9.1 psi), sheathing                        accordance with EIMA
          10) Water Vapor                                       facer failure.                              Standard 101.86. Refer to
             Transmission: ASTM E96                         b) Backstop to Dens-                            table below: Panzer mesh
             Procedure B; Standard                              Glass Gold: 199 kPa                         used in conjunction with
             lamina: 10 g/hrm                                  (28.8 psi), sheathing                       Standard mesh is
             (14 gr/hrft ).                                    facer failure.                              recommended for areas
                                                                                                            exposed to high traffic.
             Reinforcing Mesh/Weight g/m²                EIMA Impact             EIMA Impact Range             Impact Test Results
                        (oz/yd²)                         Classification          Joules    (in-lbs)             Joules     (in-lbs)
            Standard - 146 (4.3)                            Level 1               3-6       (25-49)               4          (36)
            Standard Plus        - 203 (6)                   Level 2              6-10          (50-89)           6            (56)
            Intermediate - 407 (12)                         Level 3             10-17         (90-150)           12          (108)
            Panzer 15 * - 509 (15)                          Level 4              >17           (>150)            18          (162)
            Panzer 20 * - 695 (20.5)                         Level 4              >17           (>150)            40          (352)
            Detail Short Rolls - 146 (4.3)                     n/a                 n/a            n/a            n/a           n/a
            Corner Mesh - 244 (7.2)                            n/a                 n/a            n/a            n/a           n/a
           *Shall be used in conjunction with Standard Mesh
      c. The FM System shall have               shall prepare and submit to the                   system and shall be experienced
          been tested for fire                  owner/architect complete drawings                 and competent in the installation
          performance as follows:               showing: wall layout, connections,                of Exterior Insulation and Finish
          1. ANSI-FM 4880 Full Scale            details, expansion joints, and                    Systems. Additionally, the
             Inside Corner Test; Passed         installation sequence.                            contractor shall possess a current
             - unlimited height.             C. Samples: The Contractor shall                     system Trained Contractor
          2. Surface Burning                    submit to the owner/architect two (2)             Certificate** issued by Dryvit.
             Characteristics: ASTM E84:         samples of the DPR FM finish,                  4. Insulation Board Manufacturer:
               a) The EPS insulation            texture and color to be used on the               Shall be FM-approved, licensed
                   board shall have a           project. Samples shall be of                      by Dryvit, capable of producing
                   Flame Spread index           sufficient size to accurately                     the Expanded Polystyrene (EPS)
                   not exceeding 25 and         represent each color and texture                  in accordance with the current
                   a Smoke Developed            being utilized on the project.                    Dryvit Specification for Insulation
                   index not exceeding       D. Test Reports: When requested, the                 Board, DUK131, and shall
                   450.                         Contractor shall submit to the                    subscribe to the Dryvit Third Party
               b) The adhesives and             owner/architect copies of selected                Certification and Quality
                   coatings shall have a        test reports verifying the                        Assurance Program.
                   Flame Spread index           performance of the FM System.                  5. Panel Fabricator: Shall be a
                   not exceeding 20 and                                                           contractor experienced and
                   a Smoke Developed         1.04 QUALITY ASSURANCE                               competent in the fabrication of
                   index not exceeding       A. Qualifications                                    architectural wall panels.
                   10.                          1. System Manufacturer: Shall be               6. Panel Erector: Shall be
          3) UBC 26-9 (NFPA 285)                   Dryvit and be listed in Factory                experienced and competent in the
               Intermediate Scale Multi-           Mutual’s Approval Guide as                     installation of architectural wall
               Story Test (ISMA);                  approved for use by FM                         panel systems and shall be:
               passed.                             Approvals.                                     a. The Panel Fabricator
          4) Ignitability Characteristics:      2. Material shall be manufactured at              b. An Erector approved by the
               NFPA 268; passed.                   a facility covered by a current                    Panel Fabricator
                                                   ISO 9001:2000 certification.                   c. An Erector under the direct
1.03 SUBMITTALS                                    Certification of the facility shall be             supervision of the Panel
A. Product Data: The contractor shall              done by a registrar accredited by                  Fabricator
   submit to the owner/architect the               the American National Standards          B. Regulatory Requirements:
   Manufacturer’s product data                     Institute, Registrar Accreditation          1. The EPS shall be separated from
   describing the products, which will             Board (ANSI-RAB).                               the interior of the building by a
   be used on the project.                      3. Contractor: Shall be                            minimum 15-minute thermal
B. Shop Drawings for Panelized                     knowledgeable in the proper                     barrier.
   Construction: The Panel Fabricator              installation of the Dryvit FM
FM Specification                                                                                                 DUK192
   2. The maximum thickness of EPS             written request. Dryvit shall make           1. Barrier:
       shall be 4".                            no other warranties, expressed or                a. Dryvit Backstop: A 100%
C. Certification                               implied. Dryvit does not warrant                    acrylic product, which is field
   1. The FM System shall be                   workmanship. Full details are                       mixed with Portland cement in
       recognized for the intended use         available from Dryvit.                              a 1:1 ratio by weight and .
       by the applicable building           B. The applicator shall warrant                        applied over approved
       code(s).                                workmanship separately. Dryvit                      substrates to provide water
D. Mock-Up                                     shall not be responsible for                        resistance and air barrier
   1. The contractor shall, before the         workmanship associated with                         properties.
       project commences, provide the          installation of the FM System.                   b. Dryvit Backstop NT: A fully
       owner/architect with a mock-up                                                              formulated, non-cementitious,
       for approval.                       1.09 DESIGN RESPONSIBILITY                              water-based material applied
   2. The mock-up shall be of suitable     A. It is the responsibility of both the                 over approved substrates to
       size as required to accurately          specifier and the purchaser to                      provide water resistance and
       represent each color and texture        determine if a product is suitable for              air barrier properties.
       to be utilized on the project.          its intended use. The designer                   c. Dryvit Grid Tape™: An open
   3. The mock-up shall be prepared            selected by the purchaser shall be                  weave fiberglass mesh tape
       with the same products, tools,          responsible for all decisions                       with pressure sensitive
       equipment and techniques                pertaining to design, detail, structural            adhesive.
       required for the actual                 capability, attachment details, shop             d. Dryvit Flashing Tape™: A high
       applications. The finish used           drawings and the like. Dryvit has                   density, polyethylene backed,
       shall be from the same batch as         prepared guidelines in the form of                  tape with a rubberized asphalt
       that being used for the project.        specifications, application details,                adhesive.
   4. The approved mock-up shall be            and product sheets to facilitate the             e. Dryvit Flashing Tape Surface
       available and maintained at the         design process only. Dryvit is not                  Conditioner™: A water-based
       jobsite.                                liable for any errors or omissions in               surface conditioner and
                                               design, detail, structural capability,              adhesion promoter for the
1.05 DELIVERY, STORAGE AND                     attachment details, shop drawings,                  Dryvit Flashing Tape.
       HANDLING                                or the like, whether based upon the          2. Dryvit AP Adhesive™: A moisture
A. All materials shall be delivered to the     information prepared by Dryvit or                cure urethane based adhesive
    job site in the original, unopened         otherwise, or for any changes which              used to adhere the Dryvit
    packages with labels intact.               purchasers, specifiers, designers, or            Drainage Strip.
    Questionable materials shall not be        their appointed representatives may          3. Dryvit Drainage Strip™: A
    used.                                      make to Dryvit’s published                       corrugated plastic sheet material,
B. Minimum storage temperature shall           comments.                                        which provides drainage.
    be 7 °C (45 °F) for Demandit®, and                                                  B. Adhesive/Base Coat: Used to adhere
    Color Prime™; and 4 °C (40 °F) for     1.10 MAINTENANCE                                 the insulation board to the
    other wet products.                    A. Maintenance and repair shall follow           air/weather barrier, if used, or
C. Protect all products from weather           the procedures noted in the                  substrate and to embed the
    and direct sunlight.                       appropriate Dryvit system                    reinforcing mesh on the face of the
                                               Application Instructions (DUK204 or          insulation board. Shall be:
1.06 PROJECT CONDITIONS                        DUK218).                                     1. Genesis FM: A fiber-reinforced,
A. Application of wet materials shall not B. All Dryvit products are designed to                acrylic modified product, which is
    take place during inclement weather        minimize maintenance. However, as                field mixed with Portland cement
    unless appropriate protection is           with all building products, depending            in a 1:1 ratio by weight.
    provided. Protect materials from           on location, some cleaning may be        C. Insulation Board: Expanded
    inclement weather until they are           required. See Dryvit publication             Polystyrene meeting FM approval
    completely dry.                            DUK152 on Cleaning and                       and the Dryvit Specification for
B. Application of wet materials shall be       Recoating.                                   Insulation Board, DUK131.
    at a minimum ambient temperature       C. Sealants and Flashings shall be           D. Dryvit Reinforcing Mesh: Shall be a
    of 4 °C (40 °F) or 7 °C (45 °F)            inspected on a regular basis and             balanced, open weave, glass fiber
    depending on product, and rising.          repairs made as necessary.                   fabric treated for compatibility with
    These temperatures shall be                                                             other system materials.
    maintained for a minimum of            PART II PRODUCTS                                 Note: Reinforcing meshes are
    24 hours thereafter, or until                                                           classified by impact resistance
    completely dry.                        2.01 MANUFACTURER                                and specified by weight and
                                           A. All components of the Dryvit FM               tensile strength as listed in
1.07 SEQUENCING AND                            System shall be obtained from Dryvit         Section 1.02.A.2.b.3.
SCHEDULING                                     or its authorized distributors.          E. Dryvit FM Finish: Shall be the type,
A. Installation of the Dryvit FM System                                                     color and texture as selected by the
    shall be coordinated with other        2.02 MATERIALS                                   owner/architect and shall be one or
    construction trades.                   A. Air/Weather Barrier (optional): Shall         more of the following:
                                               provide an air and secondary
1.08 WARRANTY                                  weather barrier for the substrates
A. Dryvit shall provide a limited warranty     listed in Section 1.02.A.1.a, and
    against defective material upon            include the following components:

FM Specification                                                                                                DUK192
  1. DPR FM (Dirt Pickup Resistance): C. Prior to the installation of the Dryvit        C. Dryvit FM System surfaces in contact
     Water-based, acrylic coatings with       FM System, the Architect, or                 with sealant shall be coated with
     integral color and texture, and          General Contractor shall insure that         Demandit or Color Prime. Sealant
     formulated with DPR and PMR              all needed flashings and other               shall not be applied directly to
     chemistry:                               waterproofing details have been              textured finishes or base coat
     a. Quarzputz FM™: Coarse texture.        completed, if such completion is             surfaces.
     b. Sandblast FM™: Medium                 required prior to the Dryvit FM
        texture.                              System application.                       3.04 FIELD QUALITY CONTROL
     c. Sandpebble FM™: Rough pebbly                                                    A. The Contractor shall be responsible
        texture.                           3.02 PREPARATION                                for the proper application of the
     d. Sandpebble Fine FM™: Fine          A. Protection                                   Dryvit FM materials.
        pebble texture.                      1. The Dryvit materials shall be           B. Dryvit assumes no responsibility for
F. Sealant Primers:                             protected by permanent or                  on-site inspections or application of
  1. Demandit or Color Prime.                   temporary means from weather and           its products.
                                                other damage prior to, during, and
PART III EXECUTION                              following application until dry.        3.05 CLEANING
                                             2. Protect adjoining work and property     A. All excess Dryvit FM system
3.01 EXAMINATION                                during installation.                       materials shall be removed from the
A. Prior to installation of the Dryvit FM    3. The substrate shall be prepared as         job site by the contractor in
  System, the Contractor shall verify           to be free of foreign materials such       accordance with contract provisions
  that the substrate:                           as oil, dust, dirt, paint, wax, water      and as required by applicable law.
  1. Is of a type listed in Section 1.02        repellants, moisture, frost, and any    B. All surrounding areas, where the
     A.1.a.                                     other condition that may inhibit           Dryvit FM System has been applied,
  2. Is flat within 6.4 mm (1/4") in a          adhesion.                                  shall be left free of debris and
     1.2 m (4') radius.                                                                    foreign substances resulting from
  3. Is sound, connections are tight,      3.03 INSTALLATION                               the Contractor’s work.
     there are no surface voids,           A. The System shall be installed in
     projections, or other conditions that    accordance with the appropriate           3.06 PROTECTION
     may interfere with the Dryvit FM         Dryvit System Application                 A. The Dryvit FM System shall be
     System installation.                     Instructions (DUK204 or DUK218).             protected from weather and other
B. Prior to the installation of the Dryvit B. The overall minimum base coat                damage until permanent protection
  FM System, the Contractor shall             thickness shall be sufficient to fully       in the form of flashings, sealants,
  notify the General Contractor, and/or       embed the mesh. The                          etc. are installed.
  Architect and/or owner of all               recommended method is to apply
  discrepancies.                              the base coat in two (2) passes.


Information contained in this specification conforms to standard detail and product recommendations for the installation of
the Dryvit FM System products as of the date of publication of this document and is presented in good faith. Dryvit UK Ltd.
assumes no liability, expressed or implied, as to the architecture, engineering or workmanship of any project. To insure that
you are using the latest, most complete information, contact:

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                                                       01462 819555

** The Trained Contractor Certificate indicates certain employees of the company have been instructed in the proper
application of Dryvit products and have received copies of Dryvit’s Application Instructions and Specifications. The Trained
Contractor Program is not an apprenticeship or endorsement. Each trained contractor is an independent company
experienced in the trade and bears responsibility for its own workmanship. Dryvit UK Ltd. assumes no liability for the
workmanship of a trained contractor.

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