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                                         & ANGLES
      Volume 19                            Number 2                           February 2010

                   “Dedicated to the conservation, preservation, and restoration of
                    North America’s coldwater fisheries and their watersheds.”

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BOARD OF DIRECTORS                                 SLV TU Calendar of Events:
President:              Darrell Lewis 589-4733
Vice-President:         Doug Camp     588-5524        Tuesday, February 23
Treasurer:              Duane Bussey 589-2471             Regular Chapter Meeting
Projects Director:      Mark Seaton 378-2751          Tuesday, March 30
Grants & Presentations: Kay Watkins 589-6813              Regular Chapter Meeting
Resource Chairperson: Dave Kenvin 657-0724            Saturday, February 27
Resource Co-chair       David Hayden 589-5280
                                                          San Juan River Fishing Trip
Newsletter Editor(s): Eric & Tesa Frevert
Program Coordinator: Marty Jones      589-4327
                                                   WHAT: Chapter Meeting
     This Month’s Program
                                                   WHEN: Tuesday, February
    Dave Kenvin & Mark Seaton                      23, @ 7:00 pm
Dave and Mark will share with us about fishing
               in Patagonia.                       WHERE: Inn of the Rio
                                                          Grande in
Catch and Release is the practice in fly fishing of catching a fish and then returning that
fish unharmed to the water. In some places it’s mandated for conservation. But I
always figure it’s more satisfying to choose life over death. Plus, the fish you release to
reproduce will create more angling opportunities in the future.
                                                                     -Stuart MacDougal

      This Month’s Meeting                   Get in touch with Darrell if would like to
Dave Kenvin and Mark Seaton will be          go with us.
discussing their experiences in the
Northern Patagonia section of Argentina.               Fly Fishing Class
This area provides good opportunities        We are very excited to announce an
for Rainbows and Browns. Sounds like I       upcoming “Introduction to Fly Fishing”
might have to add another destination to     class. The class will be open to all, but
the bucket list.                             space will be limited to 12 students.
                                             Dates and times are April 7, 14, 21, 28
      Last Month’s Meeting                   (Wednesday nights) from 7:00 to 9:00
Eric and Tesa Frevert shared their           PM.      SLVTU will provide all
experiences from Alaska’s Kenai              instructional materials and teaching
Peninsula. We heard about drift boat         equipment, with the exception of an
fishing on the Kenai River with guides       optional text which the class instruction
from Angle 45 Adventures. Angle 45’s         will be based around. Classes will be
website is Their            held at the Alamosa Parks and
presentation was full of great pictures,     Recreation Building. Please stay tuned
most with Tes holding large Rainbows         for registration information.
and Dolly Varden. It was an exciting
trip, and surely enticed several folks to         Truchas Chapter Raffle
start dreaming or even planning an           Our friends from the Truchas TU
Alaska trip of their own.                    Chapter will be holding their annual
                                             banquet and raffle in April. First prize is
        Upcoming Meeting                     2 days of unguided fishing on Vermejo
In March, Jack Bormardier, who lives         Park Ranch; second prize is 2 nights
and guides on the Upper Colorado River       lodging and 1 day guided fishing at
between Burns and Dotsero, will talk         Soaring Eagle Lodge; and third prize is a
about public fishing on the Colorado,        one year membership in the Rocky
Derby, and Yampa Rivers, as well as          Mountain Angling Club. If you are
Sweetwater Lake.                             interested in purchasing raffle tickets,
                                             they are available for $5.00 per ticket or
    Electronic Communication                 a book of 6 is available for $25.00.
If you are receiving this newsletter by
US Postal mail and would like to help                   Fishing Report
save the environment and money for the       Since we’re planning our Chapter
chapter, please send your e-mail address     fishing trip next month to the San Juan,
to, so you can          here’s the latest from Abe’s Motel and
receive the newsletter electronically.       Fly Shop. (2/11/10) The hot flies list
                                             remains unchanged. Dry flies: CDC ant,
       Chapter Fishing Trip                  Amazon ant, Compar-a-dun #22-20,
It’s time to dust off your fishing gear a    Parachute Adam’s #24-16, and Griffith’s
little earlier than perhaps you had          gnat #24-10. Nymphs: Zebra midge
planned. The Chapter is going fishing        (gray, olive, or black), flashback
February 27th on the San Juan down in        pheasant tail, Foam wing RS-2, Johnny
Northern New Mexico. Rooms have              flashes (gray or brown), Scintilla midge
been reserved for those who have             #24 (gray or black), and egg patterns.”
expressed interest, but it’s not too late.


For Sale: Outcast PAC 900 pontoon boat (see
for a picture. Contact Doug Camp (588-5524) for more information.

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               WOOLLY BUGGER, WV 25438

                                        The Last Cast

                                 ICE FISHING, COLORADO STYLE
                                      BY THE FISHERWIDOW

We all know about ice fishing in the frigid Great Lake States where ice fishermen have elaborate tents
set up, most of them bigger than our first house. The tent cabins sport stocked liquor cabinets,
microwave ovens, and television screens. The fishermen use the same spot and tent for decades and sit
around drinking Jack Daniels to keep warm; they bet on where Favre will play next season, watch the
Bears lose yet another game on a key Cutler interception, and play Texas Hold’em. Occasionally, the
fish alarm will ring and they haul a huge fish from the frigid waters without getting frostbitten fingers.

Not so in Colorado where ice fishing is an outdoor sport enjoyed sitting on buckets, lawn chairs, or sleds
under the Colorado sky. The three musketeers, Athos, Porthos, and Aramis, head out each Tuesday
morning to a lake chosen by the designated driver. Only Athos has a gas-powered auger, so he will drill
one hole for Porthos, and two for Aramis and two for himself. The three friends settle in for a day of
camaraderie and fishing. They have lunch on the ice, their faces turned to the sun, and solve the
problems of the world. Sometimes they catch plenty of lovely trout and sometimes they catch but a few,
but they always return with glowing reports of the wildlife they have encountered and the fun they have
had. It does not matter to Athos if he catches fish or not; he just enjoys the outdoors. Aramis and
Porthos like action and big fish, and Porthos is always the last one back to the car, having made a last
cast several times.

The three musketeers have driven over several hours to Antero Reservoir and caught two fish between
them; they have moseyed a short distance to San Luis Lakes, where Porthos caught a sixteen inch
Rainbow before Athos had finished drilling the next hole. Every week, there is a new adventure, a new
lake waiting somewhere; they have fished Antero Reservoir, Beaver Reservoir, O’Haver Lake, San Luis
Lakes, Road Canyon Reservoir, Dome Lakes, and Mountain Home Reservoir.

 On Thursdays, Athos takes his fisher widow to a secret high mountain lake where he fishes and the
fisher widow straps on her cross-country skis and cruises over the snow-covered lake and through the
surrounding forest. On the way to and fro the lakes, she counts eagles and hawks, and Athos tries to
catch more trout than raptors encountered. It usually comes out the same, about fifteen of each, but the
last time they went, Athos caught twenty-five rainbow trout and the fisher widow only counted sixteen
hawks; she wanted to count four coyotes, but nothing doing; she was properly skunked.

The three musketeers are planning some more ice fishing adventures before the thaw sets in. They will
load up the truck with the auger, sleds, chairs, buckets, coveralls, hats, mittens, boots, bait, poles, and
lunch. On the way back they may not enjoy the fine cabernet of which the original musketeers were so
fond, but the non-drivers open some bottles of Negra Modelo, all of them munch on some chocolate, and
so drive into the twilight discussing next week’s destination.

    Area Shops and Guide Services (we encourage your support of these folks - they support us!)

         Arkansas River Fly Shop, 7500 W. US Hwy 50, Salida, CO 81201 [(719) 539-3474]
            Broadacres Ranch, 25671 Highway 149, Creede, CO 81130 [(719) 658-2291]
               Fox Creek Store, 26573 Hwy. 17, Antonito, CO 81120 [(719) 376-5881]
        Rainbow Lodge & Grocery, 30306 Hwy. 160, South Fork, CO 81154 [(800) 873-5545]
                 Rio Grande Angler, 13 S. Main, Creede, CO 81130 [(719) 658-2955]
                 Ramble House, 116 Creede Ave, Creede, CO 81130 [(719) 658-2482
            Conejos River Anglers, 34591 Hwy. 17, Antonito, CO 81120 [(719) 376-5660]
                South Fork Anglers, 30359 Hwy 160, South Fork, CO 81154 AND/OR
                      13 South Main Street, Creede, CO 81130 [877-656-FISH]
               Duranglers, 923 Main, Durango, CO 81301 [(970) 385-4081] AND/OR
                      1003 Hwy. 511, Navajo Dam, NM 87419 [(505) 632-5952
        Royal Gorge Anglers, 1210 Royal Gorge Blvd, Canon City, CO 81212 [(888) 944-6743]
           Wolf Creek Anglers, 001 Browns Dr., South Fork, CO 81154 [(719)-873-1414]

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