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                      Paediatric Urologists

                  NEWSLETTER JANUARY 2009


Introduction from the Secretary
The BAPU 2008 course
The BAPU website
The BAPU 2009 course
BAPU management committee
Presidents remarks

Introduction from the Secretary

It gives me great pleasure to write to you on behalf of the BAPU
Committee via this first newsletter of 2009. May I first and foremost wish all of
you a very Happy, Peaceful and Prosperous New Year. In this instalment of the
newsletter, you will find feedback on the 2008 BAPU course, an update on the
BAPU website, thoughts on the 2009 BAPU course and information and contact
details of the current BAPU management committee. Finally you will find some
notes from Our President. I hope you will have recovered from the recent deep
freeze and avoided the nasty viruses to be able to spend some time reading
this. Happy reading!

The BAPU 2008 Course

This was the first expanded course jointly with the ESPU. The course itself ran
smoothly and there was excellent feedback from the delegates. The average
score for the lectures was 4.9/6. The few suggestions for improvement were
mainly to do with the duration and content of the lectures and the discussions
following on from them. We will take these into consideration for the next

The BAPU website

The efforts of Mr Martyn Flett ably supported by Liam McCarthy need to be
applauded and we would like to congratulate them on behalf of all members of
BAPU for the excellent work done in getting the website up and running. The
address for the website is . To join the discussion forum, you
need to enter your email address and submit the information to the
webmaster. There have already been some interesting discussions in this
forum and I strongly recommend using it.
The BAPU 2009 Course

The dates for this year’s course are 17-18th September preceded by the AGM
on the 16th September. As always, the event will be held at the Kaetsu Hall in
Cambridge. We will take note of the 2008 course lecture scores in planning for
the next course, but we will also introduce some new speakers, and try to
rationalise some of the planning in order to control costs (in view of the
general and local financial climate). We are currently finalising proposed
faculty, speakers and programme.

BAPU Committee

President: Nicholas Madden
Secretary: Prasad Godbole
Treasurer: Mark Woodward

Presidents Remarks

Dear BAPU members

I hope you have all had a good Christmas; now seems a good time of year to
look to future plans regarding paediatric urology.

BAUS etc..
Firstly, I am keen that we maintain and develop communication with our adult
counterparts. Prasad has had some informal contacts and Derek Fawcett,
President of BAUS, has emailed suggesting that we continue these once the
outcome of a survey of DGH paediatric urology has been completed. Another
important issue is to ensure that Patrick Duffy is replaced on the Urology SAC
by a paediatric urologist, who should, I understand, also be a member of
BAUS; I will write to the chairman of the SAC in Urology to express paediatric
urologists’ commitment to playing an active role in the training of urologists –
both for educational and recruitment reasons.

Those of you who attended the BAPS session in Leeds, will have gathered that
Linda de Cossart, who is leading on this for the RCS (E) indicated that there
will not be an examination in the immediate future. It is clear, however, that
we need to identify outcome measures. Candidates for this at present: re-
operation rate for (primary) pyeloplasty, recurrence rate for inguinal
herniotomy, or outcome at 6 months following orchidopexy. An alternative
outcome measure, such as patient satisfaction following out-patient
consultation would also be useful. If any of you have already used a
questionnaire, I would be grateful if you could let me know, and we could pool
our information and produce a questionnaire for a wider pilot study.

As a new member of the steering committee for this trial, I joined in a
teleconference at the beginning of December. The trial has been significantly
modified including the following, which are in response to discussions started
in 2007:
1. Long-term outcome (to 5 years) with respect to renal and bladder function.
2. LUTO is defined as evidence of isolated bladder outflow obstruction from
ultrasound imaging – male fetus (references to amniotic fluid volume have
been removed).
The ‘uncertainty principle’ remains as the main criterion for entry, but these
modifications facilitate the inclusion of those who may have a better prognosis;
also patients who are not randomised will, hopefully, be included on a registry,
which should provide useful information, whether shunted or not.
Recruitment is, however, poor so a number of international centres have been
recruited. If you wish to support the trial, please encourage your local foetal
medicine specialist.

I forgot to raise the question of offering honorary membership to the two most
eminent senior paediatric urologists, Sir David Innes Williams (who’s last
houseman I was!) and Joe Cohen. If there are no dissenting voices, I would
like to write on your behalf to them in February.

David Frank has enquired whether we came to a decision as to whether we
wished BPAU to be officially affiliated to the JPU. I think we should, and again if
I hear no dissenting voices, I will reply positively to him in February.

Firstly, congratulations to Azad Mathur, who is now Treasurer of the above
society. Furthermore he is organising their 2011 meeting in Norwich to be
adjacent our Cambridge meeting, which I can confirm will be on Wed 14th
September 2011, with the course on 15th and 16th as usual.

I have received feedback requesting that the afternoon should revert to being
clinical with plenty of time for both the Registrar prize and presentation and
discussion of interesting and difficult cases. Also, we will give the audits much
higher profile.

Best Wishes for 2009

Nick Madden

We are keen to hear your comments on the above – or any other matters and
look forward to hearing from you or seeing you soon.

BAPU Committee

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