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					                           RNSG 1161/1162 - TRANSITION CLINICAL

                                      COURSE REQUIREMENTS

In an acute care setting, the student will be required to satisfactorily complete:
1. A client assessment on a client from this setting with a grade of 85% or higher. If an 85% or
    higher is not achieved, the student will complete a second assessment.

In the community setting, the student will be required to satisfactorily complete:
1. A well–elderly case study.
2. A pediatric growth and development assessment on a well child under the age of 6 years.
3. Community log sheet with minimum 12 community hours.
4. Interactive pediatric and obstetric requirements.

The student will be required to satisfactorily complete a self-cultural assessment.
The student will compile and submit a beginning portfolio.
The student will utilize Blackboard for course enhancement. The student must check the postings
weekly for announcements, assigned assessments, and web mail communication.
The student will be required to satisfactorily demonstrate clinical competency according to Level
II criteria on the Final Clinical Evaluation in an Acute Care Setting.

The student must complete the rationales on the following generic prep sheets and submit on the
first day of Level III.
     1. Immobility
     2. Alteration in comfort (Acute & chronic pain)
     3. Care of the laboring client
     4. Care of the postpartum client (C-section & vaginal delivery)
     5. Care for normal newborn
     6. Ineffective coping (Generalized anxiety)
     7. Risk for infection
     8. Risk for postoperative complications: Pre-op (DS), Intra-op (OR), and Post-op (MS) Care
     9. Impaired gas exchange
     10. Decreased cardiac output: (Heart failure)
     11. Fluid volume deficit
     12. Altered mental status (Stroke)
     13. Altered glucose metabolism: hypoglycemia & hyperglycemia
     14. Altered skin integrity; altered inflammatory response

See the Evaluation Policy in the student handbook for grading and progression information.
See the Attendance Policy in the student handbook for attendance requirements.

Failure to submit any written assignment on time will result in an automatic deduction of 50% of
the possible points. Completion of the assignment will still be required for successful
completion of the course. The deductions received for late work will not fail a student but may
decrease their grade to a “B” or “C” unless formal disciplinary action has been taken for
consistent late work.
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