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									                           Top tips for writing catchy flyers
If you are a company, club or organisation, the chances are that you’ll use a flyer or two at
some point to advertise or promote your company, club or organisation in some way. Flyers
are a great way of marketing and / or advertising; they can be small enough to produce and
print relatively cheaply, they can generally be distributed without too many dramas, and if
the content is well written, they can have a positive and successful impact – letting the
audience know all about your company or organisation, and enticing them to find out more.

For a flyer to be successful it does however need to be catchy and easy on the eye! When it
comes to creating a successful flyer you need to take a bit of time to consider the following
areas; message, written content, layout and design. Let’s look at each of these crucial areas
in turn here.

   1.                                           Message: You need to ensure that you are
      very clear in your own mind about what it is that you want the flyer to say, and
      importantly, what it is that you want the flyer to do. To pin this down in a concise
      manner, try to write down the key message that the flyer needs to convey in less
      than 15 words. That’s not an easy task, but when word count is limited and when
      reader’s attention spans are short, it is crucial that you find a way to convey what it
      is that you are trying to say in as few words as possible. One of the most important
      things to remember when constructing your key message is the aim of the message.
      Are you, for example, trying to get the reader of the flyer to act in some way? Do you
      want them to make contact with you for example? If so, what means of contact are
      you seeking? Via phone, website, in person. There needs to be a very clear ‘call to
      action’ within that main message.
   2.                                           Content: You’ll need to write some flyer
      content that accompanies your key message. Again this will need to be short as it
      will be determined by the size of the flyer itself. To create strong flyer content you
      need to try and fulfil the following:
           a.                                   Catch the reader’s attention by using an
               interesting opening sentence or flyer title
           b.                                   Ensure the rest of the content flows well. It
               should be concise and well written
           c.                                   As suggested above, ensure that your key
               message includes some form of ‘call to action’
           d.                                   Provide key contact details for your club,
               organisation or company
   3.                                           Layout and Design: It can be very useful to do
      a little bit of research into what style of flyer appears to have the highest success
      rate in terms of getting the desire reaction from an audience. This can help you
      determine what size you want your flyer to be, how you want information and
visuals to be laid out on the flyer, colouring and design, and the method in which you
intend to produce your flyer.

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