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					James Martin Middle Summer Reading Program                                                  Summer 2012

                Travel with Books-destination unlimited!
        Welcome to the James Martin Middle Summer Reading Program! As we get ready for
summer break, this year we are providing our rising 7th and 8th grade students with a book to
take home over the summer. We want to continue a culture of fluent readers, and although
voluntary, we encourage each student to participate in the summer reading program. Rising 7th
graders will read “Out of My Mind”, by Sharon Draper and Rising 8th Graders- will read “New
Boy”, by Julian Houston.
        Every participating student will be divided in small groups with a James Martin teacher
that will lead a book discussion. The online platform we will use to communicate throughout
the summer will be is safe and a user friendly, all activity and
discussions will be monitored by the lead teacher.
        In addition to reading, when students return to school in the fall, they should have read
assigned book and be ready to participate in assignments and activities based on the book for a grade.
Please turn page over to see what the project options will be.
         Your support is essential to make this a successful reading program. Please sign and have your
child return a signed copy of this letter to their current Language Arts teacher by May 25, 2012.
You will also find additional titles on the media centers wiki if you choose to read more titles over the
                                                                           Thank you,

                                                                          Ms. Casimir

                               Parent/Guardian Sign-Off

During the summer I give permission for my son/daughter, __________________________, to
participate in the James Martin Summer Reading Program and I have considered and approved
the book my child will read.

__________________________________ _________________________________
(Parent/Guardian Signature)          (Print Parent/Guardian Name)

__________________________________ _________________________________
(Student Signature)                        (Print Student Name)

                                                         Over for project options
James Martin Middle Summer Reading Program                                                  Summer 2012

Directions for Students:
Bring your completed project with you to school in the fall. Your Language Arts
Teacher will collect your project the first week of class. If possible have your summer reading book
available when you return so that you can refer to it when you discuss your project.

Project Options:

Project 1: Write a letter to the author of your book.
Write a letter of 200-250 words telling the author how reading his or her book some how changed your
way of thinking about yourself and the world around you. Make connections in your life and a character
or event in the story. Did the book mirror your life in some way? What questions did the author force
you to ask yourself or others? Remind students we are not looking for a summary of the book but, how
the book affected YOU! Remember to include a return address. Print your name and complete address
in the upper right corner of the first page of the letter. Your letter may be typed or handwritten.

Project 2: Awards
Create an award for each of the main characters based on their actions in the novel. Write at
a paragraph or more detailing why the character deserves an award. One might be awarded "most
courageous" "wisest" for the guidance he/she gave to other characters.

Project 3: Book Critique-Using the following guide, take notes as you read in
preparation for your book critique.
Main Character-- Who is the main character? What does the character do? What have you
learned about the character from what he or she has done?
Goal-- What does the main character want? What do you know about the main character after
discovering his or her goal? What does the main character do to reach his or her goal/ what do you learn
about the main character from what he or she does to reach his or her goal?
Problem--What is the first problem that the main character has? What does the main character do
about it? How does the main character change as a result of the problem? What does that tell you about
the main character?
Resolution-- Does the main character get what he or she wants? What has helped the character?
(forces within that character's control? or forces beyond that character's control?) Name the forces to
support your opinion.
Theme--What does the story basically tell about? a- A struggle with self b-A struggle with
nature c-A struggle with others using the questions to guide your thinking about the book, write a
critique of the book which includes a discussion of the: main character, goal, problem, resolution, and

Project 4: Word Collage
Write the title of the book in the center of a poster board. Then, look through magazines for
words, phrases, and sentences that illustrate or tell something about your book. As you look, think in
terms of the theme, setting, plot, and characters. Work to get at least fifty words, phrases, or sentences
so that the entire poster board is covered. The visual impact of the collage should tell a potential reader
all about the book.

Project 5: Poster Design
Your book has been chosen by Hollywood to be made into a feature production. Design the
poster that will be placed in movie theatres across the country advertising the coming attraction.

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