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					Technology Services
       Mary Schoeler:
Assistant Vice Chancellor and
  Chief Information Officer
       January, 2008
                          Technology Services
                           Organization Chart
                                       Chief Information
 Changes                                     Officer

                    Tech Appl Svcs   Tech Infrastructure                  Tech Support

 Records, Inst Research                                    Lab manager                   Help Desk Manager

 Student Fin, Database                                     Server Admin                   Classroom Support

   Financial Aid, Web                                 Cable and Camera                    Training manager

      PeopleSoft/                                      Desktop Support                   Graphics Support 0.5
    E-Hive Support)?

                                                       Desktop Support                   Learning Support 0.5

                                                                                         Accessibility Support
Webmaster, 0.5 FTE
   What have we been doing?
• Re-staffing processes
  – Programmer/analysts: Donna Triebwasser
    and Paul Lindgren
  – Webmaster: Mike Twining
  – D2L Support (1/2 time): Stacy Leno
• Lots of training and mystery solving
• Keep core services running smoothly
  – Network and email
  – PeopleSoft and Ehive
     Improve service processes
• Complete the reorganization of old C&MS with N&PS by
  blending service process
• New online request process for both the Help Desk and
  PeopleSoft requests
• Why? So that you don’t have to hunt down an
• Tickets will get assigned to the group as
  appropriate (some functions are still groups of one)
• We will do our best to resolve in timely manner
  (and keep you informed)
        Reduce the complexity

• Change from DARS to PeopleSoft
  Advising Module (PSAM) –
 (watch for information on this)
• Ehive Portal Could Change–
 (if patch cycle breaks it Our Backup Plan is to have you login directly
 to PS Student Center or Faculty Center)
• New web content management system for
  department pages
  (Commonspot to replace homegrown Webbuilder)
             New Website
• Year long migration process will kick off on
  February 1 with New home page and
  connected utility pages
• Phase 1: Academic departments
• Phase 2: Admissions and student focused
• Phase 3: ??
• Phase 4: ?? Etc.
New home page
Improved news & events
New department pages
           Some new features
• Link the academic program description section in
  with admissions fact sheet
• Provide each department an Our News and Our
  Events function – that can be submitted to Univ.
  Relations for home page
• Flexible formats – 1, 2, 3 column with or without
  navigation, easy photo resizing utility for formatting
• Feature faculty and staff
             On the horizon
• Continuous improvement
  – Planning for IT, building projects, etc
• PeopleSoft upgrade to Version 9
• State IT Reporting
• UW System Human Resource system
• Etc. Etc. Etc.

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