On the Right Track by XWNj40k


									On the Right Track
But is this train moving?
Can we really leave no child behind?
   All children deserve a quality education

   All children deserve to reach their potential

   At the core of NCLB is a reminder of the
    moral imperative that has existed but been
Sanger Unified at a Glance
   Enrollment 10,371
   77% free and reduced lunch
   83% minority enrollment
   49% of parents do not speak English as primary
   24% English Learners
   14% Reclassified Fluent English Students (RFEP)
   28% of Parents not High School Graduates
District Achievement
                        API 2002
          District        599
          Centerville     675
          Del Rey         532
          Fairmont        677
          Jackson         624
          John Wash       744
          Lincoln         536
          Lone Star       643
          Madison         644
          Quail Lake      756
          SACS            721
          Wilson          533
          WAMS            549
          Sanger High     592
Sanger Unified and NCLB
   2004 Sanger Unified was one of the first
    Districts/LEAs in the State to be named Program
   Five schools also in Program Improvement status
   2006 Sanger Unified was one of first Districts in
    State to exit PI status
   2008 four of five PI schools have exited PI status,
    three schools exit at PI 4
District Achievement
                    API 2002   API 2008
      District        599        778
      Centerville     675        839
      Del Rey         532        753
      Fairmont        677        810
      Jackson         624        845
      John Wash       744        862
      Lincoln         536        766
      Lone Star       643        817
      Madison         644        808
      Quail Lake      756        925
      SACS            721        865
      Wilson          533        763
      WAMS            549        740
      Sanger High     592        750
How Does This Happen?
        A Systems View


  Strategy                  Operations


Relationships                Identity
Three Guiding Principles

   Hope is not a strategy.

   Don’t blame the kids.

   It is not about teaching, it is about
    student learning.
Change Culture
   Move from focus on adults to focus on kids
   Themes to Build Focus
       Fish
       Care Enough to Make a Difference!
       When you Believe it You will see it!
       Every Child, Every Day, Whatever it Takes!
       Together we Can
Change the Practice
We must…..
     become data driven
     put a face to the numbers
     have high expectations for all learners
     increase student engagement
     work together
Principals must become Instructional Leaders
Professional Learning Communities

Teams of teachers working together to
   meet the needs of their children
Professional Learning Communities
Focus on 4 key questions
     What do we want our students to learn?
     How will we know they have learned it?
     How will we respond when learning does not take
     How will we respond when learning has already

                             Time created for weekly
                                 PLC meetings.
 Strategy                                                            Operations

     “Essential” standards set at                   Grade level performance
          all grade levels.                       assessments calendared for
                                                         school year.

                     PLC effort creates sustainability

                                Teachers collaborate
                            frequently and meaningfully
Relationships                 to discuss best practices              Identity

     Teachers plan as a team to                   Grade level refers to “our”
       ensure support to one                      students’ achievement and
              another                                      learning
Change Communication
   Confront reality
   Be brutally honest
   Focus conversations on “What’s best for our
   Celebrate success, 30 second celebrations
   Do more than communicate, you must take
What can Happen?
What We’ve Learned
   You must change the focus from the needs of adults to the
    educational needs of children.
   Educational excellence is expensive. It requires targeted use
    and commitment of all available resources.
   You must develop a crystal clear vision focused on student
   Competent and informed instructional leadership at the
    school site level is critical to improving student achievement.
What We’ve Learned
   Reliable and valid student achievement data collected on a
    regular basis is essential to informing and guiding
    instructional and district decisions.
   You must have a willingness to confront deficiencies.
   No one of us is as good as all of us. Collaborative teams are
    much more effective than individuals working in isolation.
   Every child, every day must know that there is an adult who
    cares about them and believes in them.
And above all….
       You must have courage.

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